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We're passionate about storytelling & bringing diverse stories we love to life. Since 2016, we've produced over 10 projects, earned 30+ nominations & 13 awards. We love this story & that it's something different for a female-lead feature. By backing us you'll help to launch this optimistic dramedy!

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Mission Statement

Comic Relief is the story of a woman in her mid-thirties, who isn't yet where the world thinks she should be in life. We have a diverse team of women in front of and behind the camera. Members of our crew persevere through being differently-abled, and our shoot is set to accommodate all on our team.

The Story

"Comic Relief" is a feature film being produced by Space Dream Productions, that tells the story of Blair Jace, a children's party clown trying to make it as a stand-up comedian, while struggling with ever-increasing alcoholism & depression.


Award-winning actress, Merri Jamison, cast as Blair Jace!


We at Space Dream Productions have always focused on stories that mean something, that are a step out of line, and are always full of heart.  So, this is the perfect next project!


With over 40 festival acceptances for our first 8 completed projects in less than 3 years, resulting in over 30 award nominations, and 13 awards (including "Best Original Score", "Best Animation", "Best Drama: Short", "Best Short Film", and "Best Director"), now is the perfect time to launch this project, and do the work needed to bring this story to life at the top-level quality storytelling that we strive to provide for our audiences! 



We are exploring the story through a female lens, but our goal is to highlight a story of a person chasing their dreams, who happens to be a woman. 


Alex Hawthorne, the original screenwriter, initially wrote Blair Jace as a male lead.  No changes were made to the story itself during the seamless transition of the rewrites. For us, this intensifies the fact that this is genuinely a human story above all else.


The resulting script by Alex and Koura tells Blair's story: a female children's party clown, trying to make it as a stand up comedian, while also focusing on her life with her best friend (a female Crisis PR Manager) and her best friend's fiancé (a male nurse who doesn't know how to fix their broken oven).


Now, to properly launch a feature film, there are several steps required before we can even make our pitch.  We have our shoot-ready script (no major re-writes needed, story locked!)  Next is doing all of the behind-the-scenes work to create all the different pieces needed to launch the film (script breakdown, shoot day count, how many crew are needed, travel costs, rentals, VFX, stunts and any needed safety items, SAG requirements and fees, etc, etc, etc).


It seems like a lot of work because, it is! 


But it is vital work that enables the film to launch properly organized and with a realistic budget created with an understanding of the scope of work needed to create this film!


Our total amount that we are raising here covers all of this, so that it is professionally done, and done right, paving the way for the successful production of this feature film!


BUT!  That is not our only goal here...!


We have always tried to make our work have meaning, and for that reason, we are REALLY EXCITED to have partnered with WriteGirl, a creative writing and mentoring organization that promotes creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills to empower teen girls!



Through a generous pledge of a private donation, a matching % of all contributions will be donated to WriteGirl following the completion of our campaign!  


We are thrilled to help support their work of one-on-one mentoring, and monthly creative writing workshops with professional female writers that give girls techniques, insights, and hot topics for great writing.  And, the more we raise for our film, the greater the matching % donation will be to WriteGirl!!  



We are not only excited to share this film with the world, but we are extremely excited to embark on another adventure where storytelling has a purpose!


AND, because it is people like you who love and care about independent film that make this all possible, we have two special THANK YOUs for those who help us break ground on launching this film!!



First, as a special THANK YOU to the first 100 people to contribute ANY amount, we will be giving you "Special Thanks" in the end credits of the completed feature film!  This is your chance to contribute to storytelling in whatever amount you're able, and be immortalized for your contribution!  If you prefer anonymity, you can use a screen name, or give the credit as a gift!  Great chance to give a shout-out to someone you love. :)



Additionally, the first 50 people to contribute $25 or more will get a special early-access link to the completed feature film when it is done!!!


Check out the rest of our incentives for coming on board, and let's get this film launched and help support WriteGirl at the same time!!



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About This Team

Having worked on over a dozen film projects in various capacities over the last 4 years, we have gotten to meet and work with incredible people who are not only absolute professionals, but also are really awesome people!


While we are in early development, we have started to put our cast and crew together, and we are very excited about many of the returning artists who will be joining us to create this film!


At the core here for our Seed & Spark campaign is Koura Linda, Co-Writer/Director/Producer on Comic Relief - a multi-award-winning internatinally screened and acclaimed Filmmaker!


Working with her on this campaign is Stevie Collins, Certified Interpreter and ASL High School Teacher.  Stevie is a lover of film and art who has been a part of Space Dream Productions projects since the begining with "Names on The Wall", overseeing the Closed Captioning on our films. 


Also joining for this campaign is Ebony Robers of JOE Black Media.  Ebony has been a lover of film since seeing "Thriller" when she was 5, she's been producing projects with her two sisters since 2014.  Mutual lovers of Independent Film, Ebony and Koura met at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.


And of course, Space Dream Productions co-owner, musical maestro and script supervisor extrodinare, Mr. Spaceship himself is helping to bring this project to life!


For the film itself, Space Dream Productions has an incredibly awesome (and growing!) roster of cast and crew that we have had the honor of working with over the last several years, many of whom are returning to join "Comic Relief"! 


Full updates on the cast and crew as they come on board the project can be found on the Comic Relief Instagram and Facebook pages! 


Or you can always join our list for first-up updates by contributing at least $5 towards this project!

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