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Dan McPeake

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Quiet, awkward and closeted, Jordan struggles with his asexuality in the midst of falling in love with rambunctious Neo-Riot Grrrl Kaya in the pilot episode of COMING OUT ACES, a series that seeks to bring awareness and understanding to the nuances of asexual identities and relationships.

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Mission Statement

With experience in the theatre and film industries, Dan McPeake has worked to bring his experience with asexuality, and the nuances of the ace identity, to the silver screen. COMING OUT ACES will explore a different way to express and show love, with an ace lead character and LGBTQ+ cast and crew.

The Story

Quiet, awkward and closeted, Jordan is in the midst of struggling with his identity as asexual when he's invited to a concert after party and falls for Kaya - grungy bassist of Neo-Riot Grrrl group Winnifred Cyst. Living her life on the edge of a one night stand, Kaya is rough around the edges and rambunctious in the best way possible. She is ready for anything and everything - except Jordan. As they trip and fall in love, Kaya and Jordan must re-frame their preconceived notions of what love and intimacy looks like in this modern romance that puts asexuality in the forefront. 

In an effort to keep our options open, COMING OUT ACES will be both a short film AND a pilot episode!


Asexuality, or "Ace" as it is commonly referred to in the community, is an often misunderstood orientation. Many believe those who identify as asexual don't have sex or any kind of relationships, but that is not quite true. A common definition of asexual is: a person who has no sexual feelings or desires, or who is not sexually attracted to anyone. Asexuality, however, is far more nuanced than that. For more information on the spectrum of asexuality, and how it differs from others forms of attraction, check out:

What Is Asexuality

Click through for informational videos on what it means to be asexual.


The 21st century, particularly the last decade, has seen a push for visibility in the media. The team behind COMING OUT ACES feel that asexuality will be the next queer orientation to gain widespread visibility and, hopefully, acceptance - even if it is not fully understood yet. As this new push gains momentum, it's more important now than ever to not only feature ace identifying characters in leading roles, but also include members of the ace and LGBTQ+ community in the creative teams of these stories, which is what we will be doing with COMING OUT ACES. This story can’t speak to that of every person who identifies as ace, as each person’s experience is unique to them, but it is a personal one and we hope this story will bring a greater awareness and understanding to the diverse spectrum of asexuality. 


In the inception of the concept for COMING OUT ACES, we were heavily inspired by the mumblecore movement of the early-mid 2000s, featuring filmmakers such as the Duplass Brothers, Andrew Bujalski, Greta Gerwig and Lynn Shelton. Mumblecore is a style of filmmaking and storytelling that is very prominent in the indie scene. It focuses on dialogue rather than plot, interpersonal relationships of 20 and 30 somethings, and operates on low-budgets. While our pilot/short film does have an overall plot, the script is very dialogue-heavy and has minimal locations, keeping with mumblecore characteristics.


As one of our lead characters - Kaya - is in a rock band, music will play a prominent role in our pilot/short film. While the character's band takes inspiration from Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Sleater-Kinney, and several other punk and Neo-Riot Grrrl groups, the creative team sought out friends in the industry and consulted the lead singer of Toronto group Killer Virgins to accurately portray the lifestyle of Kaya's fictional band.

Click through for music inspiration for Kaya's band Winnifred Cyst


We are asking for $7,000 to get this project off the ground and properly pay the talented individuals who will make this film happen. This means a large portion of the budget will go to the key talent, actors, and crew, including every person who works behind the scenes to make filmmaking possible. The rest of the budget is divided between renting equipment so that we can make this project look its best, locations, craft and catering (to keep us fed!), insurance, travel expenses and COVID requirements to ensure we operate a safe set for everyone.

We chose to crowdfund this project to not only maintain creative control over our story but also give the LGBTQ+ community a chance to fund, support and ultimately be a part of a story about the community, for the community and by the community. We understand that LGBTQ+ stories are all unique, specific to everyone’s experiences, and that this story falls into a very niche market; nevertheless as it is ultimately a story about love we hope that it will connect to audiences everywhere regardless of their orientation.

Once we reach 80% of our goal we will start pre-production and begin putting our film together! Reaching our goal will allow us to get through production and any amount over will help us make this look even better! Our current plan is to shoot as early as the end of January - so the clock is ticking!!!

We will be doing post-production in-house as much as possible BUT if we DOUBLE our goal, we will be able to hire some wonderfully talented individuals to bring their own expertise to the table and help us complete our film! 

As mentioned, COMING OUT ACES will be a short film AND pilot episode, enabling us to send it out to a wide range of film festivals, short film platforms and act as a pitch peice for funding the full series. We are keeping our options and opprotunities as open as possible - you never know what might happen! 


Are you as excited as we are to bring COMING OUT ACES to life? If so, please share our project with your friends, family, and on social media! 


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This will go towards renting locations and acquiring set decoration to create our world.


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This will go towards renting equipment so we can make our film look and sound great.


Costs C$950

This will go towards acquiring the insurance needed to ensure we are covered and running a safe set.

About This Team

Dan McPeake (Writer/Director/Producer/Lead Actor - Jordan)

A graduate of the theatre acting program at Douglas College in New Westminster, BC, Dan has moved behind-the-scenes in recent years - writing and producing two one-act plays and writing, producing and directing two short films. Day-to-day, he works on film sets in the locations department, including the hit Netflix series Maid. Having worked in Vancouver, Toronto and Victoria, COMING OUT ACES is Dan's first multi-episode project.

Melissa Green (Co-Producer/Director of Photography)

Melissa Green is an experienced Cinematographer, Producer, Photographer, Social Media Strategist and Editor. Melissa graduated from Centennial College with a diploma focused in Film and Broadcasting Production. Since her graduation, Melissa has worked internationally in three different countries having been abroad in the USA, Israel and England.  Melissa also helps run the Art Collective called Softball Collective which uses art, design, publications, film and events to critique the world we live in and encourage others to create change together. Melissa Green has completed four documentaries, seven short films and two music videos. She is excited to make this project come to life.

Julia Beney (Script Supervisor/Associate Producer)

Julia Beney is an indie filmmaker from Ontario, Canada. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Specialist in Cinema Studies, Julia began her career in the film industry working on low-budget films and web series as a Production Manager. In 2017 Julia wrote, directed and produced her debut film A Girl, A Boy, A Penny and a Very, Very, Very Long Road (2019) and her recent science fiction short film The Uncanny Valley (2021) is currently in the festival circuit. Julia is now working as a Script Supervisor in the Toronto indie film scene.

Rhonda Lucy (Production Manager)

Rhonda Lucy – Tsiktsinensawe Yakonkwe - is a 2 Spirit Wolf Clan member of Mohawk and European ancestry based in Toronto.  Rhonda is an accomplished technician with a background in creative direction, film, live performance, fashion/SPFX costuming, mask/puppetry, sculpture arts and writing. She is the founder of Sun Raven Arts and the Toronto Indigenous Filmmakers Collective. In 2020 she was awarded four grants for her short story Lantern Fishing. Both her writing and visual work has been published with Colouring It Forward Indigenous Wisdom Journals and Calendar as well as numerous independent magazines and comic books throughout North America. An alumni of the 2018 CBC Indigenous New Voices program, as well as a designer for the Toronto Community Arts Guild programs and the creation of public artworks (such as monuments and community art pieces), her projects have toured the country and have been used in lectures, films, and plays with education initiatives throughout Canada.

Shannnon Leibinger (Kaya)

Shannon Leibinger is a multidisciplinary artist who currently resides in Toronto. She grew up in Montreal where she attended John Abbott’s professional theatre program. She had the opportunity to perform in Scotland’s Edinburgh fringe festival and continues to have a passion for physical theatre.

Although most of Shannon’s training is in Musical Theatre she has grown to love the magic of film. Having trained at numerous studios in Toronto, she continues to push her craft with every opportunity that presents itself.

Brianna D'Aguanno (Lexi)

Brianna D’Aguanno, born in Toronto, began acting at 4 years old. Brianna is known for her work on Mr. D (2013-2016), PJ Masks (2015-2021), Flashpoint (2010) and The Santa Suit (2010). Alongside acting, Brianna has been a competitive dancer since the age of 5. Brianna continues to work as a successful actor in film, television, and voice, while attending the University in Toronto.

Kyle Kass (Todd)

Kyle Kass is an actor, dancer songwriter and performer. He can be seen in film, television, commercial, web series and live performances. Most recently, Kyle was the unfathomably hype EMCEE in Disney’s SPIN (2021), and has appeared in Global TV series Mary Kills People (2017-2019), and comedy series Man Seeking Woman (2015-2017). Kyle’s outstanding performance as “Sirr” earned him a nomination for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Movie or Special.

Kyle is also a proficient dancer, songwriter and entertainer. His musical talents have provided him the fortune of showcasing his own original music across Canada and performing and DJing overseas in Asia. In addition, his dance career includes being a backup dancer for Danny Fernandez, Jessie Reyez, Blake McGrath and Busta Rhymes. He is also an active volunteer in his community.

Dani Klupsch (Lucy)

Dani Klupsch is a new face to the industry, receiving her first speaking role in Nightmare Alley (2021), and has worked on productions like The Boys (2019-), Y:The Last Man (2021-), and The Handmaids Tale (2017-). Her primary background being stunts, Dani has performed as a stunt actor on The Expanse (2015-), Murdoch Mysteries (2008-), Locke and Key (2020-), Mayor of Kingstown (2021-) and more. She began in modelling at the age of 16, appearing in ads for brands like Fido, Cineplex, Joe Boxer, and Neutrogena. Alongside her filmmaking career, Dani helps run a Mixed Martial Arts gym called Rumble Martial Arts where she teaches and competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Some of her accomplishments include Gold in the UAEJJF Canadian Nationals, Silver in the IBJJF Pan-American Championship, Gold in the UAEJJF North American Continental Pro, and has represented Canada in Abu Dhabi for the UAEJJF Worlds.

Kelly Beaudoin (Robyn)

Kelly Beaudoin was born on September 25, 1998 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. She is an actress, singer/musician, dancer and model. She is of French, Algonquin, and Huron descent. Kelly became involved with acting at age 11 when she was cast in her school play Sleeping Beauty. As a teenager, she studied drama and dance. She went on to graduate with a DCS degree in Professional Theatre at John Abbott College in Montreal. During college, she worked at a summer camp as a director and directed multiple musicals for kids. She then made her debut in film with the role of Hazel in the feature Beans (2020), a drama about the historic Oka crisis. Beans premiered at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in the fall of 2020, and came out in theaters in July 2021 across Canada.

Slavic Rogozine (Scott)

Slavic Rogozine is a Russian-Canadian film and television actor. He received his formal education at the Ryerson School of Performance where he studied Performance Production and honed his skills as a trained technician and carpenter. Slavic’s earliest hints of being drawn to the performing arts began when he started doing shows at a local community theatre in Toronto at the age of six. He has since been pursuing that passion, transforming it into a professional career. He has worked on shows such as Murdoch Mysteries (2008-), American Gods (2017-) and The Boys (2019-). Slavic continues to perfect his craft and find his place in the industry by attending classes and working on sets as a technician.

Current Team