Concrete Valhalla

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James Haddad

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Goal: $40,000 for production

Nathan, a disabled teenager with a severe craniofacial disorder, forms an unlikely relationship with an antisocial young homeless man on the streets of New York. Isolated and depressed, Nathan decides to commit suicide when he meets Mickey, a homicidal young homeless man set on getting revenge.

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Mission Statement

In a time of increasing isolation, the film aims to shine a light on marginalized people. It stars actors that are underrepresented in film such as a disabled and trans actor. But this isn't just a film for the disabled or the homeless, this is a film for anyone who has ever felt excluded.

The Story

This is the story of the friendship between a homicidal maniac and a suicidal maniac.

Nathan is a talented young street artist with a severe facial deformity. Depressed and isolated he decides to immortalize his art by committing suicide in front of his latest work.

Meanwhile, we'll be introduced to Mickey, a young homeless man with only two goals: to kill a man who wronged him in the past, and find the perfect black and white cookie.

 But when Mickey stumbles upon Nathan, the two forge a bond that could set them on different paths and potentially save both of their lives.



When I first moved to New York City in 2018 I met many who called the streets their home. 

They’d never say they’re homeless. The way they see it: they don’t have an apartment or a brownstone or a penthouse, they have a whole island. 

Many suffered from addictions and mental health issues. Others had serious physical disabilities. Whatever their affliction was, none could fit in with society. That’s who this film is for: Anyone that has ever felt excluded. This is a story of hope. It’s about the relationship between two such individuals, drifting down destructive paths until they meet each other. 

They fill each other’s gaps, give each other purpose and in their own way, make the world a better place. 

- James Haddad (Director/Writer)


All funding will go towards paying and feeding our incredibly talented cast and crew, equipment rentals, and location access. Should we meet our goal of $40,000, our stretch goal will be to cover the costs of post-production.


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Costs $5,000

We will be shootin entirely in NYC which will require permits. With the # of locations we have, the cost of permits can add up!


Costs $10,000

This film requires proper equipment to be done right!

Cash Pledge

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Pay for the Cast and Crew

Costs $25,000

The reason we need to raise as much as we do is because we need to pay our incredibly talented and hardworking team to make this film right.

About This Team

Nathan Cajina - Lead Actor

There are often discussions about inclusion in films but rarely do we see characters that are actually outside of what is deemed acceptable by the industry. For a character that is visually different from everyone else in the film, it was important that he be played by an actor that lives that experience. That’s where Nathan Cajina came in.

Having amassed over 3 million followers across multiple platforms, Nathan entertains and inspires with content that shines a light on those with disabilities while also poking fun at himself. He wants to work on the film because in his words, “anyone can get a few million followers or make a million dollars, but to inspire even just a few is what really matters.” That’s what this film is about: connecting with and inspiring those who have felt excluded. 

James Haddad - Director, Writer, Actor

In the pursuit of his lifelong passion for filmmaking, James first moved to NYC in 2018 with the intention of working on films. Upon his arrival, he had no real job and no place to live.

Without a place of his own, he was exposed to marginalized people living on the city streets, where he first conceived of the idea for the story.

After starting his career in TV as a director’s assistant, James has gone on to write and direct for brands including Toyota, Bloomingdales, Teton Gravity Research and others. He holds a B.A. in English from Boston College and trained as an actor at William Esper Studio. James is based in NYC.

Remington Long - Director of Photography

Remington is a cinematographer from rural Northern California, currently based in New York City. A passion for camera and documentary filmmaking has led her work to be screened at the Sundance Film Festival, the Museum of Modern Art, the IFC Center, the Nitehawk Cinema and more. Remington was named by Zeiss Cinematography as one of the most “influential cinematographers” at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Her first feature as cinematographer, Sincerely, Los Angeles, is one of Ebony Studios’ inaugural projects and will be released in 2024. Remington is a member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild, IATSE Local 600 and a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Devin Tusa - Producer

Devin Tusa is a producer and aspiring entertainment lawyer, with nearly a decade of experience working on commercials and television series. He has worked in production and business affairs for companies such as HBO and Marvel Studios, producing films that have premiered at Sundance Film Festival and the Palm Springs Film Festival, and has produced content for clients such as LaCoste, Nike, The United Nations, the Biden Administration, The Red Cross, and Delta Airlines. Devin is a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and a current student at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. He considers contract review a leisure activity. 

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