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The story touches on Human trafficking, Immigration, & focuses on women empowerment. We have a social media following 8,000+ who are excited about the show without them having seen more than a couple trailers/teasers! Our goal is distribution on a network! Check the articles on our show below!

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Mission Statement

Our creator is on the Autism Spectrum, but everyone brings enthusiasm and the energy is palpable on the team! We’re adamant about bringing awareness to a project that empowers women, is inclusive of many different people from different backgrounds and sends a strong message to audiences all over.

The Story

With known actors like Eric Roberts, and Harry Lennix as part of the show, "Conrad" starts as a Chicago based crime drama, action thriller web series created by Jennifer A. Karum (Goodman) and Ryan Atkins that centers on women empowerment, and touches on immigration and human trafficking. Throughout the series, the show takes us to NYC all the way to China as we dive deeper into the story.


The Main Conrad Poster!



The show is a SAG New Media Production with plans for network distribution along with a studio acquisition so it can continue being filmed in Chicago providing work for more women in media and all over the area! Lead actors include Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts' brother), Harry Lennix, Hisham Tawfiq, Mia Talerico, Jennifer A. Goodman and many more from Norway to LA!


LOGLINE: Police officer, Kate Conrad gets promoted to detective, but struggles against the male dominant police force to prove the innocence of her father’s death. While confronting the truth about her family and its history, she learns her family has dark secrets that are both twisted and irreversible.


THEME: Empowering one’s self in the face of adversity; stepping in the trenches of the unknown, conquering fears and tribulations, and exceeding challenges set before you. This show takes your typical “serial” crime drama to a whole new level. 


PLOT: While Kate is hunting the killers of two immigrant boys, her world is shattered when her father, the Chief of Police dies within hours of her being made Detective and its deemed a SUICIDE....


TAGLINE: The truth is a prison.


Discovering the link between her father's death and the case she is working on, Kate's investigation leads her to confront truths about her family and their involvement in the criminal underworld being led by a man we learn about later in the series.

Kate learns more shocking truths about the neighborhood children and what's been happening to them.


Kate receiving wise words, or is it disturbing words from a mysterious man....?


Kate makes a shocking discovery...


"Secrets" Seem to be the theme throughout. Learn more as you watch the story unfold.



In a battle to expose the truth, Kate takes the law into her own hands and is thrust into a conspiracy involving drugs, immigration, and human trafficking. Kate becomes a victim of her OWN investigation.


How is this boy linked to the death of her father?


It's dark. It's TWISTED. This is one arrest that will keep you LOCKED in.


Our trailer: 

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As the Director of Photography, Ryan Atkins (Co-Creator), is drawn to high contrast images, using light to motivate central focus points. An unpredictable mix of handheld “gritty” camera aesthetic & smooth motion to further realize the grounded, “lived-in” production design. 


The picture below depicts depth and contrast as we see what haunts Kate.

A case that Kate can't forget...


Jack Dilgard on the scene of a crime in River Oaks the town where mysterious crimes keep popping up



A few special shoutouts on set to.....

Eric hanging set, as he loves to do with the cast and crew!


Director Kelli with actress Andrea Sooch from NYC and The Blacklist with Eric and Jenifer!


Ryan the DP and Kelli on set



Don Brewer (Harry Lennix) in a garage for an encounter he did not expect...


More coming in updates!



A behind the scenes look on a midnight shoot along Wacker Drive in Chicago




The project started as a demo reel/lighting design piece for Ryan Atkins, of only a two page script. Ryan has a hobby in writing and felt inspired to write this short scene based on several strong female characters who displayed a variety of interesting characteristics. He cast two actors for his scene - David Weiner and Jennifer Karum (Goodman). Ryan wanted to showcase a female detective interrogating a sketchy suspect. 

One puzzle piece that Ryan added to the character is she often wore men's clothing, to showcase the masculine part of her personality. She showcased her own display of 'gender equality' by wearing men's clothing, specifically a blue men's button down shirt which later plays an integral part in the story. Through the inspirations discusses and this key part, "Conrad" was born and the theme of 'Women Empowerment' was very present and plays a key role in today's society.


Ryan and Jennifer collaborated on the script for a short time until Ryan realized Jennifer's passion for writing and realized she had greater ideas than he could conceptualize. She ended up helming the script, expanding the story to several seasons, and created intriguing characters while keeping true to the core elements. 


 - Jennifer Karum and David Weiner during their first chemistry audition. ​


With the pilot and series in general, the Cast and Crew intend to shed light on several political forces, societal challenges, and hope spread a message to women that they are no less capable than men but also to focus on gender equality. We are all equal and we come from all walks of life. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve unlimited success. 

We have two seasons of a bible. Our story leads down a twisted path touching upon immigration and illegal activity that is brought to life as Katy digs deeper in the trenches.


“A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army.” ~Orsen Welles


In a sea of crime dramas already out there, we're excited to bring a serialized episodic with a heart not just for story but for character. While self-contained stories certainly have their place in television, we're deeply passionate about taking our audience on an unforgettable journey.

Experiencing Conrad, we journey through the jagged edges of Kate's fractured reality; the adversities faced and the hard sobering questions we must ALL answer. 


It is a direct reflection of the journey its creators live as the show is crafted. Telling our story through the eyes of numerous women, and neuro-diverse individuals provides us a unique perspective, uncharted in this genre. Written and produced by an autism spectrum creator, Conrad breaks the mold as we know it.


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Production and Casting

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Production and Casting


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We have a great series & want high quality equipment for the best viewing experience

Catering and Snacks

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It is important to us that we satisfy our teams needs in a healthy manner.

Scene Locations/Permits

Costs $550

Chicago & NYC are characters of the cast and we want to illuminate them with realistic props!

Hair/Make-up and Wardrobe

Costs $500

Designers have a powerful impact on the appearance of the Cast, and making them look their best !

Cash Pledge

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Location Travel/lodging

Costs $4,000

The story of Conrad takes us overseas and into the depths of NYC where a powerful message lies.


Costs $3,500

Putting those pieces together to give you the best story that makes you want to come back for more!

About This Team

Jennifer Karum- (Goodman) (Maiden/Stage name) is an Actress, Screenwriter and award winning Director (The Nest,'18) from the northern suburbs of Chicago. Graduated from Ohio Wesleyan in 2005, with a B.A in Theatre, she has taken her experience both on stage and on camera to new heights launching her first Script for a pilot (Conrad, 2017), and a Psychological Thriller, (The Nest - 2018).


Goodman's skillset has been the driving force of the production as she's taken the role of Executive Producer/Showrunner to ensure the set runs smoothly both in pre-and during production. She's utilized her background in New Business Development to secure funding, Top celebrity talent, negotiate locations, ensure SAG paperwork is up to date, and accurately accounted for, coordinating team meetings, networking for catering, and even puts together crews by interviewing them down to the PA's to ensure professionlism and dedication on set. She is strong in marketing and has assisted with social media, helping increase the following. Facebook has over 8,000 followers and many are excited to see the show just based off the trailers and teasers they've seen online. Goodman received a Studio Daily award for producer and screenwriting in 2019. Goodman brings an energy that is palpable and is dedicated to ensuring everyone is receiving a positive experience on and off set. She has also been the main contact to garner celebrity talent interest, such as Harry Lennix, Hisham Tawfiq, and Eric Roberts. 


Ryan Atkins, who was born in Fairview Park, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland, Ohio), is the reason the project even came to fruition. As a Director of Photography with thirteen years of experience in the field, he decided he wanted to build upon his reel hosting auditions in which he first cast Jennifer. When he cast her as his lead, they colloborated to expand his script.


He holds an Associate of Applied Science in Digital Media, with a focus in Digital Film and Video Production from Virginia Marti College of Art & Design in Lakewood, Ohio. Previously he took coursework in Television Production from Ashland University and took on several key roles during his time there. 


His work is in education, corporate, government agencies, small businesses, and independent motion picture productions, and music videos. Recent clients include Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, Ashland University, Sarpino's Pizzeria, Chicago Fire Dept, Make-a-Wish, and others. He currently serves as Co-Creator & Director of Photography for the 'Conrad' pilot.  He also is the main contact for all IT hosting, Google Drive set ups, website build and maintain, as well as design for the project. 


His guidelines for cinematography, editing, color are very simple: create an image/experience that is memorable, can connect with audiences, and helps advance the story.

Aside from videography and filmmaking, Ryan has hobbies in photography and computers.


Kelli Tidmore was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. She grabbed the opportunity to move to Chicago and spent 24yrs developing her creative arts career. In 2011, her first full feature film, ‘Bled White’ landed domestic and international distribution contracts and won multiple awards. She’s known as a Producer, Director, SFX MUA and Photographer. More of her film work can be found on 

Kelli’s additional work includes working on projects such as the World Leaders Forum(President George W. Bush), U2/BlackBerry 360 Tour, Dublin, MTV France, Ferrari, Maserati, Virgin Galactic and the Burnham Pavillion, Chicago by Prizer Prize Winning Architect Zaha Hadid . 

Kelli’s other passions include volunteer youth mentoring, traveling, hiking and photography. Her goal is to make a difference by connecting people and opening doors of opportunity for others. 


Kristy Dell joined the Conrad Executive Team after being cast as a newsreporter for a scene on Wacker Drive.  Afer having such a positive experience with the cast and crew, her interest in production grew and she asked the team to come on as a Continuity Supervisor, due to her 20 years' experience in retail management. She started as an assistant and then created value with catering relationships and funding, and offered insight to help with locations and props. She not only headed up craft and catering for the cast/crew, she set up interviews with WGN news radio for some of the cast in 2017.  Kristy offers a ton of passion, education and enthusiasm to the team and is a great asset to the Conrad Series, LLC.


John White is a growing professional in the world of Film. Having been on board production initially as a Production Assistant, he has become a long term member of the Conrad Team. Our final days on set he worked as a Production Assistant, Grip, and Gaffer alongside our Director of Photography, Ryan; and now serves as a part of the Core Production Team. John now works with our post team creating motion graphics and title sequences for the pilot as well as additional promo/social media content.


Sam Merkle has been in love with movie magic since she can remember. From the big camera rigs and hot lights to the details involved in building a film set, she’s fascinated by it all.

Shortly after graduating from the Film program at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, Merkle discovered her love for the Art department. She worked her way up to Assistant Art Director on the NBC hit show, Chicago MED and has continued to work with incredibly skilled filmmakers in their respective crafts, including Howard Cummings on the HBO pilot of Lovecraft Country.


If Sam's not working in the Art department, you can find her on the hunt for the best doughnut in town as well as coming up with new concepts for short films. Keep an eye out for her directorial debut short, Abetment, as it will be showcased in the 2019 Cannes Short Film Corner!


Eleni Murphy, Production Coordinator, mainly grabbed her experience from working as a Talent PA on Conrad. Starting off with a positive can-do attitude, really helped her success blossom.


Sharon Lecoque- Sharon has been involved with creating charity events for different causes for many years as a philanthropist.  Her passion and skill set has parlayed into film production as the subject matter of CONRAD touches on very real issues happening globally.  She has a knack for connecting people and bringing them in to be a part of the team!  


Harry Lennix - Actor/Executive Producer is a distinguished film, television and stage actor who currently stars as Harold Cooper, Assistant Director of Counterterrorism for the FBI on NBC’s The Blacklist. Moviegoers know Lennix as General Swanwick, from the Warner Brothers blockbuster Man of Steel and the hit sequel, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.


In Feb. 2018, Harry made his off-Broadway NY directorial debut with A Small Oak Tree Runs Red at The Billie Holliday Theatre. The original production, first staged at Chicago’s Congo Square Theatre as part of their August Wilson New Play Initiative, was also directed by Lennix. Called “an important new drama (that) looks racial violence right in the eye” by The Chicago Tribune, the play tells the story of three African Americans in purgatory unable to move to the afterlife because they refuse to remember what has brought them there in the first place. Lennix has both stage and film credit and is happy to partipate in a project with a dedicated and energetic team of young filmmakers releasing a project that houses themes that impact many. 




Current Team