Controlling A Tiger

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Comedy, Crime

Andres Luna III

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Growing up friendships come and go throughout our lives, but some go on longer than they should. With 'Controlling A Tiger' we want to explore a friendship that has been running against itself while also throwing them into a heist where working together is key.

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Mission Statement

As film students I believe in creating a fun and positive experience on set all while doing the very thing we love. Making engaging and entertaining stories. I believe in telling stories that look into the harsh, dark, and warm moments of our everyday lives in the world.

The Story


Jenna and Kyle are two bickering Southern California thieves that are looking to better their lives through a life of crime. We see the two slowly go over their plan for their next heist, with each one of them picking apart the others' ideas and eventually finding solutions. Finding themselves close to their prize, the young thieves run into a problem that they couldn’t plan for.

Never in control with the things around her, Jenna found the one thing she can control. The planning and execution of her criminal ventures, diving in deep to the process. With her born to be wild partner Kyle, Jenna eagerly works towards saving up enough money to help her mother with financial troubles.

Never taken seriously and treated as a mindless buffoon, Kyle seeks to show how capable he is in a life of crime. Working with his controlling friend Jenna, Kyle eagerly steps into the planning process for their next heist. Something that Kyle usually doesn’t have much say in.

We start at the beginning of the end for our chracters. The end of their friendship. Jenna & Kyle have been partners in crime since middle school. The two were and continue to be troublemakers, first meeting in a after school detention session. They first started their criminal ventures by stealing chips and drinks from their local grocery store. Throughout the rest of their public education the two always tried to move on to bigger and better projects. Even going as far as stealling from rich homeowners. However, as the two grew older, they both began to grow farther apart, both in personality and desire. These days, it seems as if Jenna & Kyle work agaisnt each other more than working as a team.


Shadows are very important for this film. Our characters are thieves hiding in the shadows. Lots of blacks and dark colors at night are a way for them to escape. Night time is their world to thrive in. Not only is their "ideal" world a darker one, but our chracters will be wearing darker colors as well. These colors that they wear will help them blend into the shadows, but will also single them out during the day. . .

This is when our characters are in “everyone's” world. During the day it is like shining a bright stage light specifically on our characters. The world around them during the day is brighter, therefore making them stand out due to them wearing their dark colors. When it comes to the lighting I want to keep a sense of the shadows on our chracters to show, who they are.


Director & Cinematographer duo, Andres Luna III & Adam Kingsley, first met when they were in middle school and didn't start out as friends. Not until we both learned about each others love for storytelling in cinema. Making films was in our DNA. Stuck in a circle where everyone strivved to be doctors or lawyers, we got to work on creating movies and short films all while building a stronger friendship in the mix. We started out making silly, but meaningful shorts and posting them to YouTube to show our family and anyone that cared to listen. Our journey continued all the way through college at the Los Angeles Film School where we now are making our senior student thesis film. Along our journey we have met so many amazing and talented filmmakers that we hope to help just as they have helped us.


As student filmmakers in Los Angeles, gearing up to graduate, we are heading into the Hollywood landscape. This is it! This is where all of our talented cast and crew put our years at film school into something we can all be proud of and call our own!  By contributing to this film, you will be embarking on this journey and supporting the future of the entertainment workers in the industry. You will bring a fresh prespective to stories in the industry. You will experience a personal friendship between two chracrers that is on its last legs all while on the surface we experience a Heist movie. A Heist Movie where the members don't work well with one another, but are thrown into a situation where they must figure something out.


Whether you contributed, shared our page, or took the time to check us out, we say THANK YOU! Growing up as a introvert, I am so proud of how far I have come with my skills as an artist and within communication. Meeting all of these very talented filmmakers that have become my friends has been one of the joys of this chosen path in my life.

If you would like to talk to me persionally you can find me on Instagram @andr3sluna

There, I continue to practice my artistic side daily.

-Andres Luna III


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Costs $1,020

Bad sound means a bad film.


Costs $1,603

Without transportation for our gear & crew, we can't even get started.

Editing & Back Up Drives

Costs $600

When being this close to the finish line we have to take every pro-caution in keeping the film safe!

Festival Submission Fees

Costs $800

The more people that see this, the better!

Loss & Damages

Costs $500

If anything we rent breaks, we have to buy it.


Costs $200

We need music to enhance the story.


Costs $500

Lights and camera gear to enhance the visual look of the film.

Permits & Insurance

Costs $400

We want to have that official paper that allows us to be at locations without hassle.

Cash Pledge

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Food For Cast & Crew

Costs $800

In order to keep a happy cast and crew going, we're gonna need some great food and water!

Production Design

Costs $1,076

We need to make our world look lived in.


Costs $100

In order to make our characters look believable we need clothes they would actually wear.

About This Team


Andres Luna III's earliest memories of enjoying cenima was sitting down in the movie theater, waiting for the lights to go down, and waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean to play. The power of these words, images, and events that were apearing on screen before his very eyes was as if he was there living a pirate's life on the seven seas. Ever since then Andres wanted to be a part of the filmmaking process. With his dad's video camera, Andres began making LEGO stop motions at a very young age. He eventually found his way into theater and ended up being a part of it for ten years. However, theater wasn't speaking to him the way cinema did all those years ago. While on his theater journey, he and his friend Adam, would shoot silly, whacky, yet meaningfull short films on the weekends. Andres awaits to graduate in August 2021 with his friend Adam after they complete their student thesis film.


Growing up in Southern Califronia, Adam was surrounded by a mix of hispanic and native american culture that influenced him throughout his life. Living with his two other siblings and single mother during rough times, Adam found interest in expression with a camera. Around seven years old, Adam was given a camera during a family trip to mess with and immediately was fascinated. From then on, through elementry to college, Adam has always had some camera in his hands whether that be taking photos or creating films.

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