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Filled with anxiety about her wedding, a young woman slips into a surrealist nightmare, traipsing warily through a game show, hookah lounge, and curiouser settings on her way to confronting her true feelings about getting married. Will she march toward the fate she finds suddenly unbearable?

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The Story

In the Visual Media program at Nevada State College, we’re committed to empowering students, furthering education, supporting the community, executing technical artistry, and producing smart films that explore salient themes. This film offers us a number of production challenges and the opportunity to come together as a team to produce something larger than the student shorts typical of film school coursework. We endeavor to produce a film that demonstrates the talent and dedication of NSC students. 


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Location fees

Costs $200

We're going to shoot in some cool locations, some of which will require rental fees.


Costs $400

Gotta feed the troops. Two meals plus snacks over three days of shooting.

Prop Package

Costs $75

A few key props and some set decoration will help us to build the surreal world of the story.

Make Up Artist

Costs $100

Help with hair and makeup will make our actors shine on the screen.


Costs $225

We want to compensate our actors as much as we can, even if it's just gas money!

About This Team

The most exciting part of our project is our team. Consisting entirely of undergraduate students at Nevada State College, this film is an endeavor to enrich their education with an ambitious project while producing a great film that we hope will be enjoyable to watch and share.

Our director is Jill Burns, who will be graduating this year and pursuing a career in advertising . She also wrote the script, shaping and expanding on a story generated collectively by the students involved with the project, and she has a strong vision for the film.

April Kagen, our producer, has enormous energy and an undying passion for film. We rely on her extensively to organize the film and galvanize us as a team, and we’re thrilled to have her on board.

Audrey Balzart manages our equipment and keeps the Visual Media program running, and she’ll be doing cinematography for the film. A stalwart of Nevada State College, Audrey is one of our most dedicated students, and we’ll depend on her to handle the lensing.

A natural with the camera, Tony Dare has been our go-to man for cinematography on numerous projects. This time, he’s tackling sound recording and design, and we’re excited to see him apply is creative abilities to the aural elements of the film. Johnnie Valdez, an NSC newcomer, demonstrated his dependability and easygoing attitude on last year’s film and a number of student projects, and will be doing boom for this film.

Soft-spoken Justin Semana will get loud as our AD. Ever-willing to help and often called upon to act, we expect good things from Justin in this important role. Jessica Martinez will be handling casting and editing, working both ends of the production. Soon-to-be alumnus Jorge Dez will be doing hair, makeup, assisting with location scouting, and offering his usual acerbic critiques that keep us laughing (and on our toes). New Visual Media student Dianna Galbraith will be doing script supervision, and we’re excited to have her creative vision and sunny disposition on the set. Windy Collaro is working as our still photographer and social media manager, and using her experience on multiple film shoots to capture moments behind the scenes and promote the film as it nears completion. 

Current Team