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Comedy, Drama

Mary Jorie King

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Could Be is a queer short film by writer/director Adam Jepsen that celebrates the idea of loving beyond the status quo. By supporting our film, you'd be a small part of a larger movement in not only supporting queer art, but in helping create a freer more accepting world when it comes to loving.

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Mission Statement

Could Be is a queer short film that challenges the ways we've been socialized to view sexuality and romantic relationships and celebrates the idea of loving beyond the status quo.

The Story

Could Be is a film that was born out of questions rather than answers — questions that queer Writer/Director Adam Jepsen & our team have been asking ourselves throughout our entire lives. Questions like, what would it be like to explore a physical connection with someone of the same gender/sex? Or what does a partnership look like outside of monogamy?

The answers to these types of questions don’t have clear cut objective solutions and often come with self-discovery — what’s right for you might be wrong for someone else, and that’s okay. The more important message, to us, is that we allow ourselves to entertain the questions that make us uncomfortable. That’s what Could Be is all about — the idea of facing tough questions that relate to matters of the heart.


Could Be follows Iana, a young woman who visits a close friend in New York City and spends a night with her friend’s queer circle. As the night unfolds, romantic relationships rise to the surface and Iana reveals that while she’s in love with her long-term boyfriend, she no longer sees a viable future in their partnership. 

But after a night of being exposed to peers who are living and loving beyond conventional arrangements, Iana leaves fraught with the idea that her relationship still stands a chance. Desperate to fix it and eager to explore a newfound way of loving, Iana must soon face the first thing that stands in her way: a difficult conversation.



As a mostly queer-identifying team, we all went through a process of asking ourselves introspective questions to make sense of our own identities. In Could Be, we get an inside look into someone who’s starting their own journey down that path — our hope is that by experiencing the world through Iana’s eyes we can all more deeply investigate why certain aspects of sexuality and types of partnerships can make us so uncomfortable.


In order to make Could Be, we need your help.

We are currently in pre-production and eager to get to share Could Be with you, but we need you and your voice to make sure this project comes to life. Right now, we're looking to raise $10,000 which is the bare minimum needed to film & edit Could Be. 



CASTING: Thanks to Dani Markowitz (formerly at ABC Casting), we've secured Erika Olson as our lead actress in the role of Iana along with Frances Aaternir and Jason Eddy. We are currently at the tail end of solidifying all other roles and will announce additional casting shortly! 

CREW: We have secured most key crew members including our Writer/Director, Executive Producer, 1st Assistant Director/Line Producer, Production Designer, Sound Mixer, Script Supervisor, Hair & Makeup Artist, Casting Director, PA's, etc. 

LOCATIONS: We have officially locked in all of our locations in New York City including a stylish Crown Heights Brooklyn apartment, an upscale Upper West Side home, a vibey backyard in Harlem, and a gritty NYC bodega.

SCRIPT: The script is locked and ready to shoot! It even has Writer/Director Adam Jepsen on the waitlist for LAMBDA Literary's 2022 Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices!!

COVID SAFETY: We plan to take all measures to keep cast & crew safe including PPE, a fully vaxxed cast & crew, and rapid tests available on site at all times.



The $10,000 we’re looking to raise will cover the production costs of:


  • $3000 - Equipment, camera & lenses including insurance to enhance the overall vision of our story.
  • $3000 - Crew members and their equipment/supplies including our incredibly talented Director of Photography.
  • $1500 - Providing our cast and crew with catering and crafty over the span of three shoot days.
  • $1500 - Helping us fund our locations, props, hard drives to store footage, etc. 
  • $1000 - Helping us provide additional costs like transporation between locations, PPE and Covid tests for the cast & crew, set decorations etc. 


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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our film and campaign. By supporting our fund or sharing our campaign, please know you’re a part of a larger movement in not only supporting queer art, but in helping create a freer, more accepting world when it comes to loving.

<3 Team Could Be



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Equipment Rentals

Costs $3,000

Rental of camera packages including multiple lenses, pro mist focus diffusers, etc.

Cast & Crew Specialists

Costs $3,000

Our cast and key crew members including our 1st AD, Sound Designer, Gaffer, Line Producer, etc.


Costs $1,500

Locations set across a New York City Apartment, A Suburban home, and a bodega. 

Catering & Craft Services

Costs $1,500

Provide our cast and crew with catering and crafty over the span of our three shoot days.


Costs $650

Transportation fees cover gas, tolls, vehicles, etc.

PPE & Covid Safety

Costs $350

Help us provide PPE and covid testing for our cast and crew.

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