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The Party Princesses are back! Brianne and team are so excited to bring you 6 brand new episodes with new characters and lots of new crazy antics! Whether you've been a fan from the start or are new to the party princess world, we know this new Season is sure to make all your dreams come true!

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Mission Statement

Our series is created & produced by former Birthday Party Performers who are making it their mission to hire women as a majority of positions on our set in addition to our primarily female cast. Girl Power! We are proud to support women in comedy whether it's in front of the camera or behind it!

The Story

"Crowned" is a Comedy Series about the realities of working as a professional Party Princess. With your support, we are creating a second season of our independent television show and seeking worldwide distributon and festival recognition. 





The show centers around twenty-something Macie & her fellow Birthday Party Princess co-workers who serve clients in their homebase of Los Angeles. These parties are not for the faint of heart. Princesses endure flirting bystanders, jealous co-workers, rambunctious kids, wacky parents, and situations that seem impossible but actually happen on a daily basis. Our Season One premiered on YouTube, and gained a following of real party princesses and comedy fans alike! You can see it HERE!


Being a Party Princess is a symbol of female entrepreneurship with all the pitfalls and pain of running your own business.



The proliferation of Princess Party Companies is a 21st Century phenomenon. When we were kids, we were lucky to get a balloon party at Burger King! In this modern age, parent's are set on one-upping each other and giving their kids the absolute best of the best. Somewhere at the conjunction of this parental desire and the economic downturn of late 2008: the first Party Princess was born. In present 2019, there are Party Princess companies all over the World!




Macie/Co-Creator (Brianne Sanborn)

Brianne is so excited to be presenting her baby, Crowned: Season Two! You might have caught her on Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program and on CBS’s The McCarthy’s. A lifelong Disney-fan, Brianne got her start working in Parades and as a Face Character Performer at Disneyland. Brianne has performed in many regional theatre and touring productions including Seussical, Little Women, and Gypsy. She recently starred alongside George Takei in a benefit concert of the Broadway Musical ‘Allegiance’. Crowned is largely based on Brianne's 6+ year tenure as a Professional Party Princess Performer. She loves long walks in Central Park and snuggling on the sofa watching films with her dog, 2 cats and husband Josh Bednarsky. 


Vianka (Veronica Mannion)

Veronica Mannion is a native of the Northern California area, where she first got bit by the bug for acting. She directed, starred-in and wrote her own indie-musical feature film Booze, Boys, and Brownies that garnered multiple garlands across the country . She likes epic karaoke and watching Golden Girls. She can been seen on HBO in Insecure with Issa Rae, Ryan Murphy's Feud, and worked with Lady Gaga in AHS: Hotel. Veronica is so excited to return to Crowned after being an original cast member.


Winnie (Sasha Compere)

Sasha Compere (another original cast member of Crowned) is a native of Detroit, Michigan and is of Haitian parentage. She performed in theater productions throughout high school, and college, attending University of Michigan where she fell in love with the craft. She likes long walks on the beach, watching horror movies with both eyes closed, and improv shows at UCB. She can been seen in works such as (Miracle Workers, TBS), (Reverie, NBC), and the upcoming Netflix film (Uncorked), written and directed by Insecure's Prentice Penny. 





Thanks to the experience of our lead actors & the improv talent pool (from GroundlingsUCB, and The Second City)  available to us in Los Angeles, we can create semi-scripted television. In the vein of shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and The League, our scripts are structure outlines that allow for the magic of improv and onset writing and directing. This way of comedy creation fits in perfectly with the world we are creating and also helps to deliver the best laughs. We are so excited to bring that kind of show to the world and also share what our behind-the-scenes experience is like. 




We're so excited make this show, but we need your help! With your contributions, we'll be able to develop 6 new episodes of this series in August 2019 and begin pitching for distribution in Fall 2019. Having the proper funds to make an industry-standard show is so important to us!


Thank you all so much for your contributions and support!

- From Brianne & the entire Crowned Team



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Insurance & Permits

Costs $1,000

Shooting in people's homes and working with kids requires us to have very good insurance.

Post-Production Services

Costs $3,000

When it comes to Comedy, nothing is more important than timing. Post-Production is essential.

Props & Set Dressing

Costs $1,200

What's in the background matters to the foreground. A bare set is not a friend of the Princesses!

Hair & Makeup & Wardrobe Design

Costs $1,500

What kind of Princess TV Show would we be if we didn't maintain the best wigs, costumes & makeup?!

Outlining, Writing, Development, Table Read

Costs $1,000

Every production relies on the brilliance of the work done before anyone even shows up to set.

A.D., P.A.'s, Grip, Crew Personnel

Costs $3,000

Every production relies on many hands behind-the-scenes to do the heavy lifting. Crew up!

Director of Photography/Camera/Camera Operator

Costs $2,250

We are shooting an improvised TV show, so we need to make sure we have 2+ cameras and the best team.

Publicity & Advertising

Costs $1,000

We can get this show to everyone who might enjoy it through publicity! Hear ye, Hear ye!

Gaffer, Lighting, Boom-Op & Sound

Costs $1,250

What good is a great scene between actors if you can't see or hear clearly what they are doing?


Costs $1,500

Coffee, Burgers, Pizza (Repeat as Necessary)

Locations & Insurance

Costs $1,000

We get by with the help of our friends but sometimes we need to rent a location & pay for insurance.

Transportation & Permits

Costs $500

Gas costs for Crew Vehicles & Permits. Happy Un-birthday by the way!


Costs $500

We are on the hunt for the best actors we can find. This covers studio rental, auditions, & more!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Rentals & Lens Packages

Costs $1,000

In order to capture our image at the highest quality, we will need the best camera & lens packages.

Festival Submission Fees

Costs $500

One of the best ways to reach our indie audience is by submitting to festivals and winning awards.

Music & Composition

Costs $500

Licensing costs for songs and bespoke composition for our new Season.

About This Team

Crowned is created and executive-produced by husband & wife team Josh Bednarsky and Brianne Sanborn, who will be writing, directing and starring in Season Two. The original Crowned Season One garnered an organic 750K views on YouTube with 1.5 million minutes of watch time in a total of 50 Countries! Brianne and Josh have acted in National Commercials, Network Primetime TV Shows, Independent Films, Equity Workshops, Regional Theatre & National Tours, as well as their own world-class Vintage Jazz Band (JB & the Showmance Band). 

Brianne and Josh performing at a Birthday Party as Tink & Peter Pan


The cast of Crowned has gone on to star in such hit TV shows as NBC's A.P. Bio, Insecure on HBO, Miracle Workers on TBS and acted in commercials for major brands like Progressive, Zelle, Hotel Tonight, Disney and more. 






Current Team