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Crumbs is the story of Shylo, a young boy who summons an imaginary clown who helps him deal with the traumas of life after his mother remarries an abusive man.

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Mission Statement

Crumbs is a lesson for parents about the monster that trauma can create. It's Death Note meets IT with a lot of personal history mixed in. It's scary, funny, and it'll hopefully help spread awareness about abuse. Trauma creates trauma... unless it creates a monster.

The Story

What is Crumbs?

Crumbs is a deeply personal film for us (the directors - Jessey & Cody Nelson). 

The main theme of the story is the cycle of abuse — traumatized kids grow up to traumatize others. We believe (and have seen) that it takes a strong adult role model to break the cycle. Or, in our case, a strong sibling relationship.

The Directors (I promise they are older now)

We're hoping that you'll join us in helping tell this story. We didn't get this far in life alone and we won't get this movie done alone. We'd really appreciate your help.

Shylo's story is about a kid who didn't have anyone to help him. He has no sibling or adult to go to. Instead, he has to conjure that support in the form of an imaginary clown.

The first concept art for Crumbs

Who or What is Crumbs?

Shylo lost his father at a young age but he keeps the memory of him close in the form of a book they created together. When Shylo conjures up Crumbs he doesn’t manifest as a the fun-loving clown from the book, instead he is twisted by Shylo's trauma and grief.

To symbolize this, Crumbs will be portrayed by the same actor who played Shylo’s father — thus giving a visual motif of how Shylo wishes he was still there for him.

Is It Funny?

Although the story and themes are bleak at the best of times it was important to us that we added our own blend of humour. Comedy is something that has always bonded us as siblings and it helped us get through some of our hardest times growing up.

When Shylo is joking around with Crumbs, it provides levity from his miserable life. Our background in sketch comedy will lend itself nicely to well placed jokes or a visual gags to loosen up the audience in an otherwise depressing tale.

The directors in the before covid times.

With the ending of Crumbs we hope to leave the audience wondering if the manifestation of Crumbs was a means to the end of the cycle of violence or if it was the start of Shylo’s own cycle.

If you contribute we can help you see the film earlier! Plus, we've got cool incentives — check them out along the side. If you are looking to find your way into the film industry, the producer credits are a great way to start.

After this short film we have plans to hopefully make a full-length feature film out of this story. We are also dreaming up ideas for an anthology tv series and comic book. We unfortunately live in a world where many suffer from mental illnesses; we hope Crumbs will be a way to help people visualize, understand and move towards breaking these invisible monsters.

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Thank you. Let's work together and make something awesome!



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Cash Pledge

Costs C$0

Filming locations (house, back alley, big yard)

Costs C$1,000

Help us cover the cost of permits and location equipment rentals (tents, heaters, tables, chairs)

Food & Drinks for Cast & Crew

Costs C$1,000

Napoleon once said, "An army marches on its stomach." A well fed crew is key to our success!

5 ton truck with a lift gate

Costs C$1,000

For moving film gear: Camera, Grip/Electrics, Art Department, Locations supplies, Wardrobe

Hair and makeup supplies

Costs C$300

You can't make a monster movie without hair and makeup supplies! More money = better monster

Creating Crumbs the Book

Costs C$300

Crumbs comes from a storybook written by Shylo and his dad. We've got to create all his drawings!

COVID-19 Safety Supplies

Costs C$250

Safety is of the utmost importance during COVID-19. Hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, cleaning supplies


Costs C$400

Crumbs needs to look sharp (and scary)! Our actors will be clad in the finest thrift store threads.

Props/Set Dec Needs

Costs C$1,000

We need to find the right items to fit the film's 1990s setting.

Lighting / Grip / Camera Equipment

Costs C$1,000

Help us get our hands on the tools we need to make the best film possible from local suppliers

About This Team

Jessey Nelson, Director, Writer

Jessey Nelson is a filmmaker born and raised in Vancouver Canada. He’s the founder of SPK Production and The Smashed Potato Kids sketch comedy group. He has directed, written, and starred in a wide range of sketches and short films in 2020. He is new to the film industry scene, but hopes to make a huge impact after he films his “Crazy 8’s” submission titled “CRUMBS”.

Cody Nelson, Director

Cody Nelson studied Television and Video Production at BCIT and has been working in Post-Production for over six years. He’s currently a Senior Dailies Operator at Company 3 and also freelances as an Editor. Cody is also the co-founder of Smashed Potato Kids / SPK Productions where he produces, writes, directs, shoots, and edits. Zoom-Bombing Mormons, the SPK short film, he directed and edited made it into the San Diego Film Festival and won an Audience Award from the Film Consortium.

Kyle Siemens, Writer

Kyle is a writer/creator based in Vancouver. He is the writer of “Zoom-Bombing Mormons”, an Audience Choice winner at San Diego Quarantine Film Fest, as well as many other comedy sketches. Current scripts of possible interest include HOW TO TALK TO PEOPLE, an inspiring coming-of-age feature, and DOCKED, a tv drama about a hospital ship in Madagascar based on his time working on a hospital ship in Madagascar.

Joel Panas, Producer

Joel Panas has been working in the film/TV industry since graduating from BCIT’s Broadcast & Media Communications program in 2014. He has gained valuable experience through a variety of jobs including: live sports broadcast, lighting for film/TV, department supervisor at William F. Whites, and working as a Production Coordinator for TED Conferences.


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