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After shooting for over 30 years, photographer Chris Cuffaro has created an exhibition to celebrate his greatest loves: photography and music. This film will document the making of the exhibition and tell not only Chris' stories and the subjects' stories behind the photos but yours as well.

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The Story

Chris has been shooting some of the most popular figures in music for over 30 years. From Nirvana to No Doubt, Willie Nelson to Iggy Pop, Melissa Etheridge to Rob Zombie, or George Harrison to George Michael, Chris has made his career capturing unique images of some of our favorite artists. The Greatest Hits exhibition is his way of saying thank you to the people that have allowed him to do what he loves for decades. The Greatest Hits documentary is about capturing the stories behind the photos and getting a unique look at recent music history. Through the lens of Chris' career we'll reveal another side of your favorite artists and how the relationship between music and visual media has evolved in recent decades. 


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Costs $25,000

Producers will be recruiting crew, scheduling interviews/shoots, and keeping the production moving.


Costs $16,000

Will define the look of the film and direct multiple camera operators.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $9,500

Getting great sound from our interview subjects.

Production Manager

Costs $8,000

Helping us keep our shoot days moving.


Costs $3,750

Helping make our interviews look great.

Make Up Artist

Costs $3,750

So our interview subjects look their best.

Production Assistants

Costs $4,000

Extra hands throughout the shoot to help us keep everything running smoothly.

Camera Operator

Costs $3,000

We'll need multiple camera operators on certain days and especially for the exhibition opening.

First Camera Assistant

Costs $300

We'll need a camera assistant for our camera operators while documenting the exhibition opening.

Second Camera Assistant

Costs $300

We'll need a camera assistant for our camera operators while documenting the exhibition opening.


Costs $10,000

Taking all of the material we shoot and turning it into a film.

Sound Editor

Costs $5,000

Taking all of the aural elements and bringing them together to help us tell the story.

LA Camera Package

Costs $10,000

We need to rent a full camera package for our Los Angeles shoot days on location and in studio.

LA Lighting & Grip Package

Costs $15,000

We want our interviews to look as amazing as Chris' photos.

LA Studio Location

Costs $10,000

We've got to get more cool interviews to get the stories behind Chris' photos.

Craft Services Food

Costs $6,000

Our crew are hard-working, talented people and we want to make sure they're fueled up for the shoots

NY Camera Package

Costs $5,000

We need to rent a full camera package for our East Coast shoot days.

NY Lighting & Grip Package

Costs $7,500

We need to rent lighting and grip package for our East Coast shoot days.

G-Technology® Hard Drive ($1000)

Costs $1,000

G-Technology® is the gold standard for storage solutions specifically designed for content creators. We’ll get a storage grant from them when we get the Green Light!

Photo Materials for Shoots

Costs $3,000

We've got to print the photos to share them with our interview subjects and get their stories!


Costs $1,000

We need to fly between NY and LA to shoot.

Transportation Costs

Costs $3,000

We need to get ourselves and our equipment around whether we're in NY or LA.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Chris Cuffaro - Director

Chris Cuffaro is a photographer, director, producer and creator. He's a very lucky man because he's done what he loves for over 40 years, now. He loves it more now than when he started. Chris has some amazing stories to tell about everyone's favorite musicians and he's eager to capture the stories of his fellow music fans. 

Sean Mannion - Executive Producer

Sean Mannion is an independent film producer and director who has been making short narrative and non-narrative films and web series for 7 years. He has been hands on with almost every aspect of production during his short career and is dedicated to helping make projects successful, no matter what role he's playing. To date he has directed and produced over a dozen short films and he is currently directing his first feature film, a surreal drama entitled Meme.

Richard Avery - Producer

Richard Avery is an art photographer and music lover. A contemporary of Chris, the two men have shared a mutual appreciation of one another's work for quite some time. Upon hearing about Chris' upcoming exhibition and hearing Chris' stories about his photos, Richard insisted Chris create a documentary around the exhibition and thus Greatest Hits was born.

Ted Newsome - Cinematographer

As a teenager, Ted snuck out his Dad’s video camera to film he and his friends skateboarding. A few years later his friend Kris Markovich turned pro and Ted was suddenly filming Kris and his teammates for skate videos. The right place at the right time with no formal training, Ted was surrounded by the best skateboarders on the planet and landed a job at Transworld Skateboarding magazine. Over the next 10 years Ted learned graphic design, photography and video production. Today Ted has over 25 years of experience shooting and editing and thoroughly enjoys pointing cameras at people and creating compelling content for the web and television. Recently Ted won an X Games gold medal for a video part he created with legendary pro skateboarder Mike Vallely.

Rev Scott - Editor 

Rev Scott is a music video director and editor, an Emmy-nominated television, and a film composer. He has worked with Warner Brothers, SXSW, Spike, Sony, Scion, Nike, Funny or Die, Fox, and Fuse among other. In addition, he has been the Producer and Lead Editor for over 1500 episodes of TMZ. 


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