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An unusually imaginative woman ventures to share her birthday cupcakes with her neighborhood crush. However, these confectionery delights are made with more than just their sugary components, and she must consider who is truly worth the sweetness of her heart.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to use storytelling to promote healing in the world by creating a film that celebrates acts of self-love and nourishment. This story will be told by artists who believe in the power of imagination as a means of creating a world based on what could be rather than what already is.

The Story

Sophie, a young woman living in a small apartment complex, makes cupcakes for her birthday. When left with extras, she gifts them to her neighbors. However, this simple act becomes fraught with the ups and downs of uncertain love when she attempts to give her cupcakes to the neighbor she fancies. From her unique and whimsical mind, we are taken on a ride that ultimately examines the beauty we often skip over when we search for value, worth, or love outside of ourselves.

Hi! We are the filmmakers behind Cupcakes. Our Director, Brit, Writer Emily, and Executive Producer Logan are beyond thrilled to invite you along on our journey of telling this story! We believe that storytelling is essential in creating a kinder world. We don't create that world based on what already is, we create it based on what could be, and the best portal to that is through imagination.

So why is this story so important now? It's been a rough few years, collectively. Grief, pain, and isolation were more vivid, in varying degrees, for so many and connection came in limited supply. We all need a little sugar, a little moment, to remember the treasures of being human and the importance of investing in our own inner sweetness.

Consistent colors and inviting pastels will support the whimiscal and imaginative nature of Sophie in her quest for connection. Her head-in-the-clouds nature will be grounded by a precise and punctuated style with expressive details. 

By using wide lenses with large depths of field, we will create a natural, warm feeling in every frame, allowing the characters and locations to be showcased without drawing too much attention to it. 

We are so excited to bring on board John Fitzpatrick as our Director of Photography! Check out his work here!

  • The whimsy and subjective storytelling of Amélie
  • The framing and colors of Moonrise Kingdom and Jojo Rabbit 

So we've built the world! Who lives here? Let's introduce you to our amazing...

SOPHIE (Emily Burton)

With an affinity for baking, Sophie’s untethered imagination and romantic disposition are a recipe for flights of fancy… and a whole lotta cupcakes.

DELLA (Leah Lewis)

Sophie’s dear friend, carbonated like a soda pop. She’s curious and caring, doling out wisdom as needed.

KELLAM (Philemon Chambers)

Sophie’s next-door neighbor, always good to lend a cup of sugar if she needs. He’s gregarious and fun loving with a bite.


He carries himself with an easy air of confidence and mystery. Flirtation is his second language.

So how do we bring all these elements to to the big screen? Our ask of $25,000 will cover the films production and post-production costs, allowing us to shoot in the stylistic way this story is begging to be told in, and will guarantee that all labor on set and in post is compensated for.

This is a true passion project through and through and none of the lead creators will be taking a cent from this funding. 

Let's break our budget down for you:


  • CAST & CREW: Our shoot will be over the course of 3 days. This means we need to compensate everyone from our DP, costumes, production design, sound, and makeup to our SAG-AFTRA actors for each day of work. 
  • PREP/SHOOT: Logistics such as truck rentals and parking need funding. We also have wonderful locations planned for this film but in order to secure them we have to compensate tenants and businesses. Lastly, funds for production design, props, construction and set dressing. And... people have got to eat! We want to be able to feed our cast and crew lunches after 6 hours and supply crafty and water. 
  • EQUIPMENT: Professional camera, grip, lighting, and walkie talkie rentals for 3 days. 
  • INSURANCE: With all of this expensive equipment, insurance is incredibly important.


  • EDITING: No film could possibly be made without editing. A professional Editor and system rental is crucial to complete our film.
  • POST PRODUCTION SERVICES: Dailies transfer, online editing, titles and a great colorist will help give our stylistic vision of Cupcakes a polished feel. Mixing the movie on a legit sound stage with accomplished professionals is the cherry on top. 
  • MUSIC: This film will be best served by an original score. This means hiring a professional composer to specifically write to scenes in our story. What great film doesn't feature a great song or two?
  • FILM FESTIVAL SUBMISSIONS: Yes even these cost money! Each submission can cost between $30-$100.

Our goal is to pay every person on set and in post fairly and accordingly. This funding will also ensure that we are able to shoot safely and in accordance with current COVID-19 safety guidlines.


If we raise $30,000, we will invest in visual effects and be well funded for small pick-up shoots that might become necessary. 

If we raise $35,000, we will be prepared if there are any unexpected interruptions or deviations that cause an excess amount of lost time. 


If you aren't in a position to contribute monetarily, but you sure are liking our message and want to see these Cupcakes get made, please follow and share our campaign! Use your social media, or email, or, heck even pick up the phone and tell your friend who you know could use a little sugar today.

Here are some great ideas!

Wanna watch some Cupcakes get made?? Pledge to support this short film and be a part of the recipe!

Really into acts of self-love?? Check out my friend's short film fundraiser for a little sweetenss in your day!

Just like a good recipe, every little bit counts. 


We cannot wait to share what we've been cooking up!


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Cast & Crew

Costs $12,500

We need to hire professional cast and crew for a 3-day shoot!


Costs $3,000

The right camera and lighting equipment is crucial to serving our stylistic story.


Costs $1,500

With expensive equipment comes expensive insurance.


Costs $2,500

A well-fed cast and crew makes a happy set. Help us take care of our people!


Costs $4,000

From editing to coloring to festival submissions, the work doesn't end after production.

Musical Score

Costs $1,500

An original musical score will be key in the creation of our film.

About This Team

Brit Morgan - Director, Executive Producer

A professional actor for over 15 years, this will be Brit’s first time on the other side of the camera.  After moving to Los Angeles in 2006, she has been on hit shows such as THE BOYS, SUPERGIRL, and RIVERDALE as well playing werewolf, Debbie Pelt in HBO’s True Blood. Having worked with acclaimed directors such as Alan Ball, Lesli Linka Glatter, and David Nutter, she feels incredibly inspired and excited for this opportunity. She is motivated by the expression and honoring of our full humanity and divinity through storytelling. 


Emily Burton - Writer, Executive Producer

Emily Burton is a Los Angeles based writer and actor originally from Lexington, Kentucky. In 2017, she co-wrote and starred in the stage show, The Book of Clown, which toured France and Australia, ending in a run at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.  She holds a B.F.A. in Acting from the University of Southern California.


Logan Donovan - Executive Producer

Logan is a Northern California grown actor, director, writer, photographer, and producer who lives in Los Angeles. Logan is the founder and director of STORYLAB, a collaborative community of artists creating and developing stories to share with the world. Logan’s directorial credits include the short films ‘Iron&Dirt’, ‘Dreamland’ and the upcoming short documentary ‘Century Sisters’. Some of his TV credits include ‘Masters of sex’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Colony’ and ‘Harry’s Law’.


Larry Teng - First Assistant Director, Executive Producer

Larry Teng is a veteran Television Director with over 100 episodes of experience in network, cable and streaming. He has worked on tentpole shows such as HAWAII FIVE-0 and CRIMINAL MINDS to cult favorites such as THE WALKING DEAD and DOOM PATROL. He recently directed the pilots for NANCY DREW, NCIS HAWAI’I and WALKER: INDEPENDENCE. Larry got his directorial break on the hit NBC/CBS show MEDIUM. In addition to his directing he is also a writer and a producer having sold numerous network and streaming projects under his overall deal with CBS Studios.




Current Team