Curl Up & Dye

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Layla Soileau

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She's 14, and if that isn't awkward enough, Yettie has some supernatural hair! Will she be able to tame her locks, harness her hair, and rescue her clueless bestie, Beatrice? She's up against some pretty tough competition, but friendship, uniqueness, and determination make a pretty good match!

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Mission Statement

With a female writer-director, supported by a diverse cast and team, this animated short applauds uniqueness, determination, and inclusivity. This project increases the representation of Southern, LGBTQ, and female voices in animation.

The Story

Curl Up & Dye is an animated sketch comedy about a 14-year-old who uses her supernatural hair to save her best friend from an evil hairdresser and her magic compact mirror.


My awkward truth. 

I know what it feels like to stick out like a sore thumb! My unique perspective allows me to give a voice to these lovable misfit characters.  I've always had a wacky sense of humor and I'm pretty shy, awkward, and clumsy. I often don't fit the image of what society expects of me, but I've learned that what makes me different also makes me shine. 


Laughing, learning, and celebrating.

Curl Up & Dye celebrates the misfit in all of us. Whether it's Yettie's complicated relationship with her hair or MirrorDeath's struggle to be free from Queenie's compact mirror, the characters find humor in every situation. The development of this animation will keep us laughing and learning to celebrate the things that make us truly who we are. 



Yettie is an awkward and clumsy teenager who hasn’t quite figured out how to harness the power of her supernatural hair.


Beatrice, Yettie’s naive best friend usually gets herself into difficult and comical situations, especially with Queenie.


Queenie is a narcissistic and evil hair dresser whose hair was destroyed by a toxic chemical at beauty school. She is jealous of Yettie’s magical hair and will do anything to get it. Queenie uses her magic compact mirror, MirrorDeath, to do her evil bidding.


MirrorDeath is Queenie's reluctant assistant and his inept spells often backfire.


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About This Team

Layla Soileau, Writer, Director, and Producer

Layla Soileau is the founder of Curious Little Films, an independent film studio dedicated to making funny and wacky animated films and series. Layla earned a BA in English from Louisiana State University with a concentration in Writing and Culture. After studying sketch comedy writing at Highwire Comedy Company in Atlanta, GA, she was inspired to become a regular writer on a sketch team and to study character animation at Animation Mentor. Curl Up & Dye is Layla’s first film.


Tom Davis, Character Designer and Storyboard Artist

With a career in animation and illustration spanning nearly twenty years, Tom Davis joined Curious Little Films as Character Designer and Storyboard artist for Curl Up And Dye. An Animation Mentor grad, Tom lives and works in Brookville, Ohio. A true team player, Tom’s design and animation work has contributed to many award-winning projects. Curious Little Films is happy to have Tom aboard, and we look forward to working with Tom on many exciting projects in the future. See more of Tom’s work at


Aaron Gillette, Editor

Aaron Gillette is a freelance Film and Video Editor based in Atlanta, GA. He enjoys eating tacos every day while watching Rick and Morty. Aaron studied sketch comedy writing at Highwire Comedy Co.


Meredith Mae Roberts, Theme Song Composer

Unassuming copywriter by day, bombastic comedy performer by night, Meredith "Scary Merrie" Roberts never passes up an opportunity to sink her teeth into new creative endeavors. Whether it's acting, singing, playing keys, drawing or painting, she is a veritable Jill-of-all-trades--if by "Jill" you mean "Mer" and by "trades" you mean "mediocre artistic talents."



Khadijah Hall, Voice of Yettie

Khadijah Hall is an Atlanta-based actor, writer, and director, with experience ranging from film to experimental theater. Khadijah earned a BA in American Studies with a concentration in Institutions and Power. After being trained as a Theater of the Oppressed facilitator and actor, she has focused on utilizing collective creativity to critique, build, and inspire communities. Recently, she joined the writing team for Black Currant Productions, an Atlanta-based production group. Khadijah is currently studying at Highwire Comedy Company, Pinch N Ouch Theatre, and Alliance Theater.


Lindsey Dunn, Voice of Beatrice

Lindsey received a BA in theatre from Auburn University in 2014. She has since studied improv and sketch with Chicago’s Second City and Atlanta’s Highwire Comedy Company. Lindsey is currently a member of Highwire Comedy Company’s improv house team, Rocky, a writer and performer with Good Evening, Tonight, and has been featured in several filmed comedic shorts including Outta Town’s Freebies, WillandAlex’s Divine Puberty, and Highwire Comedy Co.’s Hot Yoga. 


Andrea Laing, Voice of Queenie

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, all Andrea Laing ever wanted to do was to be in the lights. Whether it is posing metaphysical questions about desire and ‘what ifs’, re-enacting a cold case murder, navigating through relationship breakdowns or presenting for reality TV, travelogues, and awards shows, she enjoys showing off an abundance of incredible material and iconic hotspots in her hometown, and the exciting dimension of travel. 


Chris Bagley, Voice of MirrorDeath

Chris is Atlanta-born and raised and employed. His opinion on this matter changes regularly. He is expressively intergenic and currently looking for the social setting that this trait belongs to. He enjoys a veritable rainbow of oddities including sunken warships, high top shoes, drifting, suspenders, Medieval fantasy and making jokes that no one hears. He enjoys spending time with the same beautiful lady on a regular basis and attempts to repeat this action regularly.


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