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Through Dahlia we are standing in community with victims and survivors of domestic abuse. We are challenging stereotypes of who are the victims, increasing the awareness of signs/red flags, behaviors and thought patterns of the abuser and victim.

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The Story

Mandy gets ready to leave her husband, Noel, after 3 years of being in an abusive relationship. She holds her baby Ali and picks up her bags when she hears Noel coming home early. Once Noel realizes what is happening, Mandy faces the greatest danger of her life. Memories of her past flood her mind and she endures what might be the most violent outbreak she’s been through. Will Mandy overcome the battle against her fears, love and husband’s fist?


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Location fees

Costs $450

Our movie has many locations, and not all of them are free. Locations Needed: - Coffee shop - Restaurant - Thrift shop


Costs $5,550

It takes a village to make a movie!


Costs $1,900

Can't make a scripted film without them!

Production Expenses

Costs $2,100

Production expenses include: - Wardrobe - Set design - Props - Lighting equipment - Marketing expenses - Catering

Post Production and Festival Costs

Costs $5,000

After the film is made it needs to be edited, and entered into carefully chosen film festivals that specialize in our format (short-film).

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Anies Castillo - Author / Mandy

Anies castillo is an actress and a writer based in New York City. She grew up in the Dominican Republic and has been acting ever since she can remember. In 2008 she moved to the US to pursue bigger opportunities and to continue to grow as an artist. Anies has had the pleasure of participating in two Telemundo productions, such as El Fantasma de Elena, and Corazon Valiente.

She started writing Dahlia back in 2013, and as she got deeper and deeper into the research, the story and the characters both really hit home, and it became a story that she felt had to be told and be shared with the world.

Macarena Carrizosa - Director

Macarena Carrizosa is a director/producer based in NYC.

She started her career in the entertainment industry by studying acting with a Theatre Group in Paraguay and practicing photography. She attained her business degrees in Paraguay and France and then came to NYC to further her capabilities. She studied Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, followed by over a year of acting training with Anthony Abeson and workshops at the Acting Studio. Macarena’s sensitivity is translated into her work as she focuses all creative choices to awaken specific emotions from the audience.

Since the beginning of her film career, she has shown tremendous aptitude for all film departments including Directing, AD, Camera, Lighting, Grip, Sound and Production in Commercials, Music Videos, Short Films, Documentaries and Feature Films in the US and abroad.

Michelle Polanco - Producer

Michelle Polanco was born and raised in New York City. Growing up, Michelle mostly focused on academics. Her calling for the arts however, was never forgotten. Michelle used modeling, drawing, and acting as her creative outlets. In time, she found herself immersing in production as a host, writer, creative director, producer and project manager for various projects.

Her passion for production compelled her to change the course of her life.  In 2014, Michelle Polanco founded PureVida Media Productions. PureVida Media Productions is dedicated to creating empowering and uplifting content, that increases confidence, personal power and taking action. Michelle enjoys creating something out nothing that can bring value and  explore a new perspective. Being able to bring an idea or story to life has captivated her.

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