Tales From the Dancing Maenads

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Elizabeth Tabish

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At Maenad Films, we know first hand that there is a depth and complexity to women that is not properly represented in mainstream cinema. In supporting female centered stories, you're helping transform, celebrate and expand the roles of women in film and consequently society.

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Mission Statement

Written, directed and produced by women, these short stories feature female characters that are complex and varied. We challenge the notion of stock characters for women and have created an abundance of emotionally, spiritually and intellectually engaging female roles.

The Story

Tales From the Dancing Maenads is an anthology series of short films created by a team of female filmmakers. This series reimagines female roles in a vintage style in an attempt to express, celebrate and renew the enormous spectrum of female archetypes formerly misrepresented by Hollywood. 


We're over the one dimensional "hot chick", the "mom roles", the "bitchy boss". We know first hand that there is a depth and complexity to women that is not properly represented in mainstream cinema, that just one woman can be powerful and vulnerable, cerebral and sensual, nurturing and ferocious. We have many stories to share, a multitude of inner dimensions to explore. Our mission is to share the depth of emotion and breadth of imagination in female centered stories though unconventional yet visually compelling storytelling.


In this, our first series in the anthology, we celebrate a vast array of female archetypes: the healer, the priestess, the women who run with the wolves, the anarchist, the virgin, the wild woman, the mystic, the witch, the poet and the muses. 


We have completed three short films so far (some already making the festival circuit!), but we need your help in finishing the series with four more incredible stories! 


The Darlings: 

(1980s) As the full moon rises, a girl band known as The Darlings return to their rented mansion after another great show. When the radio informs them of a killer on the loose, they are shocked to find him already in the mansion. But what the killer doesn’t realize is that these darlings have a vicious side of their own.


Les Trois Muses:

(1920s) Three sisters, Josephine, Jeanne and Juliette navigate their way through complicated relationships with married men, artists, poets and pianists as they come to realize the high cost of being a muse.


Like a Ghost: 

(1990s) Frances drinks herself into a stupor every night in an attempt to reconnect with a dead lover who channels himself through the bodies of other men. Despite her reputation, Frances continues her quest to be with the one man she loves.


Last Kiss:


An archaeologist lost deep in a cave in search of ancient treasures seems to have stepped back in time to meet a beautiful vampiress. With no way out, starving and losing his mind, the man must make a choice between death and eternal life when the vampiress offers to marry him in an unholy eternal wedlock.



Take a look at the trailers for our finished shorts to be included in the anthology:





Because we do so much of our work in house (writing, camerawork, editing, post) we can create more projects for much less money! Our funds go straight to the production; location, props, wardrobe, craft services and talent. These films are directed and edited by Liz Tabish, whose previous work has landed her a Best Editing award and Best Directing nomination, among other nominations.


Our long term goal is to continue the anthology with more shorts, opening up to the public as a platform for female identified writers and directors to submit and work alongside a supportive filmmaking community. 


Meet the Filmmakers:


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Costs $1,200

We've gotta feed our hardworking cast and crew! Donations also welcome!


Costs $2,000

Each film is set in a different decades so finding the right props is essential!


Costs $2,500

We need a theater, an art studio, a music venue, a cavern and a number of vintage homes


Costs $2,500

Decade specific wardrobe is a must! We're great a thrifting, but your help makes it possible!


Costs $2,300

It is our dream to pay our crew! Please help us do so

Festival Fees

Costs $1,500

We want to share our work with as many festivals as possible!

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About This Team

Liz Tabish (The Son, Revolution) is an award winning filmmaker and actress based in Austin, TX. She writes, directs, edits and DPs for the majority of her films, keeping crew small with an intimate focus on the actors and their realism. Her style of filmmaking is guerilla, lo-fi arthouse inspired by 1960-70s European cinema. She received her BA in Film Theory and MA in Directing/Theater from OSU. Her previous work has landed her a Best Editing award, Best Interactive Web Series and Best Directing nomination, among other nominations as an actress and filmmaker.​ Favorite film: Les Bonnes Femmes. Favorite director: David Lynch


Lindsey Lemke (Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains

Lindsey Lemke is an actress, writer, musician, and one of the producers of Maenad Films. A self-described and self-taught "film and music geek", Lindsey spent her childhood years indulging herself watching and studying cinema and music purely as an interest and passion. Lindsey studied theater and liberal arts at MCTC. She later pursued music, touring as vocalist and guitarist. After moving to Austin, TX Lindsey began pursuing acting and filmmaking. after doing featured work for Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills. She studied acting under famed acting coach Stephen Bridgewater and Mona Lee Fultz. Favorite film: Pulp Fiction. Favorite director: Quintin Tarentino


Giselle Marie Muñoz (mama magic) has been navigating her creativity through dance, photography, fashion styling, and filmmaking. She has a deep apprectiation for the arts and seeks ways to help other artists broaden their visibility. Her love of architecture, nature, and vintage aesthtic can be seen in her work. She is a graduate and keynote commencement speaker of The Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory in New York City where she also dabbled in stage management and produced a film festival. She lives in Austin, Tx with her family. Favorite Film: Les Triplettes de Belleville. Favorite director: Pedro Almodóvar

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