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Drama, Musical

Robert Mack

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Dancing Man is a collaborative venture that showcases many facets of the arts in Indiana. You are supporting the artistic development of promising young professionals in film, dance and music, that brings all 3 artforms together, while showcasing promising young talent across Indiana.

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Mission Statement

Dancing Man is a short film to be shot in Bloomington, IN that showcases an under-appreciated artistic scene and raises awareness for ballet. The team behind the film is dedicated toward fusing cinema and dance storytelling to create a novel kind of dance film.

The Story

"Dancing Man" is an upcoming short film that will be shot in Bloomington IN that showcases an under-appreciated artistic scene and raises awareness for ballet. The team behind the film is dedicated toward fusing cinema and dance storytelling to create a novel kind of dance film!

Dancing Man - The Story Line

Dancing Man follows the story of a young male ballet dancer, David, who is demotivated by company life and loses himself to a dream world inspired by classic movie musicals. In the same week, a guest choreographer and a new female dancer show up. David and the new dancer fall in love, but the choreographer offers him a job and David has to choose between the girl he loves and a chance for his dream career.  

The Filmakers - An Experienced, Passionate and Accomplished Group!

Robert Steven Mack, Kasey Poracky and Clarisse Gamblin have been making films together for several years. Their projects have screened, streamed and won awards at festivals across the country. To each project, the three of them bring a unique and complementary skill set and perspective. Kasey Poracky directed the dance film Shift which won Best Film at the Wildsound Film Festival. Clarisse Gamblin wrote and directed the dramatic shorts Graduation and The Table Read which have screened at numerous festivals, and co-directed Midnight in The Park with Mack, who produced and/or acted in each of the films. Poracky served as director of photography on all those projects. Most recently, Mack directed visual tone poem Chisel, which won Best Performances at the Black and White Film Festival and has been screened elsewhere.

For Dancing Man, Robert, staying on at IU as a Masters of Public Affairs student, is once again marshalling this creative array of up-and-coming talents and frequent collaborators: Clarisse Gamblin is now an IU Media School graduate (BA ‘21) and currently studying screenwriting at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England; Kasey Pracky is an IU Media School alum (MS ‘19) and current instructor and cinematographer. Another member of the creative team is an IU alum, Indianpolis Ballet founding dancer Chris Lingner, who will serve as choreographer.

Why "Dancing Man"?   

In this new endeavour, Robert and his team combined his own take on two genres: the ballet film and the backstage musical romance. Collectively, this team has a great deal of experience both with ballet films and more standard narrative short films. By combining these genres with Dancing Man, they will showcase the talents of IU’s dancers in a work that inherently has a wider audience and reach. Dancing Man will showcase the talent coming out of IU and Indiana in general. 

Coming out of the pandemic, arts organizations, including ballet companies are recovering from an incredibly difficult period that saw COVID restrictions carrying a huge financial burden. We believe that the arts are "essential" and we want to give the ballet community a platform and a voice in the medium of film. The filmmakers are all either current professional dancers, ex-dancers or dance affienados and have the experience and vision to give the dance community its due. 

By supporting this film, you become a part of our journey. In accordance with our incentive structures, you will be among the first people we acknowledge and share the movie with. We will keep you updated throughout the production and post-production process on how we are moving forward. We hope that this film will ultimately be screened at respected film festivals, listed on IMDB and in the future be available on-line for free and for all (once its festival run is completed).

The Budget

Our campaign is hoping to raise the minimum of $9500 that we need to bring our project to life.  This includes the money to pay the actors, production crew and wardrobe, camera and grip, film editing, composer and post-production. 

Our stretch goal is $12000; if we able to exceed our fundraising goals and achieve closer to our stretch goal, we will be able to put additional funds into festival submissions and paying our dance artists, many of whom are working for less than they are worth because this is a passion project and they believe in it. We may also put additonal funds raised into post-production, especially going to recording the final version of the score. 

Thank you for your support!!! Spread the word! 


Note on Covid: With recent progress in fighting the pandemic, the loosening of local and state health regulations make it possible to return to a more normal state of production. That being said, the health of cast and crew remains a top priority and we are committed to following all government health guidelines. 


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Costs $2,000

We will be drawing from within Indiana for our talent pool of actors/dancers for our four leads.

Camera and Grip

Costs $2,000

We will be compensating our Director of Photography, Assistant Camera and Grip team.


Costs $2,500

Crew includes the gaffer, script supervisor, sound and others. Wardrobe purchases estimated at $100.


Costs $500

One of our post-production costs is an editor.

Composer and Post-Production

Costs $1,500

Covering composer fees and cost of recording and mixing the score and sound.


Costs $500

Our co-director comes from the UK simply to direct this film and we are hoping for reimbursement.


Costs $500

Meals and snacks for cast and crew to cover an approx. 3 day shoot, each day consisting of 12 hrs.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Robert Steven Mack is an award-winning filmmaker and dancer with a passion for telling stories through dance for film. 

He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Indiana University in 2021 with Honors in History, minored in Classics and also graduated from the Jacobs School of Music Ballet Department with Highest Distinction. Currently, he is a studying for a Master of Public Affairs at the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs concentrating in "Media, the Arts and Public Policy."

Robert began ballet at 13. While attending IU, he has danced professionally with American Ballet Theatre at the Metropolitan Opera House, Indianapolis Ballet and Ballet Project OC. Robert has directed "North," a music video shot on Super 8 mm to a score by John Raymond. Previously, he directed "Chisel," which won "Best Performances" at the Black and White Film Festival. His dance film, "Shift," won Best Film at the Wildsound LA Feedback Film Festival and the follow-up, "Midnight in the Park,” screened at the Hoosier Films Annual Festival. He co-wrote "The Table Read" which can be streamed on Hoosier Films. Most recently he completed "Inside 305," a documentary on IU Ballet Theatre. 

Clarisse Gamblin is a recent graduate of Indiana University, where she received a BA in Cinema and Media Arts with minors in music and theatre.  While at IU, she was also part of the Cox Research Scholars Program and was a member of Hutton Honors College and Phi Beta Kappa.  She is currently pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing Scriptwriting at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England.  She has written and directed several short films, which have been screened at festivals including Hoosier Films Annual Festival, Dayton Independent Film Festival, and Circle City Film Festival.  She is originally from Bloomington, Indiana.

Kasey Poracky is a Director of Photography, living in Bloomington, Indiana while teaching film production courses at The Media School at Indiana University. Kasey began her filmmaking journey four years ago while earning her MS in film production, and has since had the privilege of working on several short films which have screened at various festivals across the country. Her thesis film Shift won Best Film at the Los Angeles Experimental, Dance & Music Film Festival in 2020. Kasey loves being behind the camera, and working with writers and directors to help their visions come to life.




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