Within a Week - Dans une Semaine

Montreal, Canada | Film Feature

Romantic Comedy, Foreign Film

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Roberto has 7 days to write a romantic comedy for a big studio, with no clue of how and where to start, but things may become complicated.

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Mission Statement

Everyone has been living through a challenging pandemic in 2020. We as artists wanted to make a romantic comedy, so that this film can give our audiences a reprieve that everyone needs. We hope to make you laugh, possibly even fall in love again. Hoping for a bright and promising 2021.

The Story










The story

Roberto Gutierrez Romano is a successful author…or at least he was.
He experienced some discrete success with his "fantasy" books, but in the last three years what he's written has been really weak.
Now, due to the pandemic, he finds himself alone at home and without work.
His editor Michael receives a call from an old acquaintance of his, Edith, the head of a big film studio looking for a writer like Roberto to create a love story. Michael tries to come up with other names but the studio wants Roberto.
Roberto has one week to write and deliver an original love story, but things are more complicated than you might think.



Roberto Gutierrez Romano est un écrivain avec du succès... ou du moins, il en avait eu, jadis. 

Il a connu une petite notoriété avec des "contes fantastiques".

Mais depuis trois ans, ce qu'il écrit manque d'inspiration.

Maintenant, à cause d'une pandémie, il se retrouve sans boulot, cloué chez lui. Son éditeur Michael reçoit un appel de Los Angèle d'une amie de longue date, Edith, qui est productrice.

Un grand studio cherche un écrivain tel que Roberto pour écrire une histoire d'amour. Michael essaie de proposer différents noms d'auteurs qui pourraient mieux répondre à cette requête, mais le studio insiste pour avoir Roberto... 

Roberto a une semaine pour livrer une histoire d'amour originale, mais les choses ne sont pas comme elles le semblent!



An Ordinary Adventure - first project, the idea

Almost two months prior this film, I made a SOLO short : AN ORDINARY ADVENTURE (trailer: https://vimeo.com/423744598).


This short inspired me that one of the best ways for me to deal with a global pandemic was to create and share stories. For this reason: DANS UNE SEMAINE - WITHIN A WEEK, was born and in less than three weeks we had a script. 




We are a bunch of rag-tag artists who are extremely passionate about our art. With our masks and all the COVID protcols in place we decided to get on set: crew, actors, actresses embarked on this project of love (not the virus). 

Faced with a global pandemic we wanted to write a page for the history books and leave a message of joy, love and fantasy. We decided to make a film about falling in love and for a few moments look beyond the virus. Hoping that love will prevail. 


Four weeks of tireless sweat and tears, having lots of fun, sharing laughs, working looong hours well into the night, but never once giving up or flinching. As the filmmaker, I was blessed with a crazy group of friends who gave me their time and patience.



L'idée de réaliser ce film est née presque par hasard. 
J'ai rencontré mon ami et comédien Karim Babin.Il a écrit la première partie de l'histoire.
J'en ai parlé avec ma productrice, Francesca Pala et nous avons décidé de financer le film.
Luka Sanader, le directeur de la photographie, s'est joint tout de suite au projet.
J'ai terminé rapidement le casting et, trois semaines après, on s'est retrouvé avec une petite, mais très efficace équipe de fous, sur le plateau de tournage, pour réaliser DANS UNE SEMAINE.





the filmmaker

As a filmmaker, I have a deep belief and try to live by the fact that filmmaking is a collaborative process and a project will only thrive, if everyone is able to bring their free and creative ideas to the table. For that to happen, I need to know what my vision is and what we are really trying to do. When you're able to do that, the film comes alive in spirit, form and beauty.

We knew from day one that making a film only with a tiny budget was risky, although, every soul was there to give their best in terms of experience and talent.

The "boat" was leaving the dock and there was no way to go back, nobody wanted to go back. We were hell bent on making this film. In 17 days we wrapped the principal photogaphy and we moved to the first cut of the film. 


If you are curious about our experience and you want to know more: www.dansunesemaine.com

Now we are hoping to get your support to finish this film and share our madness with the entire world. We hope you will come abord and join us on this adventure to see if Roberto is able to write his romantic comedy within the 7 days. 








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Cash Pledge

Costs C$0

Final cut

Costs C$8,000

Pay the editing, to have the picture lock. We are already the film cut, but not the final cut yet.

Sound Designer

Costs C$9,000

The Sound Designer has to clean the sound and create the atmosphere of the film.

Color Correction

Costs C$6,000

Color the film - Color correction is to bring the imagine alive is the atmosphere of the movie.

Original Soundtrack

Costs C$5,000

All themes for the soundtrack will be originally composed.


Costs C$2,000

We need to subtitle the film en English and in Italian.

About This Team

Loving making cinema!

Generally as producers, we love to meet individually the people who will be part of the adventure.

Having cappuccino or espresso with everyone, we are able to see who is ready and motivated to join us.

At first I've met one of the main character. I gave him the idea, we discussed and he wrote the first draft, that we've loved it. Then I've written and completed the script.

After we've met the Director of Photography, with a lot of years of experience. We saw that was almost impossible to make that film with that amount of money. Two days after I came to see him again and thank him for his time, because we knew that was not possible to make this film. He smiled at me and he told me that the project was so crazy and interesting that he would be part of the team. 

In the following days we built the crew and the cast and three weeks after we were on set shooting the scene 21.

ALL INFOS ABOUT THE TEAM - www.dansunesemaine.com




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