Dawn of Time

New York City, New York | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Garnett Maura

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Support a witty, relatable story of embracing quirks and seizing second chances, as we witness Dawn's comedic adventures and self-discovery as she navigates chaos and life changing choices. This project is a science fiction, comedy/romance, with lgbtq+ representation!

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Mission Statement

Our film explores identity, as we sometimes spend too much time trying to do things perfectly that it stops us from doing anything at all! choices, and the absurdity of life, offering relatability and laughter. Support us to delve into Dawn's neurotic yet endearing world!

The Story

Dawn of Time” is the story of Dawn, a neurotic college student who finds a time-traveling watch that allows them to re-do past mistakes. Dawn indulges in the watch by re-doing awkward interactions and living carelessly. She then goes to ask out her friend Amy, but gets caught up in trying to make the perfect first impression. She re-does the interaction over and over, tripping and falling and getting hit in the head by a child’s ball. Amy eventually notices Dawn’s exhaustion which leads to Dawn opening up. Amy politely rejects her, but to Dawn’s surprise they remain good friends. Dawn then sends the watch back in time to her past self to ensure that she learns that things don’t always go as bad as she fears. 

This film is a school project and will be Manny Martinez’s Sophomore spring film that hopes to comedically reassure those who are often trapped in their heads trying to prevent worst case scenarios. Manny has spent a lot of time wondering how past events could’ve been tried out differently and made this film to help himself and others realize the beauty in accepting reality and continuing to move forward. 

The funds we acquire will be used to pay for actors, food for our cast and crew, transportation, and production design when we begin filming in early February. Without the funds it would not be possible for this film to be made in a timely and effective manner and it will ensure that the filmmaking process is positive for everyone involved. 

Once completed the film will be submitted to film festivals and released online. Thank you for considering our project!!


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Help keep our crew energized on set!


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Help us feed our crew! Donate a meal to us if you can


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Our leading ladies are talented actresses and we are beyond grateful to be working with them.

Studio Expenses

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While using the SVA studios are a great resource, our film expands beyond the walls of SVA. Help us secure our filming locations!

Production Design

Costs $300

What makes our film our film is the production design. In order to become immersed in the 'Dawn of Time' universe we need an art department,


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We would be nowhere without our crew! Help us show how much we appreciate them by keeping them warm on our chilly outdoor shoot in the park!

Post Production & Festival

Costs $150

Our dream is to bring our film to the big screen! Post production will help us finish our film and cover fees for submitting to festivals.

Equipment Insurance

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SVA supports students with high tech film equipment, but it important we insure the equipment in order to ensure safety on our film set.

About This Team

??✨ Join us on an incredible cinematic journey with our crew for "Dawn of Time"!

Meet Manny Martinez, our multifaceted Director, Writer, Editor, and Sound Person, whose storytelling finesse blends brevity, humor, and heartfelt narratives. Manny's dedication to infusing laughter and warmth into his work brings a distinctive charm to every frame.

? Maura Garnett, our exceptional Producer and Casting Director, spearheads the magic behind 'Dawn of Time.' With a fervent passion for casting and a background in Stephanie Klapper Casting and New York Women in Film and Television, Maura adds her expertise to this comedic exploration of time travel's curious nature.

?️ Matt Haller, our enthusiastic Assistant Director, brings his love for film and his extensive experience directing, producing, and essaying on cinema to ensure this project's success.

Nadia Santo, our talented Director of Photography, hones her skills in cinematography, gaffing, and camera operation, bringing an ecstatic energy to capturing the unique essence of 'Dawn of Time.' Join us in bringing this neurotic yet hilarious college adventure to life, showcasing the curiosity and humor that time travel unveils! Your support means the world to us in crafting this unforgettable film experience.

Current Team