The Death of a Government Clerk - an Anton Chekhov story

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Comedy, Foreign Film

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Based on a short story by Anton Chekhov "The Death of a Government Clerk” is an exaggerated and stylized satire, set in 19th century Russia. We witness the story of a common man who finds himself embroiled in his insecurities and paranoia, when a small error leads him on a path of self destruction.

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The Story

Raised in a family where life was perceived as a tragic comedy, I’ve grown up seeing the humor in the petty incidents of daily life, where people often reveal their true faces. It is in the same vein that I was inspired to make an adaptation of this short story by Anton Chekov, a testament to his ability to give life to such moments, a commentary on human nature.

I first read the story as a young child, and was immediately attracted to its simple yet complex themes, dry humor, and its dark and unexpected ending. The story is of a man trapped in his own perception of himself and the reality he lives in, a series of wrong decisions, send him on a self destructive path that could end up being potentially life threatening.

Absurd and satirical, the style of the film is envisioned as being extremely theatrical, a theme that is constantly played out both visually and narratively through the film. Further being culturally and geographically situated in 19th century Russia, I as a filmmaker, find a deep connection with this story that articulates the bureaucrat and daily life of that time period.

Keeping that context in mind, the film is envisioned in Russian, played by Russian actors, a period piece marked by a visual framing style similar to Wes Anderson, and will hopefully add to the larger understanding of Chekov and his literature.



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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Location Rental Fee

Costs $4,032

We need to find a theater, as our main location because the story takes place on the stage.

Lenses - Arri Master Prime Set

Costs $1,000

We have a very specific style that we want to capture.

Make Up Artist

Costs $1,008

We have a lot of characters and extras. We need some specific hair dos, wigs and bald caps.

Production design

Costs $4,000

It's a period piece film, we need a lot of set dressing and set building to depict that era.

Theater extras

Costs $1,500

Our film takes place in a theater that needs to have a big audience.


Costs $900

Some shots important to the story need the camera to be on a jib.

Camera and lighting department

Costs $2,400

Our team is already in place, we have a professional camera and lighting department.


Costs $1,000

Music will be very important to this film, as the story takes place in 19th century Russia.

Cube Truck

Costs $600

Our equipment needs to be transported as well as safely stored.


Costs $1,500

Period pies costumes are important for the story.


Costs $1,600

A well fed cast and crew is a happy cast and crew.

Production insurance

Costs $1,000

Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

Gels, gaffers tape and etc.

Costs $160

They're always needed on set and very unpredictable.

Production sound

Costs $600

Production sound mixer is one of the main positions we need to fill.


Costs $700

Sound is one of the main factors that effect the finished movie.

About This Team

I'm a student at The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. We are a team of students as well as profesional filmmakers collaborating together to bring to life this story that stands across eras, written by Anton Chekhov. Our team consists of talented and award winning filmmakers and actors who are joined together with their passion for telling this story.

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