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Deathly Silent looks at the complex life of Misk, a young Saudi woman who faced abuse all her life. In her attempt to take control over her destiny, she describes how she plans on fulfilling her dreams of helping others no matter who is in front of her to stop her from doing it.

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Mission Statement

The film will highlight the issue of domestic abuse in Saudi Arabia and its cultural rooting within local families. The film will help give a voice to women who are affected by familial violence and raise awareness of the issue.

The Story



In Saudi, according to state funded research, approximately half the population have gone through or witnessed domestic abuse. Cultural taboos dictate that whatever happens inside a family house, must remain between those walls. Women, in particular, are discouraged from speaking out against their abusers because they tend to be related to them. In exposing familial abuse, a woman might bring shame upon the family.

This film aims to spread awareness of the commonality of the issue of domestic abuse. In telling Misk’s story, women can relate and understand that they are not alone. They can seek the help they need both governmental and through close relationships.

Misk’s story is unique in that her situation differs from most women who share her experience. She works two jobs, which is not common in the country. The job market consists of around 70% male workers, and the fact that she holds two positions while going through abuse daily makes the film a story of resilience and power and not defeat. Her decision to make money and pursue a career makes it possible for women in her situation to look for a better future for themselves. The film is also important in that it will help keep the dialogue of women’s safety in the country going. Misk shares the story of her upringing while looking at the defining moments of abuse she went through. The stories will be told through reanctments and animation to help paint a truer image of her past. 



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A great amount of our budget will be for animation purposes to protect Misk's identity.

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About This Team

Eman Dakhil


Eman Dakhil is a filmmaker from Saudi Arabia who

came to the United States in 2012 to start her under graduate

in Media Studies and then her MF A in Film and

Electronic Media. Her main focus is social justice docu -

mentaries. Some of her films have covered Saudi Arabian

cuisine, Arabic Calligraphy and the global issue of

immigration. Her most recent work has been a short film

called A Piece of Paper regarding immigration in the

United States.


Sunshine Yang


Sunshine is a documentary producer based in the Washington,

DC area. With a background in journalism, she

has broadened her investigative storytelling skills to a

digital and technological platform. Inspired by human

interaction and the complicated ways of the social

sciences, her goal is to give a voice to those unheard and

to make a greater impact through producing.

Aaron Tucker


Aaron is a camera assistant and cinematographer based

in Maryland. After a few years tech consulting and

weekend warrior filmmaking, he picked up cinematogra -

phy and has been supporting a wide variety of projects

since. He’s inspired by human experience and the many

ways light, motion and design can shape it. Last but not

least, he loves collaborating with others to tell stories

and doing his part to reinforce narrative through photog -


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