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DEPLOYED is a gritty and heartfelt drama illuminating the honest story of a military spouse and her children during a modern day deployment. In our story, a military spouse, Kate, reaches her breaking point during her husbands unexpected military deployment.

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Mission Statement

Emmy award winning Filmmaker/Director Jaclyn Bethany, renowned playwright Amy Berryman, & actress Sarah Beth Solop champion women's stories. They are passionate about telling this untold story with Solop's own life as a military spouse serving as the basis of their film.

The Story



DEPLOYED is a gritty and heartfelt drama illuminating the honest story of a military spouse and her children during a modern day deployment. In our story, a military spouse, Kate, reaches her breaking point during her husbands unexpected military deployment.

The stories of soldiers and war have been faithfully told on screen for decades, but how many times has the story been told of the family left behind? Of the spouses who hold down the fort, learn to raise their children alone, and learn to keep a brave face while wondering every day if their soldier is still alive.

In DEPLOYED we explore the unexpected and unique challenges spouses and families face, the sisterhood of spouses that forms, and how the family dynamic shifts and rebuilds during this time. It is a story of strength and hope. In DEPLOYED we will tell the untold story of the female spouses behind the men who serve and honor their journey.


Adam:  Kate's husband, an army soldier who unexpectedly deploys.  Several prominent actors are currently reading for the role, 30-35 years old, strong & silent military type.

Kristen: Kate's best friend, a fellow military spouse and the support that gets her through the deployment. Kristen is 25-35, and a strong, courageous friend.

Vanessa: Kate's sister. 25-35. Comes in from out of town to help Kate with the baby.

The Children: Kate and Adam's children will be played by Sarah Beth Solop's real children, Ava(6), Wilder(3), and Sterling(1).


Filming will primarily take place in Canton, Mississippi at a remote cabin.  It will serve as the home for the main characters. We chose this location for many reasons, but the main one is simple:  the atmosphere that the land and cabin provide, reflect the solitude and loneliness military spouses and families can experience during deployments. Secondary locations will include a playground and a nearby military airfield, all located in or adjacent to Jackson, Mississippi.




A note from Sarah Beth Solop

"Although much of what I have experienced as a military spouse is part of this story, I want to be clear that this is not my exact story. Yes, I gave birth to our first daughter just days after my husbands first deployment with the Marines, and he held her for the first time just before she turned 7 months old. He has since joined the National Guard and done another deployment that lasted 13 months, leaving when our second baby was just 5 months old and returning when he was 18 months old. So yes, I would say I've had my fair share of challenges through military life, but the true inspiration for this film are the many, many female military spouses I have lived among and come to know and love.

I'll never forget the first spouse briefing before my husbands first deployment when I was pregnant with our first baby. I couldn't wrap my mind around this new enormous & equally tight knit hidden world and community of spouses until being thrust into it. A world of spouses who figured out life deployment after deployment after deployment. The woman leading the meeting said her husband had deployed 13 times over 17 years. These women learn to raise their children alone, accepting that their other half is gone and in danger over and over and over again. That sometimes giving birth to a child without them is just part of the job. Not to mention those that have endured the ultimate sacrifice of losing their service member to war.

Fast forward to 8 years later as a military family, and we have gone through a lot. Seen a lot. Our children have endured a lot. Don't get me wrong, there is potential for military life to be equal parts adventure as well as hardship, and there are so many sweet blessings that do come out of being a military family. In making this film, our mission is to honor these women, tell their stories, & to share a side of deployments that is unseen."


*We realize in making a film revolving around a military family, there might be some expectations that this is about the soldier, a particular war or campaign, but it is not. In this specific story, we wanted to focus on the journey of the spouse during a typical deployment. We also realize that it isn't just the spouse & children that suffer during deployments, but the parents, siblings & extended family of the service member that also go through so many of the same emotions. It is simply because of the constraints of making a short film, not a feature length film, that we are choosing to hone in on just the spouse & their children.

*We also recognize that this story is about female military spouses, although there are obviously many, many women who serve and leave behind male military spouses. I had the honor of meeting and becoming friends with many of them. They are their own, incredible breed entirely.



DECEMBER 2020-MARCH 2021: Script revisions; cast & crew being acquired.

MARCH 2021: Fundraising begins; cast & crew making prepartions for filming.

APRIL 2021: Filming will occur over a weekend

MAY 2021: Post Production begins.



William and Mary Marguerite Hall are a brother/sister songwriting duo from Nashville, TN. They have worked and performed in Music City's top venues and studios such as the Bluebird Cafe, the Ryman Auditorium, and Blackbird Studios. They are both recent graduates of Vanderbilt University. As individual artists and performers, both have received high-praise. William is a multi-instrumentalist, performer and producer. Recently, he has been working as a producer for hit songwriters. Mary Marguerite is a songwriter and professional actress who has appeared in film and regional theater. Currently, she and one of her songs are featured in a regional commercial.



We will submit to film festivals both big and small, both within the United States and Internationally. Beyond festivals, we will put the film on an online platform for accessibility to a wider audience. We also intend to host several intimate screening events.



Our entire cast & crew will be following all COVID 19 guidelines, including quarantining & testing before shooting, all required PPE, including masks & social distancing. We will also have a COVID 19 Compliance Officer. Any further questions about the safety of our cast & crew, or protocol for press events, please email us directly & we will be happy to address your concerns.






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Using a stellar, but skeleton cast & crew, these costs cover paying our priority talent involved.

Director of Photography, Assistant Director, Sound, Gaffer, Original Music, PA's.PA's,

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These costs cover paying our core essential & vital crew.


Costs $500

COVID testing & a COVID compliance officer are required for legality and safety reasons.

Production Design, Wardrobe, Makeup, & Props

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Our goal is to keep these elements minimal, simple and still very impactful.


Costs $1,200

Protects the producers, crew, production gear & all filming locations & more from liability claims.

Transportation & Travel

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Travel & lodging for our non-local cast or crew.

Craft Services

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With a total of 3 filming days, this ensures we have food & drink for all cast & crew while filming.

Post Production, Distribution & Festival Fees

Costs $4,000

Editing, color & sound during post production, as well as festival submissions & film distribution.

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