Desert Trilogy

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Drama, Fantasy

Pamela Winfrey

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Each of three short films tell a unique, highly visual story of people who refuse to be forgotten in the vastness of the desert. Each rallies against the idea that the desert is timeless -- but we are not. We are excited to be part of a movement to bring new and underrepresented voices to film!

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Mission Statement

These three stories actively engage in questioning the disappearance of the black cowboy in temporary culture (one in four cowboys in the American West were black), and have juicy, compelling roles for women. The majority of the people working on the films are women and they are written by women.

The Story

Lots has happened these past years. The world has blown up, the sky has turned yellow, and we had to bury my sister. People are disappearing. And other people are appearing even when they should be dead and buried. The desert sees all of this. These lives played out, scrambling around like beetles in the sand. The desert is long. But we are not. We strive to do what is right. We tear ourselves up in grief. We rage. Somehow, we will survive.


The three stories of The Desert Trilogy are as follows: 

The Last Cowboy (the past). Windsor Holmes escaped from slavery in the south and became the most skilled cowboy anyone had seen in the 1850s. Driving and roping cattle, he thought his home was on the land... until he met Adelia. They fell fast in love, only her family wouldn't have it. The Last Cowboy shows that when history is rewritten, stories are reborn. 


Sky Burial (the present). Sarah and Hope were the best of friends when they were children -- but what happens when life gets in the way of remembering? This story examines the love can be recovered when one person does the unthinkable.


The Last Horse (the future). After a man and woman lose their daughter, is there anything worth holding onto? The Last Horse invites us to imagine what happens after the end, and how we can live on. 


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Film Editing

Costs $1,200

Editing is many hours in a dark room. We'll want to provide at least a stipend to our editor.

Local Travel

Costs $800

People will be coming in from all over. We want to compensate for gas and any travel expenses.

Wardrobe, Make-Up and Hair

Costs $1,200

We have specific needs here, so would love the resources to help actors look and feel great.


Costs $1,000

A generator, various props, extra cases of water... making films in the desert takes good planning.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Horse Ranch Location

Costs $1,000

Two-day shoot at a ranch in California, complete with beautiful and well cared-for horses!

Desert Home Base and Indoor Shoot Location

Costs $1,250

This is a lean machine so we'll be sleeping, eating, and shooting in the same location.

Camera and Lighting

Costs $1,200

The desert is gorgeous -- and we want to do it justice by getting good equipment.

Production Sound

Costs $1,000

When the sound is off, it can throw off an entire picture. Help us make sure we sound great!

You Should Eat!

Costs $1,500

We'll have to remember to eat. A well-fed team is a happy one.

About This Team

We have gathered an amazingly talented group of people from across the country for this project. 


First of all, a special thanks to Kenny Grimble (as Windsor Holmes), James Immekus (camera, editing), and Gabriela Mayorga (voiceover of Adelia) for participating in the shoot to get B-roll and prepare the preview film. 


Our production team includes:


Pamela Winfrey (Screenwriter, Executive Producer) Is a writer and curator specializing in writing surreal and science based works for a thinking audience.


Terry Selucky (Screenwriter and Director of Sky Burial, Executive Producer) is a playwright whose work has appeared on stages across the country, and is thrilled to be bringing a highly visual aesthetic to the screen. 


Farah Zareen Dinga (Director, The Last Horse) is an actor, director, and improviser, trained at the School of Hard Knocks and Diablo Valley College. You can find her work around the Bay Area at The Flight Deck, Piano Fight, The Chabot Space and Science Center, Phoenix Theatre, The Octopus Literary Salon, Campbell Theatre, and more. She is currently pursuing her degree at University of San Diego in the Theatre Arts. 


Cara Greene (Actor, Sky Burial) is an actress, director and writer born and raised in Minneapolis, MN and now living in Chicago. She holds an honors degree in Theater Arts from Cornell University, an MFA in Acting from The Old Globe/University of San Diego, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA, and the Actor's Equity Association. Cara was most recently seen on Chicago Med as Dr. Anita Baker, and you can Netflix-and-chill with her film Dragonfly, which she produced, directed, and stars in.


James Immekus (Actor, Producer) has appeared in more than 25 of your favorite TV shows, from Once Upon a Time to Criminal Minds. He's excited to be part of the project both in front of and behind the camera. 


Angelia Sciulli (Director of Photography) grew up just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Inspired by her Grandpa's Super 8 home movies, Angie moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being behind the camera. She studied at the prestigious AFI Conservatory, where she learned from A.S.C. Masters, along with an extremely talented group of filmmaking peers. Angie is currently working as a freelance cinematographer in Los Angeles.

Current Team