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Deserving is a supernatural horror short film with an impending apocalypse, a human loving demon, and a priest trying to stop the apocalypse. It uses horror to show how love and support are strong enough to change a person, even a demon, and the lengths that demon is willing to go to keep that love.

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Mission Statement

Deserving is written and directed by a black woman obsessed with supernatural horror and has collected a crew that is just as thirsty as she is to bring this story to life. Deserving explores what love and support can do to a person and how hard it is to let that go.

The Story


Kayla has a secret. She’s not human. A demon has taken over Kayla’s body and is living in the human world as Kayla. When Kayla’s body starts to break down, rather than just leaving Kayla decides to find a way to stay in the body and the human world because she has fallen in love with her family. In her journey to keep her body together, Kayla will have to make sacrifices that will definitely come back to hurt her by willing to turn on her own kind



           Deserving was born from this image.




Writer and Director Ope came across this image and it reminded her of a time in her life when she felt empty. During that space of time, her family stood by her as she put herself together.

Ope being the supernatural fan that she is took this and added demons, possessions, and priests but it was imperative that the family that gave the love was black and the person that got the love was a black girl.

As a black woman herself, Ope has made sure that anything she writes will have a black woman as the lead and have her be surrounded by other black people.

Can you count how many black women writers, direct, or produced horror films? We will wait

There aren't many we can tell you that much. Using horror as a vehicle allows the storyteller to hone in on many of the fears black and many women of color feel, while fully embracing the supernatural and gore. This story is important because it highlights what some are willing to do for love and acceptance even if it means damning the social group one belongs to.



Currently, we are in the pre-production phase finalizing locations, crew, and cast. This project is an MFA thesis film through DePaul University and is advised by their faculty. Reaching our campaign goal allows us to allocate a good portion of the funds to ensure our cast and crew are well fed. If we are unable to pay for these positions, the least we can do is keep morale high and feed them well among other things. A significant portion of the budget is going towards VFX. The VFX needs to be as good as possible because anything less would be a disservice to the story, so ensuring quality work is key for the success of this film.



By telling this story, it allows the audience to feel empathy for an otherwise overlooked and untapped group that has not been explored in film in this aspect.


By framing our character with doorways, 

Photo Credit: The Wailing (2016)

giving characters specific colors,

Photo Credit: Housewife (2017)

and using characters' POV,

Photo credit: Brightburn (2019)

we visually show what it's like to be conflicted in one's own morals and beliefs because, in life, there are only gray areas.



We have an extensive COVID safety plan in place, to ensure the safety and health of all those coming on and off of set. We plan to remain socially distant unless absolutely necessary and masked up to protect our actors. Each cast and crew member is required to take a PCR COVID test beginning of each shooting day.



In order to make Deserving the visually stunning supernatural horror it's meant to be, most of the budget will be going to VFX, practical effects, and crafty.




This CANNOT be done without your support, allow us to take you on a journey through the eyes of Kayla.

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                       THANK YOU!!!!!



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VFX Aritist

Costs $1,200

This short film will require quite a bit of VFX for and having a quality VFX artist is important

Special Effects Makeup

Costs $1,000

To create realistic effects


Costs $800

Feed our crew well

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About This Team

Jared Drake - Producer

 an Los Angeles Based Independent Producer and former United States Marine that honorably served the country for 9 years. Upon his discharge, he decided to pursue a career in film and television. He graduated with a double degree from DePaul University's College of Communication with a BA in Media and Cinema Studies and from the College of Computing and Digital Media with a BA in Digital Cinema with a concentration of Television Production. After graduating, He produced and directed a short documentary titled "DD-214" that won multiple awards from numerous film festivals. After doing freelance work and independent films, he decided to pursue his MFA in Creative Producing where he currently studies at DePaul University.

Ope Famuditimi - Director

a filmmaker and storyteller born in Lagos Nigeria. When she could no longer stomach reading
the same stories over and over again she chose to write her own. Avidly writing supernatural and
fantasy stories led to watching those genres, weather it be movies or TV shows. She fell in love with
filmmaking but saw a gaping hole when it came to black women on screen. She’s now an M.F.A
candidate at DePaul University for Film and Television Directing, crafting her skills.

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