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Tracy Soren

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A comedic take on the minutia of longtime friendship, DIBS follows two twenty-somethings as they rely on each other to make it through romantic hiccups, career crossroads, and the honest but mundane moments in life.

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The Story


As female content creators and comedians, we wanted to showcase both the honest, heartfelt moments and the comedic minutia in a strong female friendship. We set out to create likeable, well-rounded characters, both with strengths and weaknesses, that audiences can identify with. As the great comedians before us have said, there is truth in comedy, so our goal is to find the funny in familiar moments, exacerbating the hilarity with strong relationships and strong characters. Our series is about the power of having someone to rely on, not only when the world seems to be crumbling down but more so when it isn’t. 


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $400

We need lighting equipment to light the various sets and make our actors shine!

Backup Equipment

Costs $200

If don't backup what we shoot, Jessie and Tracy might go insane.

Music Supervisor

Costs $400

Let's support fellow artists! Also, music sets the mood for a great scene.


Costs $2,400

We have various freelancers on this project and we need to compensate them for their wonderful work.


Costs $1,000

We need to feed our amazing cast and crew. They are helping us out so much. We love them.


Costs $400

Whether it's gas or taxis, we need people to get to the set safely.

Set Design

Costs $300

Help us set our set!


Costs $800

All things needed for us to get optimal sound quality both on set and in the final cut.

Location Fees

Costs $400

Sometimes, in order to get through the door, you have to pay up. LOCATIONS!

Costume Design

Costs $200

We have to dress our actors. Sometimes, we make them play weird characters. It's worth it.

About This Team


Jessie Jolles is a comedian and writer living in New York City.  DIBS was created and written by Soren and Jolles, herself and Tracy Soren, who are a comedic duo and best friends. She is a Performer for the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on the team Hotspur. She is also an director/actor/writer for the sketch group Split. 

Tracy Soren is a comedian and writer from Queens, NY currently living in Manhattan. DIBS was created by Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles, aka Soren and Jolles, a comedic duo of two best friends. Using her killer UCB education, she improvises throughout the city with her indie teams Gulf Oil and We’re Cousins. She has been a Production Assistant for Funny or Die and Rejected Pitches, is a Channel 101 NY Intern, and believes in Cheers.  

DIBS Season 2 is Tracey Gordon's directing debut. She is so excited to be working on such a wonderful project with so many creative and talented people. Tracey studies improv at Upright Citizens Brigade and performs regularly with her all female group, Gulf Oil. She can also be heard guest starring on the YouTube Let's Play Channel, The Collegiate Alliance. You can follow Tracey on Twitter @Tracey_A_Gordon.

Producer Kris Wiener lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend, two cats, and dog. This has given her ample experience in conflict resolution, feeding large groups quickly, and time management. She is an improv student at UCB, and member of the teams Pompadour and Gulf Oil. Along with her duties for DIBS, Kris produces videos for the sketch group Missing Earl.

Director of Photography Gabe Elder is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator working in Brooklyn, NY. His work ranges from web-series projects to narrative and documentary films as well as network television.


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