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Dreambound surrounds one Jesse Piñero, a video game streamer who was (sort of) conned into playing the world's first virtual online video game as a young elf girl. No big deal, right? It'll be a interesting experience! But once he's in the game, an unknown glitch renders him unable to log out!

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Mission Statement

Sena Bryer (that's me!) is a trans actor, author, and director. As both queer and a gamer, she refuses the persistent idea that the two identities are mutually exclusive. Dreambound is a merging of cultures, written to take a look at the complex ways identity and technology affect one another.

The Story


What's Dreambound?

It's the near future, and mindlink technology is burgeoning. For the first time in history, a person can connect all of their senses to a virtual construct. It wasn't long before someone in the video game industry caught on to the potential, and so the game Dreambound was created.

Enter one Jesse Piñero, a video game streamer of moderate success whose viewers are demanding he play the game, though he lacks the funds to acquire it. He asks his roommate to spot him the cash, and is met with a single condition: "You have to play it as the most adorable girl ever! And you can't tell anyone of your true self!" Sure, Jesse thinks, that's fine, and accepts the deal.

He enters Dreambound, and all seems well up until he tries to log out, and nothing happens. Then the game becomes not about leveling his character and getting cool loot, but escaping the virtual world and the crazy player-killers and eerily intelligent AIs that inhabit it. 



Why make it?

Dreambound first began as an idea for a webcomic in 2013, then switched to a novel series that saw three books published from 2014 to 2016. The series then went on hiatus for a few years, and now is being remade in the form of a scripted podcast.

As for why I wrote it, they say write what you know, and there are two things I know very well: what it's like to be trans, and what it's like to have wasted way too much of my teenage years playing MMORPGs. For too long, however, I never found a story that really married the two together. It was like society had demanded that they were totally separate worlds, that queer people never played games, and that all gamers were... well, you know the stereotype. I decided to hell with that: I would find a way to incorporate good queer representation with equally good gamer representation, and make a great gosh darn story in the process!

If you like science fiction that merges themes of gender identity with advanced technology, high fantasy plots of adventure and intrigue, or simply enjoy cheeky references to video game culture, then you ought to enjoy the show! The first two episodes are already produced and ready, so why not give them a listen and see what you think?





Where's all this money going?

Short answer: To fund a full season of the podcast.

Long answer: The initial stretch goal of $2300 USD is to cover the cost of voice talent for a full season. Over 90% of that cost is going to them, with the rest reserved for additional costs (fees, artwork, etc). I fully believe actors should be paid for their work, and as such, they are the top priority.

But should we surpass that initial goal of $2300, let me introduce you to our stretch goals!


$3500 Stretch Goal: Original Music

Bless those musicians who provide music free of cost to the world, but having original compositions created for the podcast alone would be really nice, don't you think? If the campaign reached $3500, I will hire a musician to create original compositions for the podcast.


$5000 Stretch Goal: Hire Sound Editor

Sound editing is deceptively difficult work. Trust me, I did it for both of the pilot episodes. If the campaign reaches $5000, I will hire a sound editor to stitch the episodes together, freeing myself up to focus more on making all the other parts of the podcast even better!


$7200 Stretch Goal: Raise the Actors' Rates

Did I mention actors should be paid for their work? Well, I'll mention it again, because they should. If the campaign reaches $7200, every dollar between this stretch goal and the previous one shall go towards paying the actors more for their hard work.


And past that?

Should the campaign exceed my greatest expectations and go even further, more stretch goals shall come! Pay the actors even more? Fund a second season? Make it a SAG production? Who knows! 



How are current events effecting production?

So, I don't need to tell you that the world's in a rough spot right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, and has upended entire industries.

Podcasts, however, got pretty darn lucky.

Even before the pandemic, it was not uncommon at all for entire productions to be done remotely, with directors and actors never even meeting one another face-to-face. That was the plan when I had originally decided to put this podcast together, and it continues to be so. However, the pandemic has done more than simply require we stay 6 feet apart from one another. During production, if anyone on the Dreambound team needs an extension of a deadline or time away to focus on more pressing personal matters, they shall have it. Though I hope of course this does not happen, if it does, release dates of episodes may be pushed back to accommodate. Schedules are important, yes, but the physical and mental wellbeing of the cast and crew comes first.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Voice actors (main cast)

Costs $1,420

Actors got to be paid!

Voice actors (guest stars)

Costs $600

Dreambound has a big cast! Every episode of season 1 will have at least one guest star in it!

Additional costs

Costs $280

There's lots of hidden fees here and there. Website, advertising, you name it. It adds up!

About This Team


Jack Hawkins

My name is Jack Hawkins and I am an Australian Voice Actor who has been doing work since 2017! I love to bring personality and emotion into characters to really bring them into life and to give them a place in the world of voice acting, I love doing what I do and can't wait to further develop my skills in the voice acting community!


Daisy Guevara

Daisy Guevara is a Latina actress based in NYC and a graduate of City College of New York. Her mantra in life has always been to be a storyteller and what better mediums to tell these stories through than with voice and theatre acting! Daisy has lent her voice in various projects in the voice-over realm. From video games to anime and animation to audio dramas, Daisy’s known works include: Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, Marvel Avengers Academy, and Ladies versus Butler!; she's voiced the lead Bianca Diaz in the sci-fi podcast, Meteor City by Wrightwood Studios. Her stage credits include; National Tour: Miss Nelson is Missing! Regional: In the Heights (Carla), Chess. New York: Parade, Oklahoma!, How I Learned to Drive, The Open Gate (Zelda). You can visit her website: daisyguevara.com


Grant Young

Grant Young is a Voice Actor currently residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. His unique style and artistic presence breathes life and passion into his work. Grant strives to develop and refine his skills, participating in ongoing workshops and education. He is extremely accommodating, pleasant to work with and gives 100% to each endeavor.


Stacey Cotham

Stacey is a North Carolina-based VA, radio host, and cosplayer. She has provided voices for several podcasts and audio dramas including the Pilgrimage Saga. She also voices Chi-Chi and Sprintt for MasakoX’s ongoing YouTube fan series Dragon Ball R&R. Stacey enjoys reading, cross stitch, dogs, D&D, and being a pirate in her spare time.


Francesca Mylod-Ford

Francesca is a British Film and TV graduate, with a particular passion for science-fiction. She has previously worked on other audio dramas, such as The Pilgrimage Saga (https://thepilgrimagesaga.wordpress.com/) and H.G. Wells Has His Regrets (https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/h-g-wells-has-his-regrets/id1400059452). Francesca likes to divide her time up with reading, listening to podcasts, cuddling her neighbours' cats and knitting. So much knitting.


Joe Cliff Thompson

Born in Canada, Joe could never be President— but he can and has voiced everything from gravelly-voiced supervillains to hyperactive teenaged girls. He’s currently based in Los Angeles and was trained by Charlie Adler.


Daniel Santoy

Daniel is a voice actor and video editor out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He graduated from college with a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in music, specifically vocal performance. In his non-VO time, he serves as a newscast director for a local television station.


Daniel Kisala

Been freelancing as a voice actor for about six years now. Lent my voice to casual online games, fan dubs, and motion comics. I record Marvel and DC Characters—mostly villains—on my YouTube channel. BFA in acting from Mason Gross School of the Arts.


Pavle Vasiljevic

My name is Pavle Vasiljevic. I am a Voice Actor, Producer and a Musician. I have a light male voice and great range and I am open to new opportunities.


Jumpie Studios

Voice Actor/Singer, Writer, Illustrator

Current Team