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If you wish you could see a "Dude, Where's My Car" for girls or a "Romy and Michelle" for brunettes, look no further. Two lovable idiots draw on the power of their combined wits and the power of friendship in a journey that can only be described as totally unnecessary and preposterous.

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Mission Statement

Where is the Dumb&Dumber (not to mention Dumb&DumberER) for women? We are as fallible and silly and our relationships can be just as strong. Women can be mothers, sisters, daughters, and teachers but we need representation of likable idiots in media who have agency over their own bodies and choices.

The Story


"Dumb Rich Sluts" is an ode to my two favorite things: idiots who love each other. Patty and Sandra live together and play together. They share a special bond of female friendship that is rarely depicted in media between otherwise shallow people. And they want what we all want coming out of the last few years: a fun, flirty, good time!


Now, more than ever we need to see women who haven't had to triumph over adversity in order to live fulfilling lives. A woman who is "dumb" or a "slut" isn't necessarily bad or deserving of derision and in fact can be a great time or a great friend. As women's bodily autonomy is increasingly up for debate, we of course need movies that depict great crusaders for our causes but also movies that depict other kinds of people who deserve the same rights, including the right to wander around this earth for a little while like a total idiot.


We are READY! Our shoot dates are scheduled for the beginning of May. The pitch video and teaser we shot without a single dime. Imagine what we can create with your support.Once we've wrapped, Editor Gwen Carole will work Composer, Your Mom, LLC to cut together the funniest short with the most compelling fabulous score. Then a viewing party for family and friends, send out the short to festivals gallore, and eventually release the full short to the internet for the WORLD to see! Joining our effort in any capacity will help you skip the line see this movie!

But like, HOW CAN I HELP?!?!?!

Great q, babe! Here are all the ways you can join our team!


IF we meet our goals, the money will go primarily to the cast and crew, supporting working artists in Los Angeles. 

IF we exceed our goals by $1000, we can buy a monitor for the camera, which will greatly expedite the project. We will also be able to apply to film festivals, bringing a little piece of all of us to a wider audience. 

IF we exceed our goals by $2000, we will be able to throw a Sluts-worthy premiere party.


  • Semifinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2022 Spring
  • Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards Season 7


Amanda Hunt

Writer / Patty

Amanda hopes her magnum opus "Dumb Rich Sluts" will make her so rich and famous that she can immediately become wildly out of touch.

Cara Manuele


 Cara is stoked to be directing this once in a lifetime masterpiece. 

Laura Manasewich


Laura is thrilled to work on Dumb Rich Sluts, and even more so to to be a part of a project titled three of the most fun words a girl could say. 

David Chan

Director of Photography

David looks forward to trying to stifle laughter with this fun bunch. 

Parida Tanti

Sound Mixer

Parida loves sound-mixing and can't wait to catch the dulcet tones of the Sluts gang.

Gwen Carole


When she's not on set or breaking the internet, Gwen will happily crush you in Mario Kart over a glass of rosé.

Mel Owens


A girl for the girlies, Mel can't wait for a fun and flirty shoot!

Rekha Shankar


Rekha Shankar is an executive story editor for Grand Crew (NBC) and Andy Samberg and Neil Campbell's Digman! (Comedy Central). It is her deeply-held belief that Dumb Rich Sluts will be fun.

LaGina Hill


LaGina is currently a Staff Writer for Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur at Disney Television Animation. LaGina's Frenchie, Brooklyn, is the original party girl and is lobbying to be the official mascot of Dumb Rich Sluts

Deborah Apodaca

Mrs. Ynez

You've seen Deborah in local musicals, theatre productions, and crushing roller derby with the LA DERBY DOLLS (yea, she’s pretty cool).

Travis DesLaurier


Travis has begun intense method acting to prep for Todd by being nice and handsome all over Los Angeles.

Jessica Singer

Evil Server

As a huge fan of women being in charge and dumb rich sluts in general, Jessica is absolutely ecstatic to be a part of this project.


We will closely monitor and follow SAG-AFTRA safety guidelines for the duration of filming. Additionally, we will have PPE and rapid tests on hand for all cast and crew for the duration of filming. 



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Sound Equipment

Costs $1,000

You need the mics to hear the jokes <3

(We gotta get a) Grip

Costs $1,000

The lights! The set-up! The technical genius!

Production Assistants

Costs $800

So we can hire the next Kathleen Kennedy before she blows up!


Costs $800

The scheduling! The organization! The type-A of it all!

Shoot Locations

Costs $300

We are lucky to have many location donations but there are a few spots so perfect, we gotta pay!

Hair and Make-up

Costs $600

We simply must look our best!


Costs $750

We'd wear our own clothes but "Rich" is in the title!

Craft Services

Costs $800

As a Southern lady, I would NEVER let my cast or crew feel a moment of hunger or thirst.


Costs $1,000

Our actors deserve to get PAID

Sound Tape, Clips, and Microphone Illusion Tools

Costs $50

Nothing worse than seeing a boom in a shot? How about a lav on a collar?!

Office Supplies

Costs $50

Producer Laura knows we need scissors, bandaids, clips, a wing, and a prayer!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Andy Cohen Cardboard Cutout

Costs $50

Andy Cohen is a Svengali-like figure that tells our audience who the protagonists prioritize.

2 2TB External Hard Drives

Costs $140

This will help us save and backup all of our footage <3

Director of Photography

Costs $750

We gotta have a great DP to film Sluts!

Sound Person

Costs $1,200

If you can't hear the jokes, you'll never laugh

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