DUST: A Fairy Tale

New York City, New York | Series

Comedy, Drama

Christina Morelli

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A modern day "fairy tale," DUST explores the dynamic of love and friendship, as well as the reality of living in one of the most challenging cities in the world, through the eyes of a fairy who just gave up her magic. Imagine "Sex and the City" & "GIRLS" had a sassy lovechild with wings.

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The Story

Peter Pan. We all know the name. We all know the story and we’re all aware that Peter's ability to fly was thanks to one little fairy. 

But what if one day, that fairy wanted more. What if she longed to discover new worlds, but had to surrender everything she knew to pursue them?

For every case of the Peter Pan Syndrome, there's a Tinker Bell holding on to her wings... And it's time to tell her side of the story. 

I've created the web series DUST for the fairy in all of us. And like Tink, Aura, Mara and Cassie, this story has it’s very own journey. 

Originally written as a full length play entitled "Chasing Shadows," the fairies made their grand debut in their hometown of London at The Hen and Chickens Theatre. Soon after, stateside interest began to roll in, so we returned to New York for another performance. We received a standing ovation from a sold out crowd at The Barrow Group Theater. Everyone was questioning, "what's next?"... and so was I.

Thanks to the digital age we live in, I can continue to share the lives of Tink and her friends with audiences worldwide. The CEO Artist Productions will be partnering with award-winning Hope Tree Entertainment to bring you DUST: A Fairy Tale, and we're beginning production on Season One this coming fall.

With your support, I hope to build a team to help these feisty, intriguing characters cross the lines of fantasy and reality... from Neverland to New York City. 

We're creating this show for anyone who has ever longed to return to their origins or questioned where it is they might be headed. For every person who moved to a new city to make a fresh start, only to realize their past was trailing not far behind them. For every bridesmaid who took a second job to pay for her friends weddings, to every bride who desperately searched for a pool of warm water to soak her "cold feet" in. For every lost boy trying to prove something to everyone, and for every lost girl that just wants to be found. For the new moms who haven't slept in months... and the career women who haven't either. 

With faith, trust, and maybe a little bit more than pixie dust... together, we can make magic. One thing is for sure, it all starts with one word.




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Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $1,500

The magic behind the camera.


Costs $2,000

Editing and sound- The real life pixie dust.


Costs $300

Making sure the fairies and New York City look their finest.


Costs $300

Because no one likes to deal with "hangry" actors or crew.


Costs $1,000

Unfortunately, we left our wings in Never Land.


Costs $2,500

She's got the wings and the magic to carry the rest of us through a long shoot.

Hard Drive

Costs $200

Safety first. No one wants to deal with the writer if we lose two days of footage.

First Assistant Director

Costs $300

Someone's gotta keep an eye on the Lost Boys.

Marketing Expenses

Costs $350

So Tink and her friends can keep you updated every step of the way.

Prop Package

Costs $210

It's awkward for the actors to play Charades every episode.

Hair Artist

Costs $150

We don't want any "fly aways" on set. Literally and figuratively.

Make Up Artist

Costs $150

Natural beauty is so 2014.

LLC/Corporation Set-up

Costs $250

To make sure we're legit. Too legit to quit.

Legal Services

Costs $200

We figured there should be at least one real "grown up" in the bunch.

Trailer Edit

Costs $150

Sneak Peeks are fun!

3 FT Kessler Pocket Dolly & ProPlan

Costs $180

We're getting fancy with our shots.

Litepanel 1X1 LED Flood Spot X 2

Costs $160

The sun sets early in November!

DSLR Wide Format Lens, Sigma 1.4/55MM

Costs $300

More options, more angles, more magic.

Kino Flo Diva Set Light Rental & ProPlan

Costs $600

Let there be light.

Sound Designer

Costs $800

Sometimes it's hard to hear those little fairy voices.


Costs $400

In NYC, pixie dust is not acceptable payment for rent and utilities.

About This Team

Meet the Team Behind "DUST"...


Christina Morelli, The CEO Artist (Writer/Producer/Director)- Christina Morelli is a freelance writer, producer and director with roots in NYC, a home in San Diego and branches worldwide. She has written for independent music magazines, business websites, professional blogs and personal publications. In 2009 she founded NYC Art Scene, an indie artist resource and promotional site, where she interviewed Grammy-award winning musicians, independent artists and entrepreneurs. Her work with the community led to the 2011 birth of The CEO Artist, an artist development, production and creative consulting company. With The CEO Artist, she's blended a passion for the arts with a hard-driven business sense to help artists and entrepreneurs gain an understanding of their market, product and purpose in the industry. She's helped fund, launch and promote countless creative projects, produced music videos and created written content for online and print distribution.


After years of working in the entertainment world on the business side, in 2013 Christina returned to her storytelling roots. She wrote the full-length play, "Chasing Shadows: The Tinker Bell Effect" that same year, and workshopped it in NYC before bringing it to London to develop. Following a great success in both London and New York City as a staged reading, Christina has adapted those characters and their stories into a web series entitled "DUST." She is thrilled to be directing and producing a piece of writing she believes in, characters she loves and a story that's ready to be shared with the world.


Patryk Larney, (Director/Director of Photography/Editor)- Equipped with an extensive client list and a wealth of media recognition, Hope Tree Entertainment is quickly becoming one of the premiere boutique production companies in Nashville, LA, and New York City. Founded by Patryk Larney in 2010, the independent label services company boasts print design featured in Soulbounce, Rolling Stone, and the Huffington Post, in addition to original film work nationally broadcast on CMT, NBC, FOX and ABC.

Early beginnings as "Creative Coordinator" with Apple Inc. offered Larney the opportunity to work alongside popular acts like Sara Bareilles, Billy Joel, and Sting. That experience carved the path towards independent success, as Patryk later navigated developing artists like Rachel Potter, Laura Reed, and The Vanity Belles through the world of music, marketing and artistic branding. A passionate songwriter, musician and filmmaker, with an acute eye for images and a sensitivity to detail, Larney is continually refining his skill set of innovative and effective conceptual design. From graphic and corporate video solutions and project management, to countless music videos, web series and live performances, the award-winning producer and director has a seamless way of transitioning his visions from page to screen. His unique ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary coupled with a desire to master the ever-evolving industry, ensures a detailed and original experience for each of the immensely talented clients rooted in the branches of Hope Tree Entertainment.



Gabriella Loutfi (Assistant Director of Photography)Gabriella Loutfi is a filmmaker from New York with a film degrees from both Fordham University and The New York Film Academy. She has directed, filmed and edited award winning features, shorts and music videos which have played in film festivals across the country such as The Las Vegas Film Fest; The Sacramento Film Fest; New Hope Film Fest; and NewFilmmakers in New York which have won her "Best Music Video", "Best Short Drama", "Best New Director" and the "Silver Ace Award" to name a few. She has recently edited her first feature film titled “Chasing Yesterday”, directed by Joseph Pernice, which premiered at Tribeca Cinemas in 2014 and won for Best Picture in the “Garden State Film Festival” and “Canada International Film Festival”. Gabriella is currently producing, directing and shooting films through Bittersweet Pictures LLC, a film production company she created in 2013; and is an editor and shooter for CBS Sports, cutting together documentaries, sports highlights, television shows, and this year chosen to edit pieces for the Super Bowl 2015. Creating films has always been a passion of hers from a very young age, and she is extremely thankful to be able to turn her passion into a career. www.bittersweetpictures.org


Jason Milstein (Sound Design)- Jason started his film career rebuilding movie soundtracks. After experiencing firsthand that a minute of great recording work can save hours of post-production time, he began to work as an on-set sound mixer. Although his film credits point heavily in the direction of sound supervision, to his peers, he is known as a team builder and problem solver. Aside from the independent features he has produced, he also has come to the rescue of underfunded, previously filmed movies by creatively helping them across the finish line. Through straightforward communication and a deep respect of each person's craft, Jason builds powerful collaborations among the many talented artists with whom he works. Learn more about Jason's projects on IMDb.


Steven Della Salla (Lighting Design/Gaffer)- For his entire life, Steven has had a fascination with pictures.  This fascination evolved into a more skillful approach to photography and the realization that the ultimate form of a picture is a motion picture.  A simple Christmas present of a camcorder kicked off Steven’s career.  Making home movies with his cousins and basically just filming anything that was going on progressed into working with the Fuzz on the Lens team.  The team has been together since 2004 and Steven contributes in every way possible.  He prides himself on being a perfectionist and does not believe in stopping until the job is done and done right. He thinks it is important to do whatever is necessary in order to better a project.  This is no better demonstrated by the fact that Steven has both had his nose broken on set and gotten into a car accident prior to shooting a scene and continued with production on both occasions.  Steven has a love of all aspects of the filmmaking process, from pre to post-production.  This includes the business aspect, which goes hand in hand with his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Saint John’s University. www.fuzzonthelens.com


Zach Kroenung (Production Assistant)


Current Team