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A dark comedy about how expensive it is to be poor. ELLAY follows four Latinx whose heads and hearts are caught up in complex scandals, and with almost no money in their pockets, these artists fight for their version of the “Dream" in a city so overpopulated and overpriced it can only be LA.

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Mission Statement

The cast and crew of ELLAY is predominantly diverse across the board. We've taken an active effort to surround ourselves with people of different histories from race, age, and socioeconomic backgrounds to people of different identities, sexual orientations, to religious and cultural backgrounds.

The Story


The Story



Ellay is a dark comedy about four friends from different walks of life finding their place in a city where it is “expensive to be poor.”





The series focuses on Aiden Alvarez as he navigates being a Latinx striving for a career in an industry that has yet to open its doors to him.



Along for the ride are his two best friends: Bernie Alba, a writer/director looking for his place in the industry, and Fia Baez, who is still trying to figure out her sexuality and her true passion.




And Rita, Aiden’s undocumented ex-girlfriend, who finds herself balancing the chaos between career goals and family responsibilities.



Our heroes act as a support system for each other as they try to survive being Latinx Millennials in a city where making a living as an artist is completely overrated and downright impossible. With their heads and hearts caught up in complex scandals, and almost no money in their pockets, these dreamers fight for their version of the “American” Dream in a city so overpopulated and so overpriced it can only be LA.

The Impact

We want to showcase the experience of Latinx people, a viewpoint which is rarely seen on screen.  Los Angeles is a predominantly Latinx city, yet the media fails to tell our stories. We want our community to see themselves represented and to be inspired to embrace their heritage.


The Funds


The funds raised will go directly towards the production of a high-quality piece you will all be proud of.









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Camera Package

Costs $2,000

New advancements in tech means new advances in storytelling. We need the best tech to create.

Catering & Crafty

Costs $1,000

We want to make sure that everyone on the team is well fed. Well fed people equals well fed work.


Costs $2,000

Our crew will be the first on set and the last to leave. They make it all run smoothly.

Editor & Editing

Costs $1,000

The real magic of everything is done in the editing room. Without this, there is no series.

G&E Truck

Costs $1,000

With all that expensive equipment, we need it safely transported throughout the city.

Hard Drives

Costs $500

We need space to store all the footage we’ll be capturing. The more magic, the more space.

Lighting Equipment

Costs $1,000

Lights, camera, action. Lights create the character mood and bring more life to our stories.

Location Permits

Costs $2,000

We want to pay the permits for the locations we want to use in order to give back to the people.


Costs $500

We’re looking for local musicians of color from the LA area to feature their works in our series.

Production Design

Costs $500

We need resources to best create and bring the settings to life in order to add to the story of LA.

Production Insurance

Costs $2,000

It’s important to keep people, equipment, and locations safe and protect what we’ve got.

Sound Mixer & Equipment

Costs $500

If we don’t have any sound, it’ll just be moving pictures like the old days.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Alicia Sixtos: California born actor, Alicia was cast as a series regular on Brad Pitt’s Plan B 2016 Pilot for TNT, “Monsters of God,” she’s a former series regular on HULU’s Emmy nominated original series “East Los High,” recurred for three seasons on Freeform’s Emmy nominated series, “The Fosters,” and cast as series regular on Macro’s original series, “Gente-Fied." Alicia has been drawn to projects that aren't simply created to entertain, but to teach and create awareness on topics not widely known or talked about. She advocates to promote positive images, especially for the misunderstood, misrepresented, and unrepresented in Hollywood.   


Antonio Rodríguez: He is a creative director and visual designer living in sunny California. He was Born out of Mexico City and his family moved to LA when he was 5. He studied computer science and graphic design at CSULB and currently works as a freelance designer and creative director. He believes technology and design together are revolutionizing human culture and are shaping how we think, live, and work now and into the future. Which is why he loves working on projects that look back into where we come from and who we are. He thinks projects like these ground us and gives us a sense of identity and purpose. The culture in LA is so diverse that it’s almost its own standalone culture and the stories that happen here are so unique that they need to be shared with the world.


Cruz Castillo: A Los Angeles native originating from Glendale but raised in Whittier and Boyle Heights. He’s been acting since the age of 5 and writing before that. He attended Fullerton College and CSULA where he majored in Communication. Cruz has worked on countless projects such as The Will, The Road Not Taken, and the future projects Abstruse and Vero. Cruz is of Indigenous (Native) descent ( and is an academic, activist, and actor. 


Keenan Duke: Keenan was raised in Dallas, TX and is an alumni of the Writing for Film & Television program at Vancouver Film School. He has always shown an interest in various cultures, stemming from a natural curiosity of his own heritage as an African American, which has had a direct impact on his writing. He has a passion for telling stories that shed light on communities and issues people might not be aware of with the belief that film and television have the power to open people's hearts and minds to those who are different from themselves. Keenan currently works in the Accounting Department for NBC's entertainment news program "Access".


Miranda Meza: As a Southern California native Miranda Meza is a dedicated filmmaker, helping illuminate the diverse stories of the underrepresented and marginalized communities. She is a first-generation college student at California State University Los Angeles and holds the president position for Golden Eagle Productions an on-campus production organization that helps students gain experience in industry standard filmmaking. Miranda is a firm believer of the Ellay series and hopes all can donate and become apart of the Ellay family.


Rosa Navarrete: Peruvian immigrant raised in Los Angeles; she crossed the border with her mom and sister as a child and has journeyed her way into becoming a US Citizen. Rosa is a Writer, Actor, and Director working in Los Angeles as a Filmmaker, freelance Videographer/Editor, and Teaching Artist. She believes the arts have the power to shift minds for the better. Education/Training: Inner-City Filmmakers, UC Berkeley. Board Member at Casa 0101 Theater. More: rosalnavarrete.blogspot.com


Sebastian Fernandez: Growing up in East LA, Sebastian has always had an innate desire to act. Born with a congenital heart defect, Sebastian chose to push forward with his dream as an artist after having earned a certificate for Filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu and attending ELAC and Cal State LA. Acting now professionally for 4 years, Sebastian is most notably recognized as “that Dollar Shave guy with the B on his chest” and “that Lyft driver from the General Insurance” commercial. Sebastian is currently in Antaeus Theater’s production of The Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh opening January 17th. 

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