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Justin Robert Vinall

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An affable caregiver, Thomas watches over a mysteriously ill young woman, Emiko. As the two develop their relationship with one another, sinister secrets begin to unravel.

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Mission Statement

Our last horror short, "This Pretty Face" focused on the standards and stigma of Women Beauty. With "Emiko" we wish to apply elements of toxic masculinity, Asian diversity and abusive relationships in our piece. Our production is aimed on these themes and ideas that are not regularly touched on.

The Story

"EMIKO" is a Horror Short film following a caretaker, Thomas Driskel who is assigned to watch over a deeply ill young woman, Emiko Nakagawa while her Aunts are away for a short time. Thomas and Emiko quickly become comfortable with one another, but soon Thomas notices strange desires to be with her, his past relationship haunting him and a far more sinister force hidden within both Thomas and Emiko.


Toxic Masculinity and Surface Level Personalities are a core theme within the short where Thomas is truly revealed to be something monstrous deep down inside, but it didn't come out of him willingly, it came with a price when meeting Emiko, an alluring force that slowly torments Thomas and reveal his most primal instincts.


Japanese Horror has had a powerful presence within the Horror genre. Utilizing a gripping atmosphere through family and relationships really adds an elevated level of drama that most Horror films have missed. For our project we wanna use influences of storytelling with films like "Audition", "Dark Water", "Ringu", "Ju-On: The Grudge" and "Onibaba" to name a few. We deeply respect and admire what Japanese Culture has shared with us through their unique folklore and spectacular horror films.


Next Floor Entertainment has been producing several short films over the years, it only has been more recently that we have shifted our focus entirely on exploring themes of Feminism, Ego and Human Nature through Horror. We wish to continue showcasing those ideas with diversity in our short.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Special Makeup Effects

Costs $1,600

To have the best possible looking horror makeup effects for a pivotal monster sequence.


Costs $400

To pay our hardworking cast

Sony PXW-Fs5 Camera and Lenses

Costs $800

We wish to rent this fantastic camera and its lenses to paint a horrific atmosphere with its sharp images.


Costs $300

We hope to have a kind of theme throughout the short with the way our characters are dressed. It'll only add more to their character!


Costs $200

There are certain props in the film that revolve heavily around the plot, this includes a garmet bag, some weapons and more!


Costs $3,000

This will be four twelve hour days of filming and we want them to be compensated for their hard work and excellent work.


Costs $300

There are particular lighting rigs we wish to rent for production in order to give the film its unsettling atmosphere.

Catering and Crafty

Costs $300

We wanna fill those Cast and Crew tummies up!

About This Team

Next Floor Entertainment has had the great fortune over the last several years to have a dedicated core group of individuals that have made two features, a dozen shorts and projects outside of our production together. We also welcome new additions to our production who we have greatly admired from other works around the Seattle area.


Laura Dux will be playing the role of Emiko, a deeply ill but kind hearted young woman but something feels a little off about her. Laura has been a strong presence in theater and has naturally progressed to film with incredible ease. She has recently created a character called, Oriental Lotus, a burlesque character that focuses on the issues of sexualizing Asian-American women.


Tucker Case will be playing the role of Thomas, a newly arrived caretaker of Emiko, he is appears to be down to Earth and friendly but something isn't quite right with him. Tucker has had a wide range of work with both Next Floor Entertainment and Fresh Cup Films. His most recent comes from Psychological films focusing on mental health, "Stagnant" and "Burden" are a couple of them to note.


Kevin O'Donnell will be joining us as our Director of Photography, his work recently won him 3rd Place for Best Overall Short Film for his 48 Hour Short "Valor" which premiered in August 2016. His style evokes an engaging and often dark atmosphere around the characters and we are certainly glad to have him with us!


Ret Harrision will be our Special Effects Makeup Artist she recently showcased her work with Ty Huffer's beloved horror-comedy short, "In This Economy" which has played at several horror film festivals this past year. We're thrilled to have her bloody work be a part of our gruesome show!


Kirsten Zeller and Alex Sylvester make up our Assistant Camera Team, both have been affiliated with Next Floor Entertainment for some time now. Kirsten Zeller has been the Director of Photography for a good chunk of projects on both Fresh Cup Films and Next Floor Entertainment. Alex Sylvester is the owner and filmmaker of Fresh Cup Films he runs with Ben Johnson, some of his work include "Stagnant", "A Rabbit in the Bike Shed", "In Reverie" and "Burden"


Matthew Rush is our lead in the lighting department, he is the on set gaffer and will be assisted with Codie Will-Bratton as Key Grip. Matthew Rush has been a long time veteran of Next Floor Entertainment, his skills range from Special Makeup Effects, Acting and now Lighting.


Micah Knapp steps in as the Assistant Director on the Project, this is his first time working with Next Floor Entertainment but has directed many of his own works with his production company, Knapp Bros. Studios in which they have made short films, "Annabelle" and "Home" that are more art house based.

Current Team