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"Enough Room" is a social impact comedic short film following the journey of Selena Romo, a successful Latina living in Los Angeles. The film tackles the issues of passive racism, societal expectations, and inviting authentic connections in the face of adversity -- all during a first date.

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Mission Statement

The mission behind "Enough Room" is to invite recognition, communication, and connection, which makes inclusion an inherent component of our process. Our producing team is entirely female-led, covering a range of age groups, with every member identifying as Latina, Hispanic, or bi-racial.

The Story

What happens when we see the person in front of us, rather than the issue?


“Enough Room” is a social impact comedy following the journey of Selena Romo, a successful Latina living in Los Angeles. Despite her random encounters with racism — a boss who assumes she speaks Spanish and a neighbor who qualifies her as “one of the good Mexicans” — Selena loves life in the City of Angels. She also believes she may have found a potential partner in Ben Ciccone, a funny and sweet contractor with whom she’s been chatting on the phone for weeks. But when they finally meet in person, a single provocative remark suddenly turns their romantic date on its head, forcing Selena and Ben to navigate the issues of race, tolerance, and what it truly means to hold your own integrity in the face of adversity. 



First things first. What's the problem?

At this moment in time in America,we encounter a lot of breakdowns in communication, where we see issues rather than the person with whom we are speaking — or arguing. Our communities are separated and disconnected through assumptions and expectations that hurt us and prevent any kind of clearconnection. And while we are bombarded with examples that “speak” of tolerance, there are few clear models of it. 


So how do we fix it? With our film!

There are few things that bring people together better than a story. Whether it's sitting around the campfire, gathering in the arena, or coming together in a dark theatre, humans share the collective experience of a tale that reflects their humanity, universality, and potential for growth. "Enough Room" is based on a true story, and by channeling the actual events into a cinematic (and comedic) format, we believe we can bring people together to laugh, reconsider, and spark discussions. 



Okay, let's talk. What's the discussion?

Our film aims to provide an example of what tolerance actually looks like, particularly when we seek to invite something more from the discussion with the people around us. We believe this gives us permission to respond authentically rather than following the expectations of how the world wants us to behave. This film also shows us tools and gives us the ability to break out of our assumptions and provide a platform for discussion. 


* Recognition > Communication > Connection *


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About This Team

"Enough Room" is lead by a team of experienced professionals from the film, storytelling, and corporate worlds. As women of color and mixed ethnicities, we offer diverse and versatile perspectives in regards to passive racism and sexism. We not only recognize the need to  build a level of communication that is not present in our current society, but can model that behavior through a cinematic medium. 


Bobbie Becerra - Executive Producer

Bobbie Becerra is an author, speaker, and storyteller from Los Angeles, California. She uses storytelling to create an invitation to discuss critical topics such as abuse recovery, personal healing, and social judgements. Using her own experiences, she attempts to challenge assumptions and build a greater sense of understanding on both personal and societal levels. Approaching sensitive issues with an uncommon balance of critical objectivity and compassion, Bobbie hopes to give a voice to those personally affected by social adversities while providing content for those who have not been directly affected.

Bobbie is a certified domestic violence victims advocate and a member of the RAINN National Speakers Bureau. She also brings 20+ years of leadership experience in quality management and training for a range of business industries including private post-secondary education, advertising, and logistics. 


Christianna Carmine - Director/Producer

Born and raised in New York, Christianna Carmine spent much of her early life as a stage actor who harbored a strong interest in the human condition. As she began to amass a body of stage credits, her fascination with human nature continued to grow, influencing her work as a performer, and leading her to study psychology at the graduate level.

After completing her Masters’ Degree in Psychology with a focus on criminal sociopathy, Christianna continued to pursue a career in film. While working in film and as an actor, her attention became drawn towards the art of filmmaking and in 2011 produced and directed her first short, To Live and Try in LA, shot on 16mm.

In 2014, Christianna wrote, directed and produced her second short film, Darryl, which premiered at the GI Film Festival in 2016 and has won awards for Best Director and Best International Drama. Her fourth directing venture, Solstice Ranch premiered at LA Shorts Fest 2018 and stars Will and Grace’s Ryan Pinkston, The Real O’Neals’ Matt Shively and film and television veteran, Essence Atkins (Girlfriends Getaway, Marlon).

In September 2018, she directed the season finale of the web series, Grow the F*ck Up starring Courtney Sauls and Samantha Smart (Dear White People-TV). Ms. Carmine’s fourth directing venture, Solstice Ranch premiered at LA Shorts Fest 2018 and garnered her a Best Director win in February 2019 at the Oregon Shorts Film Festival.

When not working behind the camera, Christianna enjoys creating socially relevant content and making people laugh.


Lauren Chavez-Myers - Writer/Producer

Lauren Chavez-Myers is an actor, filmmaker, and proud Burqueña from New Mexico. She received her BFA in Theatre Performance from Chapman University while simultaneously discovering her passion for writing, directing, and giving a voice to underrepresented groups in media.

​After graduating, she spent eight years working in professional film, television, and theatre in New Mexico, including a two season recurring role on WGN's "Manhattan" opposite Michael Chernus. Other notable roles include "12 Strong," Netflix’s "Chambers," AMC’s "Better Call Saul," "The Space Between Us," and "Only the Brave." Chavez-Myers proudly served five years as the Director of Media & Marketing for Duke City Repertory Theatre, where she produced all of their trailers, media, and online content. She co-wrote, executive produced, and starred in the feature film "Dead Billy," now available on VOD, and has produced and directed several award-winning shorts. 


Chavez-Myers then started her company Room of Req Productions, which aims to explore the mystical and mysterious, provide a platform for women and uplift the voices of the marginalized, and create content that not only entertains but inspires. She currently has two feature films in development, and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their pup Marty McFly.

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