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Eulogilia is a dark comedy whose unique storyline, vibrant characters, and poignant dialogue will not only make you laugh but will ultimately change the lens through which you appreciate life and death. By supporting, you’ll be a part of something fantastically different. Let’s break the mold!

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The Story

Hello Everyone!


Eulogilia tells the story of Vivian, a troubled young woman, who is sent to group therapy after her bizarre addiction to eulogize is discovered.  In therapy, she meets a cast of kooky characters who ultimately help her realize that perhaps she’s not that crazy after all.


The idea of this short originated as a desire to write a comedy that could be universally appreciated and yet entirely different from anything I had ever read before.  I decided the best way to do that was to focus on something that most people don’t find that funny: Death.


Ugh Death, Yuck!  It’s something we all have experienced or inevitably will experience multiple times throughout our lives.  This past year, I personally lost two of my grandparents.  Going through the mourning process, I was overwhelmed by all the memories that came flooding back to me:  Grandma’s Halloween cookies, Grandpa’s dramatized book readings, hours spent playing card games, talking showbiz, and the list goes on.  I realized that the hardest part, for me, of saying goodbye wasn’t so much accepting that they were gone but rather the lingering fear that, when they passed, perhaps they didn’t know how much they influenced me, how often I thought about them, or just simply how much I really loved them.  It was disconcerting to me to accept that, in a way, it took their passing in order for me to fully identify and quantify my feelings for them, as if some kind of blockade had been lifted.


It was this disturbingly enlightening moment, in addition to my previous confusing experiences with death, that really inspired me to complete this story.  Eulogilia isn’t a story about me, but rather a story fueled and inspired by my personal journey trying to understand life and death: a complicated task that I’ve injected with comedy for everyone’s enjoyment!


This project is incredibly close to my heart.  We will be making a killer movie (not “killer” as in OJ, “killer” as in unbelievable), with an outstanding cast and crew.  Once completed, we plan on submitting and participating in the full film festival circuit and, from there, the sky is the limit!


Thank you so incredibly much for your support, whatever form it comes in!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Arri Alexa Mini

Costs $2,000

The Alexa Mini will provide that top notch, professional quality cinematic image. The best things really do come in smaller packages!

Lenses - Leica Summicron Cinema Prime Set

Costs $1,000

Lenses are so incredibly important! They help establish depth, positioning, object priority, etc.

Production Audio

Costs $1,500

Boom operator, production mixer, and all audio equipment for the shoot. We want you to be able to hear our hilarity crystal clear!

Cast and Crew Meals

Costs $1,500

Film crews mostly run on coffee and redvines. However, we DO occasionally need to feed them actual meals.

Hard Drives

Costs $900

Oh, the digital age... what used to be cans of film is now long series of 1's & 0's. We need these drives to store all of our hard work!


Costs $2,000

Location, Location, Location. Renting a group therapy space, unfortunately, is NOT cheap but it's really vital to telling our story!

Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe

Costs $2,000

We want our actors to look marvelous!


Costs $5,000

Gaffer and grips, Electrics and camera assistants: These are the people that make it happen. It takes a village!


Costs $1,000

A great score can make a huge difference in the feel and tone of a film.

Distribution Deliverables

Costs $1,000

Festival fees, promotion, & final deliverables in order to get Eulogilia out to the world. We want you to be able to see our movie!

Production Overhead

Costs $2,100

The really fun stuff: payroll taxes, production insurance, and permits! (sarcasm)

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

We have an IMPRESSIVE team that is growing by the day!


IAN WARD- Producer

Ian graduated from Cornell University in 2008 where he concentrated on theater and film. He received his MFA in film and television production from USC's school of Cinematic Arts where he concentrated in producing.  Ian's producing work has premiered at South by Southwest, the Cannes Film Festival, and  Palm Springs International Film Festival. For his producing efforts Ian has been named a Coca-Cola "Refreshing Filmmaker", a Subway "Fresh Artist", and received a college television award from the Geena Davis institute on Gender in Media and Television. 


MICHAEL RIZZI- Cinematographer

Michael Rizzi knew he wanted to make films from an early age. His parents bought a Sony a Hi-8 video camera when he was twelve and thus he began experimenting with the moving picture. Crude videos and stop-motion animation movies he created with friends fed his interest which eventually led him into video production classes at Sir Francis Drake High School in San Anselmo, California. It was here where he learned to organize his ideas through editing, sound design, and camera work.  After graduation, he enrolled in the film department at San Diego State University where he discovered his love of cinematography and, naturally, shot as many projects as he could.  He resides in Los Angeles and has shot numerous projects both domestically and internationally.



After graduating from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, Molly moved to Los Angeles to continue with her writing.  A unique, fresh, and poignant writer she gracefully transforms the darker aspects of our human existence into sharp black comedies.  A hater of scribing her own biography she has employed her fiancee (who is not a writer) to formulate this damn thing.  As a result of her writing, Molly has recieved numerous accolades and has even been invited to the White House to accept an award from The President.  Wildly charismatic, she blames her immense creativity on a stunning lack of desire to clean the house.




This film is an ensemble piece that relies heavily on each and every cast member.  All of our actors has been carefully chosen based on their incredible talents and their ability to best tell our story.


Vivian Wilde - Molly Beucher

Lew Goldsmith - Jack Elliott

Natalie Greene - Julia Eringer

Norman Brooks - Stay Tuned!

Dan Laurel - Stay Tuned!

Beatrice Smizer - Stay Tuned!

Beckett Murray - Sam Daly

Current Team