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We believe that the greatest battles are the ones from within, and this story displays the fragility of our own minds. Without support from our audience we will not be able to share this important story or vision. Filmmaking is an emotional art and we hope to touch the hearts of many.

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Mission Statement

Our mission for this project is to develop the fantasy genre of filmmaking and to reflect personal turmoils that many people face within their daily lives. Through our characters , we want to explore the inner desires and dangers of extreme escapism and how disillusion can become our downfall.

The Story


Untitled illustration by Aykut Adogdu


     Eve is a young girl who comes from a broken home, having grown up without her mother and with a neglecting, drug addicted father. Never feeling as though she has experienced true happiness, Eve has a desire to escape the reality of her situation in any way possible, not realizing that she is creating her biggest road block by following her father’s footsteps.

About Us

Director - Ben Buccheri

     Ben Buccheri is an aspiring director from Springdale, Arkansas. He believes in a “people over project” philosophy, stating “if you take care of the people working around you, the project will take care of itself.” His goal is to inspire those around him to grow and improve, while always looking for inspiration to grow and improve himself. He got his start in film at age fourteen, fell in love with the craft, and decided to take his work behind the camera. He took film and broadcasting classes throughout high school, enrolled in the SCAD film department, gained experience in many different departments and various on-set jobs through the years, and decided that storytelling is something that he has a deep passion for.

Director's Statement:

     This story is one that cannot be told lightly. No matter how pretty you make the packaging or how elaborately you go into detail, it's always going to be heavy material. However, I think this story is an important one to be told. Evade is a complex meeting point of reality and fantasy. Our goal with the film is to combine these two things in a way that cohesively conveys this emotional character's journey in a stunning, yet eloquent, manner. At the young age of fifteen, Eve lives a difficult life. Her mom is gone, her dad is a drug addict, and their house is in terrible condition. Eve is miserable, as almost any other fifteen year old girl would be in her situation. All of a sudden she is introduced to something that gives her a glimmer of hope, she has no idea of the negative side effects because she doesn't care enough to notice, the escape is too enticing. It's something that a lot of us in the world can relate to, the desire to get away, the urge to free yourself of your burdens, at any cost, no matter the consequences. It can be heartwrenching to sympathize for someone who is self-destructing and come to the realization that your sympathy, is really empathy. My hope is that you can share this journey with Eve and have a sense of compassion for those with escapist tendencies.

Writer/Director of Photography - Lily Sanders

     Lily Sanders has been a passionate creative since her early childhood, writing stories and picking up disposable cameras before she could even ride a bike. With a technical history  in photography, cinematography has become second nature to her throughout her years at SCAD that have now led to her thesis. After working professionally as a camera assistant over the last few months during the preproduction of her thesis, she’s more than ready to be back in the DP position for a project that is truly her own.

Writer's Statement:

     The story of “Evade” was written via a visual stream of consciousness that occured when I was finally able to sit down and be alone with my thoughts after weeks and months of being "too occupied" (with school, jobs, relationships) to think properly. I wrote this story to embody a mindset that I (and countless others) fall into when we utilize any altered state of our daily lives to escape or soften the harshness of reality. As humans, our past troubles, current actions, and future worries often creep up and overhwhelm us- often to the point of crippling fear, so much that it's not uncommon for us to yearn for any means of escape. This film is for those who struggle with keeping a grounded grasp on their own sober reality and instead turn to any other method as means of avoidance.  I believe the minimalistic dialogue will allow an audience to think more deeply about the story and appreciate the visual changes that occur to truly highlight Eve’s isolation and downfall- taking this film far beyond a typical narrative. While Eve may seem like a very specific character, she is in fact a true embodiement of the human consumption of grief as well as a raw example of self-driven escapism. 

Your Contribution

     This story isn't just about Eve and her father, it's not just about us as creators, this project cannot happen without your contribution, which means that this is about you! We want you to be a part of this process with us, it takes a village! A small pledge goes a long way here, every penny counts and we're depending on people like you to turn this project from good, to great! Your contribution goes to a variety of different things that ensure that we are able to be safe, take care of our crew on set, and make this project as awesome as you want it to be. So please, join us on our journey to create a world that's meant to be escaped from.

Visual References:

                                                                                                        Influences: "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (Dir. James Bobin); "Picnic at Hanging Rock" (Dir. Peter Weir) ; "Enter the Void" (Dir. Gaspar Noe) ; "Seberg" (Dir. Benedict Andrews) 


Shooting Logistics

Falling near the end of Fall-Quarter for the Savannah College of Art and Design, "Evade" will be shot over the course of 4 days: November 11th-14th. This atmosphere is nearly perfect for filming, as the Summer humidity will have died down while the cold breezes of Winter are still at bay. Two days will be designated for each of our primary filming locations- "reality" (inside of a house via On the Corner Realty LLC) and the "dream world" (an exterior meadow via Old Roberds Dairy Farm). To ensure the safest and most enjoyable day for our cast and crew, our shooting days will be 12 hours maximum, with meals provided at (or before) the 6-hour mark. We will begin with shooting Eve's "dream world" first, while our lovely Art Department creatively dresses and preps our house location for the following two days. 

Our post-production will begin almost immediately, as we are aiming to submit to film festivals and have a Savannah-based screening by March 2022. Editing, coloring, and post-sound will be carefully crafted to give our audiences the best version of the story we can. 

Covid-19 Safety

With COVID-19 far from over, our team has done thorough planning and research in order to take the precautions needed to keep everyone safe on set. Proper testing and sanitization will be implicated, and PPE will be not only provided, but 100% required for every person on set at all times (except for talent when they are onscreen). Temperatures will be checked daily, and crafty/meals will be individually packaged. Adequate monitor setups will also be utilized to allow our crew to view the frame without grouping around a singular screen. 

Unfortunately, these precautions do come at a price- which is why we are hopeful our goals will be met in order to maintain functional safety to the best of our ability. While this pandemic has made changes to a lot of filming protocols, it has not stopped our passion for safe filmmaking. 



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Cash Pledge

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Costs $800

We strive to pay our hard working cast and value their work they are a massive part to any film.


Costs $2,000

We are looking to shoot with anamorphic lenses for the dream world characteristics it adds.


Costs $1,000

A key visual element to any film.


Costs $1,000

Helps our lights not fall down! But necessary for shaping light and rigging our camera.


Costs $450

Builds our world and makes it believable.

Set Dressing

Costs $2,000

Needed for building our world and transforming locations into the vision.


Costs $600

To purchase the Casts looks.

Hair and Makeup

Costs $300

Define facial characteristics on our talent.


Costs $800

Help us pay for our desired locations.

Picture Vehicle

Costs $350

Paying for a picture car to use in the production of the movie.

Catering and Craft Services

Costs $1,000

Lets feed our crew! They deserve to be fed and happy at all points in the day.

Post Production

Costs $1,000

This will allow us to work with a talented editor who understands pacing and delivery.


Costs $1,000

Allows us to rent necessary equipment and cover crew in any circumstance that may arise.


Costs $200

We need to distribute this film after its finished to festivals around the country.

About This Team

Our Team is group of seniors at the Savannah College of Art and Design and industry professionals looking to produce the highest quality work possible within the contrainst of our budget. We're all extremely passionate about filmmaking, and strive to better ourselves every day in all aspects of visionary creativity. 

Current Team