Everything I Never Told You

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Brighton Harding

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We follow Frances as she watches her sister go on a rollercoaster of situations and emotions. Watching someone you love goes through the grieving process and feeling that everything you do is going nowhere, the fear of losing the person makes you feel strong and feeling lost when they are gone.

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Mission Statement

As a filmmaker, I think exploring the different paths of young adulthood, and understanding where you fit in is not a one-dimensional conversation. There are many different experiences with being in your 20, which is just one of those stories and one that I wanted to tell.

The Story

Opening in small-town New England in 2005, Frances has been back home for a couple of months now, after dropping out of school. She lives with her dad and younger sister in their family home. 3 years after their mom’s suicide, Frances can’t help but feel lost and uncertain about where her life is going. Ed is still trying to get used to losing the love of his life, and Emily feels the need to grow up fast and be the one to take care of the family.

Though the sisters differ from each other, they often find themselves confiding with each other and share many moments of understanding. Their dad, Ed, has a tougher time when trying to connect with the girls. He loves them and wants to protect them, but he sees both of them as much stronger than himself and often finds himself at a distance.

Emily starts by getting engaged to her long term boyfriend, Oliver, and sees her whole future in him. On the other hand, while Frances feels stuck and is uncertain of not only her own path but the choices her younger sister has been making. Frances often is sarcastic and aloof and tends to isolate herself from others. When Adam is introduced to her, she becomes more open and present and allowing herself to enjoy the moments. 

Throughout the tragedy that the family endures, the three of them switch roles in the family dynamic. Emily becomes depressed, and on edge, Ed is withdrawn, and Frances is the one trying to hold everyone, including herself, together.



I wrote this story based on a culmination of feelings throughout my young adulthood- from struggling with the fear of feeling inadequate amongst my friends and peers to the newfound love for my family and hometown. I really felt lost while trying to understand my own growth as a new adult in the big bad world; developing my own opinions, supporting myself, and balancing friends, family, school, work, and filmmaking. 

This is a story that everyone can relate to. Everyone has dealt with a loss to some degree, and everyone has gone through (or will eventually) the struggle to understand oneself when entering adulthood. As a filmmaker, I think exploring the different paths of young adulthood and trying to understand where you fit in (in your family, in your friend group, in relationships, and just in the world) is not a one-dimensional conversation. There are many different experiences with being in your 20s, and this is just one of those stories and one that I wanted to tell.

And Inclusivity. The story itself could happen to anyone, but I close to have mixed raced characters because it’s who I am. My mother is white, and my father is black. Growing up, I never really saw the world through another mixed girl’s eyes, not on TV or in many movies, and not even around me in my day to day life.  I want there to be a little more color in everyone’s life.




Frances Anne Pollar, the Protagonist, a 21-year-old mixed-raced college dropout who’s still struggling with her mother’s suicide. She wants to be happier and more optimistic, like her sister but falls short. She begins to open up, but things tend to take a turn for the worst in her eyes. She wants to be more openly emotional. She wants to be a better sister and daughter.


Emily Rae Pollar, 18 years old, seems “perfect” and “put together” in her everyday life. She’s mixed raced and was a pretty popular girl in their small town and gets engaged to her long term boyfriend, Oliver. She tries to be more mature than she is by taking care of her sister and dad and the house because she feels like she’s supposed to do.


Ed Pollar, a 52-year-old black man, Father to Emily and Frances, and completely lost when communicating with them. Still torn about his wife's death, he has become distant and tries to give his daughters the tools best version of life.

Oliver Gonzalez, 19 years old, he’s engaged to Emily. Emily and Oliver have known each other since they were 8 and have dating ever since. 

Adam Willers, 22 years old, went to school with Frances and went on a blind date with her. 


It takes quite a bit of money to successfully create a film to the best of everyone's ability, but we can break it down a little so that you can see what the money goes to. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment to keep everyone safe and healthy on set.
  • Paying Actors for their quality skills.
  • Production Design to bring Frances's world to life.
  • The Location, the farmhouse that the family grew up in, is the main location for the story.
  • Crafty & Catering for our hardworking cast and crew. Food for a week for about 15 people adds up quickly.
  • Travel & Accommodations for cast and crew during the week. Being able to get everyone to the location and being able to stay near the set. 
  • Seed & Spark Fees to pay our dues.

Some of these costs will have a HUGE effect on the look and feel of the story. Bring the characters to light and have the resources to put together a film that everyone can be proud of. 

Total Budget:  ~$8,000

  • 27% - Actors
    Paying for their time
  • 25% - Locations 
  • 20% - Production Design
  • 18% - Catering
    Food for the week
  • 10% - Travel & Accommodations


First, you can help by financially supporting the film; donating funds is always the best way to help get this film to where it needs to be.

Second, you can share "Everything I Never Told You” with friends, family, co-workers - anyone interested in being a part of our movie. You can share the link below on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network. Or you can spread the word in person.

Sharing is as important as financially backing the project, and everything helps.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read and learn about my thesis film! 

I can’t wait to make and share the film with you!




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Cash Pledge

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The Family House

Costs $2,000

This is the main location of the story. A quaint farmhouse in rural Upstate New York

Production Design

Costs $1,600

For props, furniture, and art

Quality Actors

Costs $2,200

To properly pay talented people for their time


Costs $1,500

to feed everyone and keeping energy up

Getting There

Costs $700

Traveling for Actors and Crew

About This Team

Brighton Harding is a filmmaker studying at Syracuse University, born and raised just 10 minutes outside of Dallas, Texas. Most of Brighton's work is based on self-discovery with notes on how you might view yourself in a very judgmental world. She focuses on directing and editing, trying to be able to tell stories in an unconventional light. She hopes to continue with her mode of storytelling and way of showing herself to an audience.


Assistant Director & COVID Tzar

Raven Robinson is a Filmmaker and Writer from Dallas, Texas, who is currently working towards her BFA in Film and BA in Creative Writing as a senior at Syracuse University. In both her writing and her films, Raven takes a surreal/impressionistic approach in expressing our deepest subconscious thoughts. She has worked on many student films taking various roles, including producer, director, and cinematographer, securing a well-rounded knowledge of filmmaking. Raven has had works shown at the Los Angeles CineFest, SXSW Film Festival, Hollywood Screenings Film Festival, Dallas International Film Festival, and Central Film Festival. In the future, Raven hopes to start a production company that will tell stories from people who are not afforded enough space to tell their own.



Alyssa Chang

VPA Senior Film major and a passion for editing, I also practice illustration and currently working on my character design skills. When on-set, I enjoy lighting and sound and overall the experience of making films alongside talented creators.


Key Grip

Katherine Kittler is a filmmaker from New Hampshire.  She is currently studying at Syracuse University and uses filmmaking to shape reality to fit her introspective reflections of women's struggles in modern America.


Head of Art Department

Ariana Rahaei is a multi-medium artist working primarily in makeup, art design, film, and painting. She is also pursuing her bachelor's in fine arts for filmmaking to be a film professor one day.



Josie Kampe

I believe media can be a huge catalyst for understanding between people. Through film and mixed media, my objective is to capture and convey emotion. I love to draw from my own experience, commonly discussing themes of female identity, personal growth, and popular culture with the goal of social impact. Currently focusing on advancing my skills in film development and production, I love working with different materials and experimenting with its psychological effect on an audience!

Current Team