Everything is Wonderful

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Drama, Family

Isaac Ogle

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Dementia and Alzheimer's touch more lives than anyone would like to admit. Mental decline is hard to watch, and especially hard to care for. This film is for the caretakers - the ones who've put their lives on hold, to make someone else's more wonderful. This story honors their love, above all else.

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Mission Statement

This film focuses on three people: a man suffering from late stage dementia, his wife and his lifelong caretaker, and their granddaughter - new to the scene. This story is for those who go unthanked all too often - the caretakers, they deserve the world, because they sacrifice theirs for others.

The Story

A high school girl afraid to disappoint anyone around her, a caretaker grandmother with a short temper, and a grandfather suffering from late stage dementia. Mix these three characters together, and you find yourself in the middle of a contentious household waiting to erupt. 


Everything is Wonderful follows Margaux, 18 years old, as she tries to integrate herself into her grandparents' lives. However, unlike most stories that follow a person suffering from disease, this story follows those that are always present but never noticed, those that deserve all the thanks in the world but all too often recieve nothing but a nod and a smile: the caretakers



For years, Margaux's grandmother, Agathe, has been the only person there for Guiot, Margaux's grandfather. Agathe knows Guiot's routine, his condition, exactly what he's capable of, and exactly what he isn't. Even though Margaux has a hard time adjusting to their way of life, she is able to remind them of something they've sadly long forgotten...


Dementia touches more people's lives than anyone would like to admit. The pain of seeing a loved one deal with such a ruthless disease is immesurable; but all too often people forget about the hurt of those around said loved one. The level of suffering is incomporable, but I beleive it's time to honor those who give their lives for others because they want to make whatever life someone has left to live, well, as wonderful as possible.



Everything is Wonderful is a short, human drama, and an NYU thesis film production. Director Isaac Ogle has been working on this idea for a long time, and decided to use his last and most important film venture at Tisch to tell this story. Help us bring this short to life, and help us pay homage to those who truly deserve it.





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About This Team

Meet the Crew


Isaac Ogle - Writer & Director

Isaac is a 22 year old director/writer/DP and currently a senior at NYU Tisch. His past films have won multiple festivals and contests across the United States, and he is now pursuing his 5th short film venture. Isaac’s stories tend to focus on human struggle, mental health, and magic.




Julian Alvarez - Director of Photography

Julian Alvarez is a New York based director and cinematographer. Coming from a background in documentary, Julian studied under National Geographic and LA Times photojournalists before returning to work in New York City under production houses like Voyager and Harbor Pictures. Now he is finishing his senior year at Tisch School of the Arts, and recently completed a masterclass in 35mm filmmaking.




Peri Segel - Producer

Peri is a writer/producer and recent grad of NYU Tisch Film & TV, with a minor in Business. Peri has interned with companies such as NBCUniversal and the Writers’ Office for CBS’s Blue Bloods. She is also acting as Showrunner and Head Writer for a short web series this year at NYU.




Amit Koul - Producer

Amit is a writer/producer and is currently a senior in Dramatic Writing. Amit has produced two intermediate short films, was coordinator on an indie feature, and was associate producer on a nationwide event tour for Macallan Whiskey.




Alina Olnick - Assistant Director

Alina is a writer/director, with a love for Assistant Directing and Script Supervising. She grew up in Los Angeles, immediately drawn to the arts, and spent most of her years writing and performing, as well as directing theater for statewide competitions. Since arriving at NYU, Alina has been passionate about working with inspired directors whose stories have a great purpose and vision.


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