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Goal: $35,000 for production

Ew. is an indie feature-length dramedy/thriller from director Tatiana Paris. Katie finds her best friend, Kimmy, dead in the bathtub. Still dead, Kimmy returns to something like life and it’s a race against time to piece together what really happened before Kimmy’s killer returns for Katie.

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Mission Statement

Ew. is a moving, female fronted feature examining the depths of friendship, love, sexuality, and cultural violence. Deeply personal and contemporary, Katie's journey is one of self-actualization through fear and loss. Emergent new artists levy unique talents to create an impactful film experience.

The Story

"Ew." is an indie feature length dramedy thriller that uses a darkly rich, weirdly hilarious, and often surreal atmosphere to explore themes such as mental health, letting go, and trust in an intense race against time. The story centers around a young woman who finds her best friend/roommate dead in the bathtub of an apparent suicide. Things get complicated and darkly hilarious when the dead roommate sits up and starts talking. What follows is an emotionally charged whodunnit to figure out what really happened before the killers (yes, plural) return to finish the job.

Croix Provence is KATIE

Credits include Epic Rap Battles of History, Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks, CryptTV Fight Night, Betrayed

Katie is beyond caring and highly co-dependent. She is an emotional softy with an edge of whimsy. Her friendship with Kimmy means the world to her and she will do anything to stay by her side, even if it could cost her own life. 

Tatiana Paris is KIMMY

Credits include Memoirs of a Dead Bitch, Ill Adjusted, Sweet Caroline, Juiced

Kimmy is sardonic and can't take anything seriously, coping with life by wielding a blunt and sarcastic sense of humor as her weapon of choice. She has to cope with feeling vulnerable and face her mortality while accepting her fate in order to save her best friend, Katie. 

Brad Carter is ANDY

Credits include Ozarks, Yellowstone, True Detective

Andy is a cheery and always helpful landlord. Gives off surrogate father energy with his gentleness and compassion for his tenants. He develops too much care for Kimmy as he becomes obsessed with her. He's the leader of the rest of the complex's gang of sickly sweet predators. 


Shane Hartline is DARREN

Credits include Station 19, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rock Of Ages

Darren is wholesome and charming -- a real "catch". He carries himself with a grounded and trustworthy energy but he is a key player in taking advantage of the female tenants, deriving great joy in taking what he wants. 


Chase Padgette is MAX

Credits include Alter Ego, 6 Guitars, Nashville Hurricane

Max is shy and meek to the point of pity. A living doormat who is waiting for his moment to finally be happy. He's seemingly a harmless and sweet neighbor but lurking under the tepid smiles is a vile entitlement that can't be hidden anymore. 


"My inspiration for creating Ew. was driven by two major points. First of all, I wanted to create something that felt authentically and gutturally like a real friendship. I don't feel like our friendships are held as highly as romantic partnerships in our culture and media. The bond between ride-or-dies is wonderfully fulfilling and lifesaving. Secondly, I felt compelled to dive into the everyday danger in just being a woman existing in any space, especially in what should be conceived as a safe space. In our daily lives, even the most innocuous encounters can be a death sentence, and I wanted to create a film that shows those intricacies and fears of the female experience in a cerebral, vibrant way." - Tatiana Paris

Our proposed budget is $63,800 but we only need $35,000 to pay for production. We need your help to make this film a reality!


Our $35,000 goal is the absolute minimum we need to raise for production.

  • If we raise $36,800 we will be able to cover the cost of editing this film.
  • Everyone has has contributed will receive access to a private Discord server with select cast and crew to chat during the film's creation.
  • If we raise $39,800 we will be able to cover the cost of running this Seed&Spark campaign.
  • Everyone who has contributed will receive a personalized Thank You video from the lead actresses.
  • If we raise $44,300 we will be able to cover the cost of our creative crew who are working hard to help realize this film.
  • Everyone who has contributed will receive an enamel Ew. pin.
  • If we raise $53,300 we will be able to cover the cost of SAG payroll, legal, and Worker's Comp.
  • Everyone who has contributed will receive a DVD copy of Ew. signed by select cast and crew.
  • If we raise $63,800 we will be able to cover the cost of this campaign's 1099-K taxes.
  • Everyone who has contributed will receive an invitation to an early access private screening featuring a Q&A with select cast and crew.
  • Anything we raise past $63,801 will go towards marketing this film and submitting for festivals.

We aim to screen Ew. at film festivals in 2024/25, after which time we should have confirmed distribution in theaters and/or streaming services.


Here's a look at our projected timeline for Ew.

  • Now - June 30, 2023
  • Crowdfunding, confirming investments, continuing conversations with production companies and distributors, and general pre-production.
  • July 2023
  • Filming Ew. in Los Angeles, CA for approximately two weeks.
  • August - December 2023
  • Editing, creation of VFX, making title cards and credits, musical scoring, and general post-production.
  • January 2024
  • Screen tests to gauge audience reactions and final edit adjustments.
  • February - May 2024
  • Film festival and distribution submissions and considerations while utilizing marketing opportunities to spread the word about the film.
  • June 2024
  • Potential private screening for contributors, investors, cast, and crew.
  • July 2024
  • All Seed&Spark incentives fulfilled.
  • Fall 2024 - Summer 2025
  • Ew. appears in film festivals around the world and finalizes distribution opportunities.
  • Fall 2025
  • Ew. is officially released for public consumption.

When you contribute to our campaign you are supporting a film that:  


• Increases representation on screen by creating complex female roles that are Bechdel Test-approved.

• Values diversity in a multitude of respects behind the camera.

• Encourages societal and self reflection.


We believe deeply that films have the power to change the world. And we're not the only ones.  


In the 2014 documentary Life Itself, the legendary film critic Roger Ebert said, “The purpose of civilization and growth is to be able to reach out and empathize a little bit with other people and for me, the movies are like a machine that generates empathy. It lets you understand a little bit more about different hopes, aspirations, dreams and fears.”


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