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Mackenzie Mauro

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EXP. 36 tells the story of people in the midst of a global catastrophe. Given our current crisis, we felt this story had become as relevant as ever and served as more than just a piece of climate crisis fiction.

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Mission Statement

Our team is focused on producing narrative films that reflect the anxieties and problems of today through diverse viewpoints. From the outset of EXP. 36, we made it a priority to cast actors of color in leading parts and give women, both cast and crew, an equal amount of impact on the final film.

The Story

We need your help. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to finish our film. Producing a movie from start to finish is an incredibly expensive endeavor. Please take a look at our crowdfunding video, which also includes a trailer for the film, and consider contributing.

EXPOSURE 36 (aka EXP. 36) confronts our frustrations and anxieties as we enter a new decade. The film deals with themes such as addiction, loss, climate anxiety, death and self-worth. We were able to approach these themes head on by collaborating with filmmakers that bring different perspecitves to the project. Mackenzie and Montgomery Mauro, the rest of the N2M and Otherworlds Pictures team, hail from a variety of backgrounds, each bringing a fresh viewpoint.

EXPOSURE 36 is the story of Cam, a struggling photographer, living in New York three days before the world is predicted to end. Cam intends to sit back and watch the world fall apart...until his friend goes missing. The film takes viewers on a journey with Cam to find out what happened and who's responsible.

The first draft for EXPOSURE 36 was written in 2014 with the intention of shooting it on a micro budget. However, we had a lot to learn about making films prior to our first feature. We moved ahead on a few short form projects until we felt we were ready to dive into our first feature length film.

We experimented with dark comedy (DAN’S PLAN, 2016) and psychological horror (RED MOSQUITO, 2017.)  In-between those two projects, we shot a web-series, THE SHOW, about a dysfunctional stage production.

In 2018 we were ready to produce our first feature film. We spent the next year in pre-production, fine-tuning the script, casting, scheduling and budgeting. By Spring 2019, with a talented cast and crew, we were ready to shoot.

Since August 2019, we have been in post-production. In between balancing jobs, the birth of children and cross country moves, we've remained focused on putting together the highest quality film possible.

Now you may be asking yourself, where will this money go? 

Color Grading

Color grade is a process that occurs on the final picture of the film. The color grade process is a creative step in post production that adds atmosphere, tone and emotion to the film by augmenting and altering certain colors in the picture.  Below is a sample of the before/after image of a color grade test we had done for the trailer.

Visual Effects

While EXPOSURE 36 is not a visual effects heavy project, the film demands some visual enhancements that will help portray the world around our protagonist. There are a few scenes throughout the film that will require the work of a visual effects artist and will help bring Cam’s internal conflict into the outside world. Below is an example of some temporary visual effects we had done for the film.

Score & Sound Mix

We plan to give this film the mix it deserves. And when the sound is poor or the audience notices problems, the viewer is taken out of the experience. While our sound was recorded impeccably by our audio engineer, Nathan Bonetto, it needs to coalesce with the music and the sound design. All films require a sound mix and EXPOSURE 36 is no different. Our composer, Coleman Zurkowski, is already hard at work on a fantastic score for the film. He’s been working tirelessly to bring his incredible talent to the film and we’re grateful to have him onboard. 

Below is a sample track from the EXPOSURE 36 score, which is also the opening track on our campaign video.



Film Festivals

We hope to have the opportunity to submit this project to film festivals around the world for maximum exposure. Film festivals play a crucial role in marketing the film and gives it the best chance for distribution. The average cost of submitting a feature film to a festival is $40 and it's ideal for the film to be submitted to as many as possible. Once you add these costs up, submitting to film festivals gets very expensive.

We hope this has given you an idea of what our goals are for the project moving forward. Or, at the very least, we hope it gave you a new appreciation for the filmmaking process. 

Please take a look at our crowdfunding campaign. We have also included some short bios of our cast and crew, a list of our social media accounts and a preview of some of the incentives we will be offering to contributors who decide to participate in helping us finish the film.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Sound Mix

Costs $10,000

A full audio mix is needed to complete the film


Costs $5,000

A full score on the final film

Visual Effects

Costs $10,000

Visual effects for the film

Color and Finishing

Costs $17,000

Color grading, conforming and finishing picture

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Film Festivals

Costs $8,000

Film festivals submission costs, travel costs, publicity

About This Team


Mackenzie Mauro (writer, producer, director, editor)

Montgomery Mauro (producer, camera operator, actor)

Michael Pizzano (producer)

Tanner Maroney (producer, gaffer)

Nick DiLullo (director of photography)

Nathan Bonnetto (sound)

Rachael Willmer (hair and make-up)

Laura Texter (costume design)


Charles Ouda (CAM)

Jennifer Leigh Whitehead (KATIE)

Nick Smithson (NICK)

Delissa Reynolds (LULU)

David R. Nash (BIG MAN)

James David Rich (DOPEY)

Kathleen Simmonds (LISA)

Chuck McMahon (CURRY)

Jessica Damouni (Suzy)

Current Team