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In this world, our inner emotions are expressed through color and love is shown through light emanating within us. This story tells what comes from within when that love is fading. "Fading" is a story about the decline of a relationship that embraces - and subverts - conventional romantic tropes.

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Mission Statement

We, at Nutcase Films, are aiming to breathe new life and color into romance films. To tell a story that feels familiar, but in an exciting way, while exploring other aspects of the genre. Fading is, in essence, 500 Days of Summer meets Marriage Story with an experimental flair.

The Story

Fade In:

I'm Christian Fink-Irizarry and I developed this concept of telling a story through light and color in high school, but the idea to tell a love story through this concept came to me during my sophomore year of college. One idea and 12 drafts later, we have the script that will lead the project into production!

The Visual Style

The primary hurdle to overcome was creating the visual style of the different skin tones and the use of selective color. Oversaturated signifies an overwhelmingly positive emotional state, Saturated means you're content emotionally, desaturated means your emotional state is deteriorating, and Greyscale means your emotionally bankrupt.

In fact, the short film above, ALL IS FORGIVEN, was not only me wanting to make a short film but to also provide myself with test footage to play with, and the film effectively became a proof-of-concept. Both films use the same designing principle, they use selective color to draw attention to the characters' perspectives and advance the story. Based on the reception from the audience, I know that the use of selective color can provide a powerful, accessible, and visually interesting way to communicate story and character.

Visual Effects

A portion of this budget will go towards visual effects to make the orbs of light really pop because they will bring an extra dimension to the story. For me, it was important to distinguish love and your emotional well-being. Though they are intertwined, the story made more sense with the use of light in conjunction with the color because we have the ability to love in any emotional state. I actually built physical orbs of light using clear christmas ornament spheres, transparent matte spraypaint, and some LED lights!

Another aspect of the film is a cloning effect we are looking to achieve. Adam, the protagonist, is going to be led on a retrospective journey of his relationship, seeing his past self go through key moments of his relationship. This is going to be a more dynamic way to explore the emotions that precede a relationship's decline. We've all replayed memories in our mind and we either love looking back on those moments fondly, or wish we could go back and change our decisions at the critical moments. This story is aiming to tap into that visceral, human emotion of arriving in the future, seeing how things turned out, and wishing we could go back and warn our past selves.

We have the ability to achieve the cloning effect through stationary shots on a tripod, but we are aiming to take it to that next level. If we achieve our budget, we are going to rent specialized motion control equipment that can allow us to film shots that have dynamic movement while making the cloning effect achievable.

Safety During COVID-19

This budget will also aid heavily in making this film the safest it can be given current COVID-19 circumstances. Cast and crew safety is of paramount importance, and this budget will allow us to get sanitary supplies, masks, and anything else that current protocol calls for to achieve maximum safety.

Post-Production & Festivals

On the post-production end of the process, this budget will not only allow us to aid our VFX artists, but also allow us to complete the film on time to participate in the 2021 film festival cycle!

Due to the nature of the film, we strongly believe that this film can be a great festival contender. We intend to submit to large festivals like Sundance, SXSW, TIFF, etc., and smaller local festivals to help build a broader audience.

The Next Step

This short will serve as a stepping stone into a new brand of filmmaking that I hope to achieve with Nutcase Films.

I am currently in development and writing my first feature film! It is something that I can make on a very low budget, but it is useless without having an audience to watch it. Fading is aimed to tell the best story possible and jumpstart that process of interacting with the audience that enjoys it. The short film above was the foundation, and now we are pushing it further into new territory, to tell a story in a unique way that can transcend the genres this film adopts.

This film is something that has been inside of me for years, and I am excited to make it, despite the budget we end up with. To create something with a talented team of collaborators who also want to see the project succeed and enjoy the process of filmmaking is all I can ask for as a director. All I've ever wanted was to put something interesting out in the world and see what happens, see where it leads me. In my opinion, that's the whole point.

Get Involved and Spread the Word!

Any contributions are helpful in allowing this film to tap into its full potential. Even sharing this page is a huge help! Anything you can do to get involved will only benefit the film, and we would love to get the chance to interact with you and tell you personally how much your support means!

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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Teradek Wireless Video Transmitter

Costs $200

This will allow the 1st AC to wirelessly pull focus from a separate monitor, away from the camera.

Motion Control

Costs $350

A good motion control unit will allow for camera moves to be repeated, allowing VFX feasibility.

Food Allotment

Costs $360

This will give cast/crew $10 per day for meals while abiding by COVID-19 regulations from SCAD.

G-Drive 4 TB

Costs $200

Having storage is crucial on a set, this will allow us ample space to store our footage and assets.

Gas Reimbursements

Costs $400

We want to reimburse crew/cast for gas due to COVID-19 mandates for individual travel to/from set.

Hand Sanitizer, Contactless Thermometer, and Masks

Costs $200

COVID-19 mandates we monitor temperature of cast/crew and provide adequate sanitation for safety.

Festival Submissions

Costs $600

This will cover submissions fees and allow for donors to participate in the early screening.

Production Design

Costs $690

This'll allow our production designer the freedom to make the film come to life through set design.

About This Team

Writer, Director, and Producer

This is Christian Fink-Irizarry. He is a senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and he's made a variety of short films over his time at SCAD, and loves photography! He is aiming to start his own production company, Nutcase Films, and film his first feature after graduation.



This is Timothy Kandra, a senior and classmate of Christian's at SCAD. With a preference towards directing, Timothy likes all positions of the filmmaking process and would be happily devoted to any of them. He plans to move back to his hometown in Maryland after college, and gain film-related work.


Production Designer

This is Madison Suter and she's a second year graduate student pursuing her MFA in production design. She has worked on small SCAD sponsored productions and student films during her first year at SCAD. After graduation, she is planning to move to Atlanta to pursue her career in the growing film industry.

Location Sound

Gavin Bishop is from Woodstock, Illinois and a senior at SCAD. He's worked on a variety of different films while at school, and is well versed in location sound techniques and post-production software.


Script Supervisor

Here is Sasha Landy a fellow film fanatic! Working in all areas of film over the years, she is very excited to be a part of the "Fading" team! She's a student at SCAD, studying to get her BFA in Film & TV. Her past experiences include producing, directing, and filming a short documentary "A Tree Keeps Thriving," that was nominated for a regional Emmy and is now housed in the Smithsonian's Jewish archives for the next 400 years! We are thrilled to have her aboard.

Editor & Colorist

Zach Gold is a junior SCAD student and a hard working filmmaker with his own production company, ZRG Productions. Primarily creating music videos for local artists, he is a frequent collaborator with Christian. They've worked on a variety of short films together, and are currently in development on multiple projects from TV series' to feature films.

Composer & Sound Editor

Brandon Seliga is the founder of Prodigious Productions, a record label based out of Erie, Pennsylvania. Brandon and Christian were classmates and members of the North East High School Marching Band together. Christian often collaborates with Prodigious Productions providing film/photography related services and Prodigious Productions assists with musical/sound related needs. Their previous collaboration was ALL IS FORGIVEN, and they aim to keep collaborating into the future.

Current Team