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Leo Ramos

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When Kendra, an overly self-conscious young woman, discovers her oven can travel back in time, she seizes the opportunity to practice wooing Jonah, her long-time crush. But when he realizes her plan she must choose whether to be perfect or to be herself.

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The Story

Kendra is an awkward woman – she’s been in her own headspace for far too long. After another failed attempt to talk to her crush, Jonah, she comes back to her apartment to find that her oven has become a time machine… of sorts. Given the ability to go back and fix her mistakes, she travels back in time in an attempt to woo Jonah, with mixed results. But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

The story of Fallback asks the question of how we would use a time machine and how it would affect us and those around us. While we’d like to think we’d use it for altruistic purposes, like killing Hitler, the reality is that we’d be much more selfish with it.

At its core, Fallback is about mistakes and authenticity. We all have regrets we wish we could undo, but in the end it’s those mistakes that make us who we are. In a world where the media so often wants us to be these perfect, unattainable people, we lose sight of what makes us human. 




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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Craft Services

Costs $250

An important, but often forgotten part of a filmset. A happy crew is a well fed one!

Set Design

Costs $200

Well-constructed characters start with a well-constructed set.


Costs $350

We need to film inside of a grocery store to show Kendra doing her two favorite things; buying pizza rolls and hitting on the cashier.


Costs $625

In order to bring these characters to life, some talented actors have to be brought in.

Hair and Makeup

Costs $100

Sometimes a little makeup is needed to give actors the look and feel of the characters.

Set Operations

Costs $75

We'd like to supply our crew with much need batteries and other such(not so) expendables to keep our set running smoothly.

Festival Fees

Costs $200

We would love to get this film into student and short film festivals, that will widen our audience with more publicity.

About This Team

We are a small, diverse group of college students with a passion for filmmaking and creating stories that have an impact on our community. 


Director: Dallas Pinkman

My past film projects as Director begins as making documentaries on sports camps and youth conferences. Working closely with non-profits and organizations in the Seattle area has blessed my life and has lead me to working with Longouse House Media as an Intern on the independent film 'Winter in the Blood'. Following that I began making promotional videos for local and national youth organizations. Then my internship with Vision Maker Media and KCTS9 as a Producer producing two films on the native community in Seattle. I hope my continue my career as Director and teaching our future generations my knowledge. "Do what you love."


Director of Photography: Anthony Passantino

I have directed a couple short action films and have worked on many student film projects. I am hardworking and very thorough when I work and I believe that stories told through film have the most impact when they are told visually. I always strive to create films that I would want to watch and by doing so I share a little bit of myself with the audience. My goal is do the same with this project. Thank you for considering our project.


Producer: Leo Ramos

I've always had a passion for film and started down the film making path this past year at Bellevue College. I love how films can have such a strong impact on our society and culture and want to leave my own mark as a filmmakeer. I've directed several short student films, did audio recording for a short independent film, and been grip/gaffer for several music videos.


Producer: Alissa Prewett

My passion for film started at a young age and ever since then I have wanted to be the one to create a message for the next generation.  I believe that film is a powerful tool that could be used to help change the world, or even just help a young adult adjust to a difficult situation like film has taught me.  I’ve been an intern producer on a short film in the local area as well as produced a couple student projects.  I’ve worked on a couple of different sets doing anything that I could. 


 Assistant Director/Writer: Maxfield Hansen

The man behind the script rewrite. He has been writing scripts for two years now, directed one short, been AD on five short films and music videos, and has worked as crew on a multitude of other film sets.

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