No Fats. No Femmes. No Asians.

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Adam Razavi

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A TV pilot that brings to light the hilarious and heartbreaking things that people will put themselves through to feel validated and desired. It's a celebration of all things queer. Sex, drag, and rock & roll (aka showtunes) are prevalent.

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Mission Statement

Growing up, I never saw myself in the characters on screen. As a "feminine" presenting person, it was vital to me to depict people I thought were overlooked. This means involving as many queer people as possible both on camera and off. My story is their story, and it needs to be told.

The Story

To start:

I and the entire cast and crew acknowledge that our audience has, and will continue to support organizations and movements to uplift BIPOC and their communities. 

We believe now is not the time to detract from these causes while also holding firm to the notion that more than ever, art needs to be made. We believe that "No Fats. No Femmes. No Asians." is important art that opens doors for marginalized communities and creates awareness, and we want to be a champion for both art and social justice. 

We implore you to make a donation to one of the organizations below that help queer/trans BIPOC, because we believe in the strength and generosity of our family. 
Please visit:

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (

Black Visions Collective (

Black Lives Matter Louisville (

Oh, and please vote.

Okay, now, welcome to....

Hi, my name is Adam Razavi! I'm the creator, writer, and director of the pilot of the new series "No Fats. No Femmes. No Asians." and I also play Eli.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the phrase "No Fats. No Femmes. No Asians." it is a statement that gay men use in their dating profiles to state their "preferences". It means: "I'm not interested in fat men." "I'm not interested in feminine men." and/or "I'm not interested in Asian men."

Fat, femme, Asian, Black, and other minorities of gay men have often been shoved to the side under the guise of preferences. Instead of shoving them to the side, "No Fats. No Femmes. No Asians." aims to bring these people to the forefront to tell their stories. 

This story follows Eli, who (not a spoiler, promise!) goes through a breakup with his boyfriend and ends up discovering all of the parts of himself he was hiding to appeal to his relationship. Namely, his femininity. 

His two best friends: Henry, an Asian drag queen, and Andy, a fat, Black gay man, along with his older sister Sonia, help him to discover the parts of himself he was hiding, all while dealing with problems of their own.

Making stuff costs money, honey! 

We're asking for money to make a condensed version of the full pilot, around 15 minutes long, to use as a proof-of-concept for a full series. We'll use the proof-of-concept to showcase to networks and, you know, the world.

We'll need around $11,000 to do it. I know it sounds like a lot, but this community always bands together to make things happen and I have every faith that this will happen. This money will go toward actors, designers, crew members, tech (cameras, lighting...etc) and some other miscellaneous stuff (submission fees to festivals, travel, locations...etc). 

I know asking for money is a lot right now, but I want to make it abundantly clear how serious and passionate I am about this show. 

Growing up, I never saw characters like myself represented on-screen. All the gay characters I saw were white, straight-acting, and/or minor characters. I want my show to be a celebration of queer culture so that we can feel validated, beautiful, and seen. 

It is vital to me that as many queer people and women are working on the show, both on and off-screen, and especially queer people playing queer roles. 

Every dollar donated to this show will go toward making sure it's the best queer show you've ever seen, and making sure the whole world can see it. This is why we're choosing to raise the money now. Some stories are urgent and necessary, and I believe this is one of them.

From the bottom of my queer lil heart,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



Note: We are taking every precaution possible to keep everybody safe (zoom rehearsals, social distancing, mask wearing...etc). While we're set to film in November, we are ready to push back production should the pandemic cause the need for us to. Safety is #1, always, and we will not call anyone to a set that feels unsafe. 


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Sonia's Apartment

Costs $1,000

We need a fabulous location for Sonia's fabulous apartment. A lot of the script takes place there!


Costs $5,250

We have to pay these pretty people for the amazing job they're doing behind the scenes!!!


Costs $500

Gotta pay the gorgeous Jack Manion (@jackmanion) for making the artwork for the campaign!


Costs $1,500

We have to pay our actors for their time babies!!!!!

Festival Submissions

Costs $500

Submitting to festivals isn't free unfortunately!

Henry and Andy's Apartment

Costs $500

We need a slightly less fabulous location to shoot at Henry and Andy's not-so-fab apartment!


Costs $500

Our cast will look cute NO EXCEPTIONS!!


Costs $1,500

Cameras, lighting...etc. This stuff costs a lot!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

I am grateful, blessed, delighted, excited...etc. to say that I'm working with The Wild Productions to bring this project to life. These wonderful humans have helped me every step of the way and I feel honored to work with them. Look at their gorgeous lil faces!

From left to right:

Evan Black (he/him) - Art Director

Jacob Yackley (he/him) - Director of Operations

Kit Meyering (she/they) - Creative Producer & Co-Creator of The Wild

Lauren Meyering (she/her) - Creative Director & Co-Creator of The Wild

Aaron Wesselman (he/him) - Project Coordinator


Here's a little bit about them:

The Wild Productions is and always will be a passion project. A couple years ago our team came together with one goal in mind: create good shit. Despite the obstacles, the side jobs, and the learning curve of starting your own production company, we keep creating. With each new client, music video, short film or web series, we keep dreaming up new ideas to push ourselves as filmmakers and make our productions bigger and better.


See more of the gorgeous work they've made at


The Cast

Over 600 people applied to be in this show, and I feel so lucky to be able to work with these babes on this project. They're so so so talented. (Trust me, I'm picky!)


Adam Razavi (he/she/they) - Eli

Instagram: @adamrazavi


Holly Halay (she/her) - Sonia

Instagram: @holly_halay


Theo Tiedemann (he/him) - Henry

Instagram: @aydiostheo


Kelvin Batiste (he/him) - Andy

Instagram: @filthykel


Matthew Hawthorne (he/him) - Ben

Current Team