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For some, the journey of finding who they are how they fit in with the groove of life just takes longer than others. Finding Normal aims to give a voice to those who feel like they're still struggling to "fit in" with rest of the world.

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Mission Statement

Our series is written and produced by a female actress who also plays the lead role. We have a cast of more that twenty actors this season which will include diversity of gender, race, age and sexual orientation.

The Story

Stream of consciousness. Have you ever tried to follow your own? Like, you're reading about how Lisa and Rich are getting ready to make a second season of Finding Normal, and you start thinking “What is normal anyway, and how will I know when I’ve found it?” Then you remember that you found a five dollar bill under the couch the other day and you were going to spend it on a little treat for yourself. Maybe an ice cream? You start thinking about how much you loved eating ice cream as a kid, except for that time a bully stole your ice cream and you paid him back by slipping worms into his lunch box. Thinking about worms reminds you that it's been awhile since you went fishing, maybe you should start planning a trip! You begin to visualize all the crazy giant fish you're going to catch, and you end up with a great concept for a new underwater sea monster movie! You begin writing the screenplay in your head...



Neurons flying at random? Perhaps. But all of us do it at least from time to time. Sometimes it leads to great ideas for creative projects! Sometimes it leads to really awkward moments at parties. It's a way of thinking that I've found myself quite prone to, and while it's earned me a lot of teasing over the years, I've leaned to embrace it. 


Our web series Finding Normal embraces it as well. Part sit-com, part sketch comedy, our show tells the story of a young aspiring writer (Ashley) with a brain full of ideas trapped by a fortress of insecurity. Told through a series of video diary reflections and daydreaming sequences, season two of Finding Normal follows Ashley as she faces “adulting” struggles for the first time. After suffering through a plethora of humiliating job interviews she just happens to bump into Devin (her former classmate and writing partner) who just happens to have an opening at his place of work! Will this be a re-connection that they will cherish for years to come, or will Ashley find a way to turn it into a mortifying nightmare? Only time will tell!



The History of Finding Normal

I first concieved the idea for this show back in early 2012 while my mind was taking a random walk. It started with a few sketch ideas, then a few inner monologues about my own insecurities about the sketch ideas. Then I picked up my notebook and started writing, and I realized that my own thought process about the sketch ideas (and my insecurities about them) could be very entertaining in and of itself! Once I pictured those thought processes in video diary form...BAM! A concept for a web series was born!


I wrote a script and a storyboard and I started bouncing some ideas around with a few collegues. I lined up a great cast and crew, and then thanks to 141 generous crowdfunding backers, Finding Normal Season One was officially given the green light back in November of 2012! We filmed six episodes in six days and had all of them up on our YouTube channel for fans to enjoy by mid-2013!




The Future Of Finding Normal

After immersing ourselves in quite a few other creative projects as well as some significant life events, Rich and I are finally ready to launch our continuing quest to Find Normal! We've got another five episodes all written and ready to shoot as well as several returning cast members and a TON of new characters!  We've got a small hard-working crew lined up and a solid plan of action. Our shoot will take approximately four and a half days in November and our production budget will include day rates for our crew and their equipment, meals and crafty for everyone on set, costumes and props, and a couple location fees (because Ashley is actually going to leave her apartment this season!) All we need now is a little support from our awesome fans: you guys!!!


At its heart, Finding Normal is a self-produced passion project. We believe that anyone with a good story to tell should be able to take the leap and make it happen for themselves. We've got a GREAT story to tell, and we are SO excited to share it with you all!


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Costs $5,000

We have a small hard-working crew lined up; plus all of their equipment!

Meals & Crafty

Costs $900

While the term "starving artist" may SOUND romantic, we believe our cast and crew should be fed.

Costumes & Props

Costs $200

This isn't THAT kind of film. Actors need to be wearing clothes!

Office Location

Costs $250

Spoiler Alert: Ashley goes to an office this season!

Resturaunt Location

Costs $500

Ashley and Devin just might try to go out to dinner- oops! Spoilers...

House Location

Costs $150

Ashley and Devin might appear in a dwelling OTHER than Ashley's apartment. Whaaa?

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Lisa Coombs is our writer, producer and lead actress and is very excited to be working with her husband Rich Prugh again as her leading man. Cooper Griggs will once again be directing and Mary Ann Pianka (with whom Lisa has already hatched a few other hair-brained schemes) will be joining our team as both a producer and a guest star!

Current Team