Fingers In the Wind

New York City, New York | Film Feature

Mystery, Romance

Chad Murdock

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There is a need for coming of age films centered on Black queer 20- to 30-year-olds who experience emotional growth outside of institutional education. "Fingers In the Wind" achieves this by navigating a map of friendship, desire and memory through characters not often accurately depicted on-screen.

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Mission Statement

Chad's work often relates Black interiority to the physical spaces his subjects occupy. It can best be described as, "films that don't focus on Blackness or queerness, but are themselves Black and queer". Chad sees cinema as a religious experience, that can expand imaginations and build new worlds.

The Story


“Fingers in the Wind” is a coming of age story that follows two strangers over the course of two quietly eventful days, which begin with the severance of a friendship and the end of a summer-long love affair originating from the same emotional source. When Faye, a twenty-five-year-old Black woman, mistakes a nameless Young Man of the same age for a complicated figure from her childhood, the pair finds themselves catapulted into what at first seems like a run-of-the-mill romantic affair, but which soon morphs into something far beyond their comprehension. What follows is a mysterious exploration of two minds becoming one, a tender study of friendship, memory, desire and identity.






We are currently deep in pre-production, having already finished the script, casted the film, and gathered our crew. We will spend the next two months leading up to production, which begins October 18th, storyboarding, finalizing locations, rehearsing, gathering our props, wardrobe, and materials, scheduling down to the millisecond, and ensuring that our ten day shoot goes as smoothly as possible. 

Once production is complete, we will immediately move into post-production, in November, at which point we may host another fundraising period to cover the cost of editing, scoring, sound mixing, coloring the film, and submitting it to festivals such as Black Star, South by Southwest, TIFF,  and others.

IMPORTANT: We are taking very serious and heavy measures to protect our team and the community from the spread of COVID. This includes proper sanitation, gloves and masks at all times, and meals that don't require a lot of touching and sharing.



What is the money going towards?

In full transparency, our entire production budget and the goal of this campaign does amount to $25,000, however much of our immediate network includes elders who are not as tech savvy, and we want to leave space for them to contribute as well. 





As I’ve mentioned before, the entire reason for this campaign’s existence boils down to the idea of community. Our team is fully dedicated to delivering an honest, entertaining, and enlightening experience for you all to enjoy. This being my first feature length film is an immense opportunity for us to come together and make something extraordinary to then consume and enjoy on our own terms.

Something like a holiday meal, let us gather as a family, at a table built by our own hands. 





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Cast and Crew Pay

Costs $8,000

We need to pay our folks properly!

Food and Travel

Costs $3,000

We need to eat so we have energy to deliver a beautiful work of art.

Production Design

Costs $6,000

We need to gather and create the materials and textures to build this vision and make it real!

Equipment Rentals

Costs $3,000

We need to purchase the tools necessary! This includes an ARRI camera, lenses, and lighting.

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