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Carlos Ramirez

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Five-Tool Player is a short film which will serve as a proof of concept for an in-development feature film that expands our narrative outside of the baseball field. We invite you to join our team of talented creatives with the common goal to expand Latino representation on the big screen.

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Mission Statement

Five-Tool Player is a story that explores the toxicity of machismo, the suppression of sexuality, and the nuances of South American baseball culture. We examine the vibrant spectrum of who we are as Latinos to celebrate our human experiences, as people of virtue as well as people with flaws.

The Story


Against his dad, Coach Victor's command, Abe continues his militaristic training regimen with the hopes that his ankle will catch up. Abe’s twin brother, the golden child Jose Hernandez, warns him to listen to his dad. As the team preps for practice, Abe is caught staring at his secret crush, Jerry the shortstop, by Jose.

As Coach Victor commences the first practice of scouting season, he introduces the newest member of the varsity team, Olympia - the first female player on North Miami High School’s varsity team with the skill and attitude to show up any guy who snubs her. Even though music might help Abe drown out the pain, he ultimately fails to hide the injury from his hawkish father. Coach Victor interrupts his own speech to test Abe’s ankle in front of the whole team. Abe refuses to admit the excruciating pain until a crack in his ankle forces him to burst in tears.

After downing a handful of painkillers in the park restroom, Abe is stopped by Jose who tries to convince Abe that this self-destructive battle is not worth fighting. Abe angrily releases his envy and resentment at Jose and charges the field set on proving himself to Coach Victor and the UM D1 Scout.

After insisting on his chance for a tryout, Abe seriously injures his ankle in Catcher’s Vanderbilt drills. With the help of Olympia's discreet earphones, Abe manages to drown out the pain and push through the tryout. Abe successfully impresses the scout and gains the fleeting approval of his father, but at the price of his own body.


As a Latino, rarely do I see a genuine representation of my community on the big screen. And in the rare instance where I do see someone who looks like me on screen, I am either a gangster from the streets of east LA, or a narco who’s at war with law enforcement – your usual stereotypes. The narrative has historically been that we are the “dangerous outsiders.” We need to change that narrative.

We are not a one-dimensional people. We are Mexican, and we are also Dominican, Colombian, Venezuelan, Chilean, Puerto Rican, and everything else in between – each with our own dialects, foods, traditions, and values. As a filmmaker, this is the change that I want to see on the screen – a flourishing of representation that shows the vibrant spectrum of who we are as Latinos. I want to celebrate our human experiences, as people of virtue as well as people with flaws.

I believe that this is a very important story to tell, not just for myself but for others in my community. With these funds, we will be able to source our locations, permits, equipment rentals, and everything else that will make this short film possible.

In the near future, this short will serve as a proof of concept for a feature film that expands our narrative outside of the baseball field. Like what does Abe’s home life with Coach Vic and their family look like? What will happen between Abe and Jerry’s closeted relationship? What role does Olympia play in helping Abe redeem himself? And with that I wanna say thank you. We are very excited to see what the future holds for this project and we look forward to having you along the way.


Five-Tool Player is a 15-20 minute short set on a baseball field in South Florida. The script blends the character dynamics of Damien Chazelle's Whiplash with the subject matter of Moneyball and the themes and style of Trey Edward Shults' Waves. This suburban world is depicted in a warm, nostalgic way which contrasts the cold tension that lies within the subtext. These characters are facing a number of issues which are often hidden beneath the surface; the audience sees more than the characters do which leads us to a place of concern for these characters. The abrasive nature of the father-son relationship against the warmth of the imagery and tone will build a sense of realism that will heighten the emotional investment of the audience.


Five-Tool Player explores many themes surrounding the idea of identity. For example, Abe goes through a journey of self-acceptance, struggles with his sexuality, and navigates pressures to conform to a traditional view of masculinity.


Seed&Spark requires that we raise at least 80% of our goal to receive the pledges. Our budget prioritizes professional-grade cameras and gear, ethical working conditions, securing a baseball field, renting baseball gear and equipment, and editing for a final product that looks as professional and high quality as can be.


Yes! Our team has experience across every department. Our executive producer, Arie Sharony, has created content for major companies such as Pepsi, Colgate, and Curacao and works with Whisky Films LLC. Our director of photography, Andres "Chispas" Bermudez, is one of the most sought after DP's in South America. Luke Wild, an up-and-coming music producer already with over 225,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, will be scoring our film. One of our writers, Frankie Staluppi, has been selected for a screenwriting fellowship with Nicholas Weinstock. Our writer/director, Carlos Ramirez has worked with various music artists like Deb Never and brands like Converse. All other crew members have studied and worked extensively in the world of short productions. This team is driven, experienced, resourceful, tenancious, and committed!


DEVELOPMENT, Sept 2021-Jan 2022

We have assembled our teams and began development. The writers meet weekly to make script revisions and notes. The producers have assembled the budget, financing plans, and pitch documents.

PRE-PRODUCTION, Jan 2022-Apr 2022

Our producing team, camera team, and crew are in the process of securing locations, gear, insurance, and more to begin shooting in April.

Casting will begin by March.


Our short film will be a three day shoot. We are only dealing with one location, but with complex visual imagery and stunts that will require time to ensure they're done safely and to the best of our abilities. The dates have yet to be locked in but will take place in the middle of April.

POST-PRODUCTION, Apr 2022-Sept 2022

Post production will take place following shooting. We will work extensively to finish all post-production work in time to submit to some of the major film festivals in the US and across the world.


We intend to screen our film at festivals around the world to garner support and recognition prior to an online release.

We are in the process of writing the feature length script as we continue to work on our proof of concept. We hope to begin pitching our feature in 2023.


Like any professional production, Five-Tool Player will face challenges which we plan to tackle with determination, persistence, and grace. Our production insurance offsets any potential risk to our equipment. 

We have deep trust and commitment amongst our team and will support each other no matter what! We have a lengthy contact list amounting in nearly 100 filmmakers that can step in and carry the load should we need another crew member. For cast, we will work around schedules, fly cast members out to LA, and if needed, do rewrites. We feel confident that our team can manage any personnel risks.


The pandemic was a time that forced all of us to slow down and created space for introspection and contemplation about who we really are and what life is really about. This film came about precisely out of such times of deep reflection. It is a synthesis of childhood memories and what they say about the values and ideas that you learn, unlearn, and relearn as you grow. An homage to a younger self that could only dream of being where you are now.

As we are still navigating a world of risks and precautions, our team is ready to take necessary measures in adherence with CDC COVID-19 protocols for film production. We will be requiring proof of vaccination for all cast and crew as well as offering rapid testing, masks, and disinfectant products. Our craft services will also include more individualized items to minimize risk.


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However you decide to support us, we are so thankful for your time and consideration. Even if you can’t contribute today, we hope you stay in touch and follow our journey! Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or want to set up a meeting.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Hiring Talent

Costs $1,200

We will be hiring working actors to help bring our story and these complex characters to life.

Art Department

Costs $1,200

We will be renting uniforms, gear, and general PD to bring our set to life.

Post Production Services

Costs $1,600

We will be hiring qualified professionals for sound design, VFX, coloring, and editing.

Camera Rentals

Costs $1,700

We will be renting a camera, lenses, and accessories for a multi-day shoot.

G&E/Lighting Rentals

Costs $2,000

We will be renting G&E/lighting equipment for a multi-day shoot.

Location Rental & Permitting

Costs $1,000

We will be permitting and renting out a baseball field for a multi-day shoot.


Costs $700

We will need insurance to ensure the safety of our cast/crew, as well as our location and equipment.

Catering & Crafty

Costs $600

Catering and craft services for a large cast/crew on a multi-day shoot.

About This Team


Carlos Ramirez - Writer/Director/Producer

Carlos Ramirez’ work focuses around the music and fashion industry, having worked with artists like Deb Never, Ethan Fields, and Luke Wild and brands like Converse. Carlos is currently in pre-production for his narrative directing debut short film, Five-Tool Player.

Carlos was born and spent his early childhood years in Caracas, Venezuela. Spending his teenage years in South Florida, Carlos became obsessed with skateboarding and the vibrant street culture of Miami. Consequently, Carlos got his start with cameras making skate videos with his friends. Having spent his high school years extremely involved in his school's TV Production program as well as creative direction at his local church, Carlos became passionate about filmmaking and telling humanistic stories. He is now set to graduate from Loyola Marymount University in May of 2022 with a degree in Film, TV, and Media Studies.

Arie Sharony - Executive Producer

Arie Sharony is the Executive Producer of Five Tool Player. He has been around the film industry his entire life. Growing up, he was always on set, sitting next to his father of 25 years TV commercial experience and learning from top directors and DPs in the industry. He has been professionally working for 4 years now, producing commercials for clients such as Colgate, Nissan, and Samsung to name a few. He has been building his portfolio in the film and short film industry for 2 years now, having co-produced 2 short films and a feature-length documentary.

Francesco Staluppi - Writer/Producer

Winter, New York City, 1999, Frankie emerged into the world. The grandson of an Apollo 11 engineer, Frankie quickly realized he had inherited zero math genes, and thus reading and writing became his life’s frontier. Frankie has recently graduated from Loyola Marymount with a Screenwriting Major and a Classic History minor, has worked as an Assistant Manager at Avatar Entertainment for two years, sold a fiction treatment to the Free Software Foundation to be made into a commercial, and was selected into a screenwriting fellowship under Red Hour Films. He loves to teach himself languages, and once you bring up history, you will be wishing you hadn’t. Francesco is committed to telling stories that are deeply human and pulsating with personality.

Cole Sanchez - Line Producer

Cole Sanchez is a 21-year old film producer homegrown in Portland, OR who has a passion for storytelling. He has produced many short films, music videos, and commercials, and his favorite area of work is the narrative realm. Some of his favorite movies are Prisoners and The Conversation, and his favorite television series (at the moment) is HBO’s Succession. Cole is also of Latino heritage, so when he first heard about Five-Tool Player and its mission, he was more than excited to join the team and help bring this story to life!

Jacob Ward - Producer

Jacob Ward is an actor and producer who graduated Loyola Marymount University with a degree in film production in May of 2020. He has produced 8 short films over the last few years, all of which were accepted into film festivals in the US and abroad. In addition to his producing experience, he has written and directed several short films and acted in well over 30 shorts and 1 upcoming feature film.

Current Team