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Sarah Nixon

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For as long as Franny can remember, her family has been on the run. This is no surprise: they harbor a dark and dangerous secret. When Franny starts a relationship with a girl in her new rural town, her freedom and independence threatens to expose her family and tear them apart forever.

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Flesh and Blood is more than just your typical slow-burn horror, it’s an authentic telling of the complicated relationships we have with those we love the most, and the universal pull between one's loyalty to their family, and their hopes for a better future for themselves.

The Story

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For as long as Franny can remember, she and her family have been on the run. This is no surprise...they aren’t a normal family. In fact, they are hiding a dark and dangerous secret. When the family moves into an abandoned farmhouse in Upstate NY, Franny expects it to be like every other time they’ve moved. 

Dark. Lonely. Isolating. 

But life suddenly shifts when Franny meets a girl in her neighborhood, the ever-charismatic June. They spend hours roaming the woods together bonding over the frustrations of being teenagers and getting to know one another. What starts out as a friendship quickly turns into more, and Franny finds herself exploring her first love. 

As Franny pulls away from her family and gets closer to June, the family secret threatens to be exposed, and Franny's two worlds begin to catastrophically collide.

Flesh and Blood is a coming-of-age drama with horror elements. It takes the traditional horror genre and utilizes it as a method of metaphor to discuss deeper issues - dysfunctional family dynamics, isolation, and the nuance of loving those that can also cause one pain.

Flesh and Blood has universal themes that will lead to connection with all audience members. Although Franny's situation is extreme, everyone can relate to the desire to break away from one's family and experience independence, no matter how painful that break can be.

In recent years there has been an influx of period dramas about hidden lesbian relationships. It was so much the case that SNL even did a sketch on it!

Although Sarah quite enjoys these films - who doesn't love the pairing of kick-ass paleontologist Kate Winslet with Saoirse Ronan in Ammonite? - she started to feel tired of seeing queer relationships where the characters felt shame over and/or hid their identities. Additionally, she thought queer storylines that revolved solely around a queer character coming out were over-played.

When Sarah set out to write Flesh and Blood, having hidden her own bisexuality for years, she decided she didn’t want Franny to experience that shame or fear. She wanted Franny and June's sexuality to play no narrative role in the film. The result? Franny and June don’t come out. They don’t feel shame. They just exist as they are.

Lastly, Sarah chose to tell this story to redraw a connection to her childhood home - Ithaca, New York! We know you'll love it!

Ithaca will provide the backdrop of Flesh and Blood, allowing our director, Sarah, to revisit areas she would spend time in at June and Franny's age! Nestled in a valley at the bottom of the stunning Cayuga Lake, Ithaca is known for its natural beauty - waterfalls, creeks, and peaceful woods abound!

As you can see, we have scouted some AMAZING locations for the film! The natural areas around Ithaca will provide the perfect backdrop for Franny and June's meanderings through the woods.

Gracie: "Flesh and Blood's haunting script sent a chill down my spine, and the underlying themes paired with Sarah's vision made involvement in the project irresistible to me. After working all summer together as assistants to the director of a Netflix film, I knew that Sarah and I could make mountains move as a powerhouse team!" 

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When writing Flesh and Blood, Sarah was inspired by some recent independent films...


Each of these excellent pieces of filmmaking offers something different, whether it's the free-flowing camera in We The Animals, the static silences of The Witch, or the up-close and personal framing of American Honey. If you want a sense of what Flesh and Blood will look and feel like, watch any of these three films. Are any of them ones you like too? Let us know some of your favorites by tagging us on instagram!


Another way to get a sense of the look and tone of Flesh and Blood is to check out our mood boards below!

Pre-production, production, post-production -- what does it all mean? In the end, it means we've made a movie! Our goal is to take the film through the festival circuit, and eventually have it distributed on a streaming site!

Above is a breakdown of where each chunk of our budget will go. As you can see, most of the budget is dedicated toward taking care of our cast and crew! No penny will go wasted - everything we have budgeted goes directly toward the film and our vision!

We want YOU to be part of Flesh and Blood, too! Please join us on this journey, and be part of Sarah, Gracie, and Indeana's first feature film! Here's how you can get involved:

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