For Years to Come

Los Angeles, California | Series

LGBTQ, Romantic Comedy

James Patrick Nelson

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A subversive romantic dramedy about a young gay man who falls in love with his dead mother's hospice nurse, while struggling to reconcile with his elderly father...who's secretly a porn director.

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Mission Statement

Our majority-queer creative team will build a diverse ensemble and crew, and we will cast queer actors to play the queer protagonists. We are passionate about making art in which queer characters are central to the story, and their queerness is not a source of conflict.

The Story

Ten years ago, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. She opted for in-home hospice care, and I went home for a while to be with her. It was a time for asking frank questions and giving honest answers. One day, my father and I were driving to Costco, and he casually mentioned that back in the day, he was a big-time writer-director of porn! My head spun around! "My mother is dying, and my father's a porn director."

Grieving a parent is often about rewriting their mythology. A fresh perspective about who somebody really was can guide our understanding of who we ourselves are capable of becoming. And if we’re lucky, we have a bit of time with our surviving parent, to rewrite the story together.

JOHNNY comes back to his childhood home because his mother VICKY has just died of cancer. Bombarded with condolensces, he sits on the lawn with his old friends GENIE and BUDDY, and confesses that his grief just hasn't hit him yet.

He cleans up the house with his father WALLY and they try to keep each other in good spirits. But then Johnny remembers that he never came out to his mother, and Wally falls silent when they start talking about scattering the ashes. And tensions flare when Johnny asks why mom didn't go to the doctor sooner.

The next day, Johnny meets up with EDWARD, a handsome young hospice nurse who recounts memories of Vicky's good spirits in the final weeks of her life. Johnny wants to seize the day and live life to the fullest, so he invites Edward out to a bar, and as they order more drinks, the conversation takes a fliratious turn.

Edward walks Johnny home, and they share a kiss outside the house. Edward says that Vicky had wanted them to meet, and he urges Johnny to give Wally another chance.

When Johnny goes inside, he walks in on his father...writing a porn movie!

In future episodes, we learn that Wally was once a highly-esteemed porn director! To preoccupy his mind, he revisits his old profession. But as he faces agism, loneliness, and a world that's passed him by, his naughty secret won't take away the pain of losing the woman he loved. 

Meanwhile, Johnny and Edward stumble into a hasty romance. There's a great tenderness between them, but their relationship is tested when Johnny's unmanaged grief bubbles to the surface. And everything gets turned upside down when they discover Wally's secret!

Johnny wants desperately to stay positive and suck the marrow out of life. But his good-humored optimism becomes a defense mechanism to keep him from feeling any pain. And he slowly learns that running away from sorrow and grief makes it a lot harder to experience true happiness and joy.

For Years to Come is about one of the most universal experiences: the loss of a parent. Ever since my mom died, I wanted to tell a story about how complex and unpredictable grief can be. My urgency accelerated in the wake of COVID-19. But given how hard the past few years have been, we want to infuse this subject with a ton of laughter and romance! Our characters are striving to embrace life, grasping for beauty on the other side of grief.

The LGBTQ+ community has made enormous progress in recent years. There are more queer characters in film/TV than ever before. But we still so rarely see queer people as the central character in a story where their queerness is not the conflict. Growing up in the late 90's, it would have done my heart a lot of good to see a show about two complex gay men falling in love.

As our country grows more divided, we need to tell stories about what we have in common. The best way to diminish anti-queer sentiment is to portray queer people as richly complex human beings facing universal struggles anyone could relate to: reconnecting with family, redefining themselves, and opening their hearts to each other.

CASTING UPDATE: The remarkable Samia Mounts has just been cast in the role of GENIE!

The creative team includes Emmy-nominated director Micah Stuart, actor-writer-producer James Patrick Nelson, actor-producer Jay DeYonker, associate producer T Ferguson, and cinematographer Dennis Zanatta. Singer Erin Hill recorded a song for us, composer Kevin Sherwin provided scoring for the pitch video, and journalist James Finn published this article on Medium, which Brody Levesque republished in the Los Angeles Blade. Check out this Instagram Live with the creative team!

We're filming the pilot episode in L.A. this winter and we've already raised several thousand dollars of our budget!

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In this once-in-a-lifetime era of change, we are thrilled to be telling this romantic, hilarious, queer-affirming story, and we are SO thankful to have YOU on our team!


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However the guidelines may evolve in the coming months, we are serious about keeping everyone safe.

About This Team

MICAH STUART (director/editor) is an award-winning editor, writer and director based in Los Angeles. His recent directing work includes "Vial," a delightfully twisted romantic horror short, and an episode of the critically acclaimed series "Doomsday," for which he was just nominated for an Emmy. His short film "Johnny" screened at film festivals around the world, including Outfest, HollyShorts, Inside Out Toronto, Wicked Queer, Out on Film Atlanta, and Reeling Chicago's LGBT Film Festival. Micah has created trailers for major motion pictures including Netflix’s "The Social Dilemma," Plan B Entertainment's "Eat Pray Love," and Paramount Pictures' "Young Adult". He was recently honored with Clio and Golden Trailer Awards for his work on the Oscar-winning "Bohemian Rhapsody".

JAMES PATRICK NELSON (writer/producer/Johnny) is an award-winning actor-screenwriter in Los Angeles and New York City. He has written two produced feature films, and he stars in the comedy "Love in Kilnerry," which has received dozens of awards at festivals around the world, and will soon be released theatrically in 25 cities. James wrote and stars in the short film "Waking Up," which premiered at the Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival and recently screened at the OUTshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival and the ShortFest film market. His quarantine short film "Without Touch" is streaming on the leading LGBTQ+ platform Dekkoo, where it won an Audience Favorite award. He created the solo play Speak What We Feel, about the life of the Broadway legend Brian Murray. He has acted extensively Off-Broadway, opposite Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Ethan Hawke, Joely Richardson, and many others. He won a Helen Hayes Award for Bedlam's Sense and Sensibility, and he starred in the world premiere of Immortal Longings, the final play by Terrence McNally.


JAY DEYONKER (co-producer/Buddy) is an NYU Tisch alumnus, who spent 5 years post-college working and living in Prague where he was a member of the Prague Shakespeare Company. Back home, he wrote, produced, and acted in multiple films including "Head," "Stronger Together," and "Linked". They screened in festivals from NewFest in NYC to QueerX in LA. In 2019, he co-wrote and starred in the feature film "Triple Threat" (shout out to Besties Make Movies!) which premiered at Cinequest and is currently winning awards on the festival circuit. He'd like to thank his family, friends, husband, and dog for their love and support.


DENNIS ZANATTA (director of photography) is a local 600 Director of Photography based in Los Angeles. Born and Raised in São Paulo, he is a member of the Brazilian Society of Cinematographers, ABC. Dennis received his MFA in Cinematography from the prestigious American Film Institute. He has won Best Cinematography at the Indie Series Awards for his work on the narrative web series “In Absentia” currently on Amazon Prime. His short film “Suitable” won several awards and is currently on HBOMAX. From real stories to fiction, Dennis always strives for excellence and has portrayed beautiful imagery throughout almost 20 years. His work has been featured on a variety of networks such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, UFC, Oxygen, amongst others. Dennis is a native Portuguese speaker, fluent in Spanish and English. Having grown up in the largest city of South America, he brings a unique vision to every story he portrays and can deliver a unique style for each project. Dennis believes that collaboration is the key to achieve excellence.


T FERGUSON (associate producer) is the Founder and CEO of the firm Backstory – a brand exploration company that helps clients marry creativity with revenue-generating strategy. Backstory was founded and conceived as an opportunity to leverage T's award-winning experience to design, develop and build programs and brand extensions for worldwide clients, brands, consumers and fans. Prior to founding Backstory, he was named as one of the "40 under 40" by License Global Magazine and served as VP of Licensing Partnerships at Endemol Shine North America, where he was responsible for securing multi-million dollar partnerships across consumer products, publishing, e-commerce, immersive experiences, and live events for TV shows such as "Black Mirror". Before joining Endemol Shine North America, Ferguson was the lead consulting designer for the creative agency Focus Group West. He also consulted on Disney's first e-commerce sales endeavor for fan club, D23. He lives in L.A. with his hubby and their two dogs, Javi and Jack Lemmon.


ERIN HILL (singer-musician) has played & sung with Cyndi Lauper, Kanye, Enya, moby, Sinead O’Connor, a-ha, Jewel, for celebrities, for two First Ladies, and for royalty. Her Celtic album hit #1 on the Billboard world chart. She was in the original Broadway casts of Titanic, Cabaret, and Urinetown, and was featured by HBO playing the "Game of Thrones" theme on her harp. She has played solo at The Royal Albert Hall, been heard on The Beatles Channel, and is also known as Dave Chappelle’s “Pretty White Girl” who sings Dave’s thoughts in Comedy Central’s "Chappelle’s Show" (she also wrote the music for the sketch). Albums: Harp Town, Christmas Harp, Girl Inventor.


KEVIN SHERWIN (composer) played solo guitar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Regent Hall in London. His film credits include composing and performing the score for James Patrick Nelson’s  “Waking Up” and “Without Touch”. He has performed twice at the University of Cambridge in the Musica Vera Duo, including original compositions. He was featured as conductor and guitarist in the YoungArts New York Gala at the Metropolitan Museum’s Temple of Dendur. Kevin has also worked for Steve Miller and the Sailor Music Group, in association with Jazz at Lincoln Center. As Principal Conductor of The American Romantics, he is Artistic Leader for Carnegie Hall’s Link Up Program. His EP with vocalist Joshua Banbury is titled “Forgotten Folklore,” which shares the stories and music of America’s forgotten communities.


Current Team