For Lily - Thesis film

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Drama, Thriller

Zane Morrow

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For Lily follows a young man who is going out of his way to save a family member he cares for deeply, while dealing with a limited amount of time and only able go through this once.

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Mission Statement

We live in a world where people take complicated risks ensure that their family members survive an illness or a dangerous situation. For Lily follows and explores this type of situation and puts the audience in the middle of both the desperation and the hostage's perspectives.

The Story

Director's Note

FOR LILY is a project that has been in the works for a long time. It is finally at a point where all the hard work is about to pay off. With your help and generosity, I'll be able to put my vision and expression onto the big screen as my Senior Thesis production. Expressing someone's urgency and how they go about handling it has always been a reoccurring theme my projects (that I've made) and those I continue to develop. With the help of the fantastic cast and crew of FOR LILY, we are going to create something unique.




This film is going to have a dramatic thriller look and feel from start to finish. It will also have some comedic moments, particularly with Wilbur's character. He is a mystery from page one and keeps the audience guessing aboug him the whole time. Some of his actions are a bit funny although unintentional.



The main audience is people from ages 16-44 years old. People interested in thrillers and want to be intreged from start to finish.



Why Contribute to a Student Film?

Why should you help me make this movie? That's a great question. By supporting this film, you are supporting and encouraging me as an aspiring filmmaker. It is also a culmination of what I've learned at Studio School (formerly known as Relativity School) for the past three years. I have put my soul, passion, and voice into this film and you'd be the final components that get it made. By supporting my short film, you're also supporting over a dozen other talented filmmakers who are and will be contributing so much hard work into getting this made.


Similar Samples and References
Some movies and shows that have visual influences for this project include; Edge of Tomorrow for pacing and keeping the story moving. Sharp Objects for the cinematography and thriller elements, and some Back to the Future for comedic relief, particularly with Wilbur.



How We're Making It

We will be filming at the end of November and into the first weekend of December. We will be using an industry standard RED Scarlet Dragon provided by Studio School Los Angeles. This will ensure that we're capturing this compelling story with a remarkable camera that will capture amazing images. It will show some fantastic visual storytelling when the film is released. We'll be using practical sets located on the Los Angeles Center Studios lot where shows like Feud, American Crime Story, Grey's Anatomy, 9-1-1, Westworld, and others film their productions.




As we all know, filmmaking is challenging and expensive. We are seeking $5,000 for the production, making our greenlight goal $4,000. The budget includes meals, wardrobe, production design, the set armorer who will over see the use of weapons, and the studio teacher because we will have a minor on set. Any donation you make will go directly towards these crucial pieces needed to bring this story to life and for everyone to eventually see it. If you give $25, you will help pay for several cases of water and food for our cast and crew, and so on. Any amount you give is an investment in the film, and in the creative process that we're crafting. The chart below shows where the money is going.




Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about this project and why we're making it. Be sure to follow this page and our facebook page at


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Meals and Snacks

Costs $800

This is to feed our amazing cast and crew on set.

Production Design & Props

Costs $800

This is to make all of the sets as realistic as possible and get props for the film.

Production Costs

Costs $1,000

For lenses, follow focus, and wireless video monitors.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $500

This will help pay for the locations we plan on using.


Costs $400

This will pay for the props and wardrobe being used in the film.

Post-Production Costs

Costs $500

This will help cover the costs during post-production.


Costs $200

Reserve costs and to pay for the Seed & Spark fees.

Make Up

Costs $100

This will cover the costs for the make up team.


Costs $700

This will pay for the set armorer to monitor the weapons used on set.

About This Team

Zane Morrow

Director, Co-Writer, Producer

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Started making short films when he was 10 years old. He gained better knowledge of filmmaking during high school by participating in week long film programs. In 2015, he reloated to Los Angeles and started his first year at Studio School Los Angeles (formly known as Relativity School). He is now a senior, majoring in Directing in the Film + Digital Content. His goals are to one day be a JJ Abrams and Steven Speilberg with producing and directing movies at different scales.


Quincy Bell


Quincy Bell is an aspiring screenwriter. From a young age he fell in love with writing, all the way from the screen to theater. Quincy has written several short films as well as a pilot and a feature. In the future Quincy plans to be a show runner and a playwright. Currentlty attending Studio School Los Angeles persuing a degree in Film + Digital Content.

Noah Shelton


Currently attending Studio School Los Angeles persuing a degree in Film + Digital Content. From Austin Texas, and film has been his life since he was 8 years old. He has lots of experience in filmmaking. Has worked on to many projects to count, including 72, 48 and 24 hour film festival along with several shorts and a few budgeted shorts. His goal is to one day be the equivalent of JJ Abrams producing and potentially directing large studio films.


Kelsey Weinstein


Kelsey Weinstein is a transplant from Colorado, studying Contemporary Musical Theatre and Film at Studio School. Growing up doing musical theatre and technical theatre, film felt like the organic next step. She has been trying her hand in every aspect of film she can from audio production to the art department. She has been working as an actress and a teacher in Los Angeles for the past two years. She has been producing film and musical theatre for a year, and her ultimate aspirations are to create a role on Broadway, and to write for a musical television show. 


John Chigas

Director of Photography

John Chigas is an award-winning director and budding cinematographer who is currently a junior at Studio School Los Angeles. His sophomore short film Instant Development just premiered at the Awareness Film Festival at L.A. Live. John is also an avid film photographer, focussing on fashion and street photography. For Lily is bound to be the next big step in his young, but ambitious career. His work and images can be found at


Bridget Molitor

Casting Director, Head of Make-Up

She grew up on a farm in Kansas. Every since she was little she knew she wanted to be involved with making movies. After High School she moved out to California to attend film school, it is there that she found the interest in being a casting director. During her time at film school she watched a lot of movies and found a calling towards the makeup of movies. She was so intrigued and inspired she started dabbling with makeup until it became a lifestyle. When Zane approached her to do both casting and makeup for his film, she realized that she would get to do all the things she love's for one project, and can’t wait to start filming!


Sam Sawicki

Production Designer

Samantha Sawicki is a Asian American film maker who was born and bred in San Francisco, California. She started getting interested in becoming a Television Screenwriter when she was around thirteen years old and was watching an now canceled show called ALCATRAZ. Once the opening credits rolled through and she saw the credit “Created By” she knew that’s exactly what she wanted to do. She started writing at an early age, ever since she can remember she wrote short stories, but she didn’t really get to film anything until high school. She’s been on numerous projects starting from her high school years, freelance for the school, and college assignments. Because of her early exposure to film, she has a goal to have her own broadcasted show on a major network.


Tosha Meeks

Costume Designer

Studio School Los Angeles persuing a degree in Film + Digital Content. Originally from panama but call many places around the world home. When she was growing up her dad shared many movies with her family. He’s the reason that she became a story teller at such a young age. Since moving to California she have been on numerous films in the art and production department. In the future she sees herself sharing stories from all over the world encouraging ways of sustainability and coexisting with this earth.


Edwn Ashkenazi

Editor, VFX

Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel and moved to the US to peruse the dream of filmmaking. His fascination with film began when he was 6 years old, while creating videos with his parents video camera. He's worked on visual effects and editing in many commercials, tv shows, and art exhibitions.

His goal is to perfect my craft and work in a professional editing studio on a feature. He is currently attending Studio School Los Angeles persuing a degree in Film + Digital Content. 


Nico Fulton Lavachek


Nico Fulton Lavachek is a sound editor from Coronado, CA. Film has always had a big place in his heart, but his main goal in life is to continue the legacy that his 3-time Academy Award winning great-grandfather. Lavachek has worked on 9 films with his positions ranging from grip to director. He dreams of one day working for a foley company, mixing audio for major studio films. He is currently attending Studio School Los Angeles pursuing a bachelors degree in Film + Digital Content.

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