Full Moon

Ellicott City, Maryland | Film Short

Horror, Thriller

Kenny Brossoie

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Full Moon is a old school horror for a new generation. Our goal is to present a fresh take on traditional elements from the films we all know and love. Teenagers in peril, the terrors of dark and the primal nature that lies within all of us.

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Mission Statement

This is my 3rd collaboration with the immensely talented Julia Delaluz. Her character, Liv, is a firm fearless female protagonist who subverts the cliched "Final Girl" trope. And being both of mixed race, Julia and I think it's important to have diversity both in front of and behind the camera.

The Story

Like all great horror films, at the center of Full Moon lies a mystery. We've presented a film with twists and turns, to make for a memorable and entertaning viewing experience. With every creative decision we make, we keep our audience in mind. They are the ones getting the most out of this. Our job is to take them on a ride, and we want to make sure it's something they can revist again and again. 


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Makeup & FX

Costs $300

We want everything in camera to look raw and real, which means practical effects and makeup.


Costs $300

Since this film is unpaid, we want to provide our hardworking crew with a sufficient supply of food.

Set Decoration & Costumes

Costs $250

We want these sets and characters to breathe life through the decor and costumes we dress them with.

Production Items

Costs $100

While our school supplies our main equipment, we need materials like gaff tape, batteries and more.

Post Production Materials

Costs $50

We have a small window for post production work and will need a variety of tools for editing.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

We have been on a wide variety of film sets the past 3 years, ranging from professional gigs to passion projects. We want to bring this range of experience into this film and push our personal filmmaking boundries. 

Current Team