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Yelena Krivosheyeva

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The story is about a homeless veteran who finds a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant on Christmas Eve. It is a hard look at the realities of the life of a homeless person who sufferers from military sexual trauma. Inspired by countless real life stories that make up sad reality.

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Mission Statement

The team behind “The Magic Ticket” is a diverse group of filmmakers from different cultural backgrounds who is passionate to tell stories that inspire social change, raise awareness about military sexual trauma, help de-stigmatize the victims, and give visibility to the unhoused.

The Story


The story opens with a Christmas party at the military base where Penny, a young female, is sexually assaulted by her superior. Years later, she is a homeless veteran who lives on the streets of Los Angeles. It’s Christmas Eve, and there is nothing more Penny wants than a hot meal. A kind stranger donates a gift card to a fancy restaurant she is camping outside of. After struggling to get a seat, she is finally able to order dinner when an angry patron calls the police.

When the cops try to escort Penny out, it triggers her trauma.


While in the military, Penny had been sexually assaulted by her superior, which only added to her PTSD. Under the pressure of stigma and shame and the reality of how few cases actually are brought to justice, Penny has never reported her assault. Upon her return home, Penny’s mental and physical health deteriorated since she wasn’t able to seek help for it. That eventually led her to become unemployed and homeless. 

A once bright and promising athlete, Penny had dreams of serving her country that crumbled after her military experience. Inability to fight a patriarchal and a corrupt system brought Penny down since she wasn't able to seek justice and find any help after fighting for her country’s interests. 

Penny has a “shhh” tattoo on her hand as a silent statement that many women in this country end up in similar situations and are forced to remain silent.

Once passionate and fearless, she is a shell of her former self. After years on the street, she is conditioned to remain invisible and quiet. 

There are countless real life stories similar to this one....


  • We need more stories highlighting the issues of military sexual trauma (MST) and the homelessness problem, that is oftentimes is a direct result of that.
  • We need more stories that remove the stigma from MST victims and the unhoused and promote the conversations about how we as a community can help.
  • We need more stories that empower women to speak up.


We SEE the homelessness problem growing and consuming our country, yet it is almost like we don't SEE it, remaining passive and SILENT bystanders. 

Two opposite worlds silently exist side by side.


The theme of VISIBILITY and the two worlds co-existing will be communicated through the contrast of warm and cool colors and lighting.

The theme of SILENCE will be communicated through a creative sound design that will become a character of its own.



  • As an immigrant who lived in the states for nearly two decades, I am a devoted patriot of this country, and I don’t lose sight of how lucky I am to live here for a second. Therefore, it pains me deeply to see how divided America has become in recent years and how much intolerance, xenophobia, and anger is out there because I still believe that diversity is what makes America what it is. 
  • As a writer/director I always gravitate towards the stories of the people whose voices are silenced, and am committed to bringing more diversity on the screen and fighting stereotypes. 
  • As a female, I find it infuriating that sexual assault still has the stigma associated with it which keeps a lot of women from seeking justice. I believe the only way to change things is to keep talking!



We are currently in pre-production and are one month away from our shoot. We are in the middle of casting and have 90% of our crew hired. Your contribution will allow us to realize our vision with the project and will enable us to continue with the shoot. 

This film will be shot in Warrenton, GA at the end of August to support the growing and blossoming filmmaking industry and community in the state. 

We will be focusing on festival submissions and also using this short as a proof of concept for a feature. We are also open to opportunities for further distribution.


With Covid still being a serious issue for film productions, we are fully comitted to ensure the safety of our cast and crew. We will be in compliance with standard Covid protocols such as mandatory testing, wearing the masks, and having a certified Covid Compliance officer on set.


Filmmaking isn’t cheap. We need gear, set dressing and props, wardrobe, and fair compensation for our cast and crew. In addition, since we are going out of town, we need to accommodate travel and lodging for some of our key crew members.


Much of crowdfunding depends on the support we receive from the community! If you are able to, please help us spread the word about this important story by sharing this link on social media and with friends! 

Please share our campaign via your social media, email, and word-of-mouth!

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Set Dressing

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Christmas decorations, glasses, dishes, table cloths, chairs, trays, paintings, food.


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Military uniforms, police uniforms, waiters uniforms, Santa hats, fancy clothing.

Food for Cast and Crew

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Catering, crafty, courtesy breakfast.


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Camera, grip and electric gear rental.


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Production insurance and workers comp.

Cast and Crew

Costs $6,000

Cast and Crew

About This Team

Executive Producer/Writer/Director: Yelena V. Krivosheyeva


Yelena Krivosheyeva: Born and raised in Russia, Yelena worked as a journalist from a very young age. By the time she graduated high school, she had a huge resume that allowed her to be accepted into one of the best schools and also get a job as a freelance reporter for a major newspaper. But as the country’s censorship laws intensified, she found it very difficult to tell the stories that inspired social change. She emigrated to the United States nearly two decades ago and instantly felt more equipped to follow her dreams and tell the stories she found meaningful. In 2018 Yelena received her MFA in directing from Chapman University. As a writer/director Yelena draws a lot of her inspiration from her rich cultural background as well as her complex journey as an immigrant.. All of the films she has written and directed center around female characters and she is a passionate advocate for telling stories that center around uniquely female subjects.Yelena has directed a total of six short films, one TV pilot, and a short documentary. She has also produced a feature film and numerous shorts.

Producer: Samantha K Henderson

Samantha K Henderson is an award-winning film and TV producer working in Sacramento and Los Angeles. She is also the Co-Director of SacFilmChallenge, a music and film festival, and founded the Sacramento Film Project, a film group that focuses on networking and developing filmmakers. Her latest film project, Smashed, was shot in Los Angeles on a Television City Studios soundstange and premiered at Raleigh Studios Hollywood in November 2021 as part of Women in Media's CAMERAderie Initiative. Samantha serves on the Board of Directors at Access Sacramento (public access TV and radio) and is certified as a TV and Radio Producer. She is currently involved in multiple projects in various stages of production, including a feature film, docuseries, two short films, and a TV series. Her love of storytelling and the filmmaking process keeps her motivated. 

Creative Producer: Leah Latham

Leah Latham brings over a decade of filmmaking experience from her tenure at Walt Disney Animation Studios where she has managed teams responsible for creating OSCAR winning films such as ENCANTO, FROZEN & ZOOTOPIA. She brings her unquellable passion for producing complex, character-driven narratives where under-represented heroes' stories are at their core. In 2021, Leah won the Excellence in Producing award from Women in Media for her work on the award winning film, SMASHED. A proud descendant of servicemen and women, she is honored to join The Magic Ticket team.

Junior Producer: Angela Shin

Angela started her journey into film by moving with her family from Minnesota to California to pursue acting. After years of auditioning and performing she found her interests pulling more towards being behind the camera. She then went on to studying screenplay writing and directing with a brief break working on sets for a more hands on working experience. She’s worked on multiple sets as an assistant and 2nd AD, and looks forward to transferring schools in the fall. 

Social Impact Producer: Farida Rafique

Farida Rafique is a Producer, Director and Social Impact Storyteller. She graduated from California State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Management. She spent her early years in development in Television and Horror Films. Her work is driven by 20 years of Human Rights advocacy and community building. She has volunteered with Amnesty International, Kosovar Task Force, United Nations Association and Human Rights Initiative to name a few.  She has produced social impact videos and art installations, including “Love Letters to an Addict'' (Recovery and Hope for Opioid Addicts) Micro-documentaries for Human Rights Initiative, and co-produced a documentary on the Family Separation Crisis on the Border of Texas and Mexico, “Bridging the Border” (in-progress).  She developed and directed a short film “Ojo” that explores Toxic Masculinity and leaving White Supremacy.


Current Team