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With your help we want to create a television series where we follow animal sanctuaries in their attempt to rescue exotic animals. Shot in wild locations and narrated by your favorite animal loving celebrities, each episode is as educational and enlightening as it is beautiful.

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The Story


Alex and Sam Tello creators of FFTW hanging out with some animal heroes 

Five years ago we sought out to make a film chronicling the wild world of animal sanctuaries. After a seemingly endless and challenging process the film was released and well received. Many regarded it as "eye opening" and "a film everyone needs to watch".


 Alex Tello Director of FFTW



Awards & Nominations


Furthest from the Wild won several awards and was highlighted in a number of newpaper articles in several states. It caused enough buzz to warrant a special screening for fantasy writer and wolf lover, George R.R. Martin, creator of the Game of Thrones book series. The film went on to obtain distribution and is now sold through various popular online stores. Most recently though, our goal is to take the idea of the film and make a television series.

George R.R. Martin and the Tello Bros. pose for a picture at his art house theatre.



We're creating a show where we closely follow the dramatic rescue of an animal in need, the compelling story behind its difficult past, and the larger than life reasons it's species is harmed. Exotic animals around the world are in constant need of rescue, very often as a result of human involvement, so we believe that by casting a light on this important topic we can continue making a change.

FFTW creators Alex and Sam getting some closeups of a rescued tiger.


FFTW Crew Miracle Wolves Rescue with Keepers of the Wild 


We all can agree that helping our environment has become an  exceedingly important responsibility, but very few people are able or willing to go out and rescue a 400 pound tiger, a pack of wild wolves, and an African elephant. Instead our goal, with your help, is to get the word out, educate, and of course show you some cool stuff.

Alex Tello/Director           Joe Estevez/Narrator           Sam Tello/Writer 



Angel and Nazareth Rescue With Wild Sprit Wolf Sactuary



A recently rescued wolf pack at Keepers of the Wild


Our Photographer/Cinematographer Cris Jan Lim, taking some photos of the Miracle wolves before their habitat transfer.



Our Director with his hands full.





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About This Team

Alex and Sam Tello were born and raised in Venice Beach, California. Alex learned the craft of sound engineering and video post production and Sam always loved writing. After a few years of working in post production, Alex decided to make his own film alongside his younger brother, Sam. In 2008, the Tello brothers, neither film students, took the risk and created, The Mustard Stain.  The film was featured in the Santa Cruz news and Santa Clarita radio station along with a full newspaper article on The Mustard Stain.

In 2009, the two started on Furthest from the Wild nature documentary. After a few arduous years and many amazing memories later the film was completed and picked up for distribution and since then has won numerous awards and nominations. And now here we are working on the TV show


Current Team