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'Garbage' is about two misguided millennials on the run from themselves; their friendship is strong but their convictions are not. Tired of a life filled with cheap thrills, they set out to find their purpose after one last night of debauchery. Why do today what you can do hungover?

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The Story



GARBAGE creators Tayler and Arne met this year at John Rosenfeld Studios in West Hollywood. After class one day, Tayler said "I want to make a movie about us sun tanning next to a pool filled with garbage," and with that our project was born!

Our film follows two best friends, bonded by their aimlessness, with only vague ideas about their "potential" and how to reach it. In an effort to purge all of their reckless behavior and get "back on track," they end up all over the streets of LA: in clubs, in dumpsters, and finally at a friend’s Summer Solstice party where everything comes to a head. We aim to capture a unique perspective on LA youth culture as these capriscious vagrants lunge after a half-baked goal. It's a dark buddy comedy about two flawed individuals who pour as many drinks and slap on as many instagram filters as they can until their lives look like the ones they want. 



"We just want to play, like, different kinds of parts." 

  - Creator Arne Gjelten      






If you use the internet, own a phone, turn on the TV or exist, you've probably heard about Hollywood's gender discrimination issues both on-screen and off. In 2015, only 26% of producers, 22% of editors, 11% of writers and just 9% of directors were women. ALL of these positions on GARBAGE are filled by women, and it isn't solely because we want to do our part to end gender discrimination (though, obviously, we do want that); it's also because we just really want to see stories that we can relate to. By contributing to our project, you will be helping us reach severely underrepresented demographics as well as paving the way for, you know, different kinds of people in movies. And different kinds of people making them. 



Your support will make (literally) all the difference. We can't do this without you!






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Costs $1,000

lighting and production design equipment, props, set pieces and labor.


Costs $2,500

Camera(s), lenses, hard drives, memory cards, labor, insurance


Costs $4,000

everything production related for four days of filming: costumes, set, props, labor, locations, food, etc.


Costs $3,000

Editor, colorist, score, sound design, graphics, festival & distribution costs


Costs $1,000

because Murphy's Law.

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About This Team



Tayler Robinson (Creator/Jean)

Trained at NYU and UCB. Television credits include HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER and that's it. Unparalleled Instagram presence: @taylervee


Arne Gjelten (Creator/Jacob)

Graduated from NYU and trained at The Groundlings. Career peaked back in 2013 with his star turn in FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS "The Walker" video. Instagram: @gjelten


Kristen Laffey (Producer)

Trained very well at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Recent credits include ADAM DEVINE'S HOUSE PARTY, PLAYBOY TV, and PRETTY FACE. Served as costume double for TILDA SWINTON once. Certified Gold Star Lesbian. Instagram: @tildacanyouhearme


Francesca Smith (Production Manager)

Trained at NYU's TISCH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS, a school in New York. Has no recent credits to speak of but a LOT OF BUZZ! Mention her name and people will definitely know who you're talking about. Instagram: @officialfrancescasmith


Julie Balefsky (Producer)

She went to NYU too. Recently produced insanely popular and feminist web series PERIOD PIECE. You might have seen her groundbreaking performance as STARVELING in Angela Vitale's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. Instagram: @juliebalefsky


Kelsey Rowland (Editor)

Graduated from Syracuse, not NYU. Edited THE REVENANT. Instagram @cayutgrl



Alyssa Brocato (Director of Photography): B*A*D*A*S*S*


Tyler Chase (Score/Sound Design)

Tyler's on a new Hulu show with a bunch of famous people, so we're honestly not sure why he's doing this. Instagram: @tylerchaseofficial


Charles Morris (Charles)

Graduated from WashU and trained at UCB. Creator of DUMB BUZZFEED, a satirical blog that you should all read. He asked to be in this and we said "Okay" because of his looks. Instagram: @tall_kendrick


Diahann McCrary (Makeup/Hair)

Tayler met Diahann when she ran into a Sephora riddled with panic over the sunburn she got the day before a shoot. Diahann used her exceptional style and skill to make Tayler look more like a human woman and less like a distraught lobster. Instagram: @diahannmccrary 


Adrian Gilliland (Costume/Styling)

Stylist, painter, artist, van driver, cat owner, Mexican with a mustache.

Instagram: @adriangilliland

Current Team