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Drama, Horror

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What happens when you commit to the wrong person? Do you stay with that person? Do you leave her knowing that your life will never be the same? We explore these questions in GASLIGHT GRAIL, a short film that follows the rise and decay of a female vampire friendship over the course of a century.

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The Story


What happens when you commit to the wrong person?


Do you stay with that person?


Do you leave her knowing that your life will never be the same?


We are making GASLIGHT GRAIL to explore these questions. 



GASLIGHT GRAIL is about Charlotte and Amelia – two women trapped in a relationship that is both toxic and yet the only peace they have ever known. In 1916, Charlotte finds a beaten and broken human Amelia left to die outside her isolated Spanish mansion. She takes pity on Amelia and carries her inside. When Amelia awakes, Charlotte offers to save her – and give her eternal life – if Amelia agrees to one condition:


She must never leave. 


Charlotte and Amelia pass the decades first as friends and then as adversaries stuck in a cage of their own making. Years later, a weary Amelia turns another soul into a vampire and slowly unravels Charlotte’s lies about eternal life.


GASLIGHT GRAIL is about relationships - specifically a female friendship. It's about how people change over time and how sometimes you have to break free from a toxic friend to become the woman you were meant to be.

By creating this story, we hope to explore the universe of women and themes of commitment, possession, and ultimately liberty.


Why vampires?


Everything is more extreme in the vampire world, particularly friendships. Imagine comitting to someone, realizing that they aren't good for you, and yet being stuck with them for eternity. The stakes are higher and the characters more brutal and powerful. Vampires live in extremes and we want to see what a female friendship pushed to extremes could be like.


Speaking of friendships...


We had been friends for years, but only recently found a creative partnership since moving to Los Angeles around the same time last year. The first of many movie nights was spent with INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. We bonded over a love of vampires and female-centric films and we noticed that the two rarely coincide.


So we joined forces to create the characters we want to see on screen - multifaceted women who suck blood.


At first, it was a story about committment and later became a friendship break-up story. 


It is important to us to tell a story about redemption and breaking free from unhealthy relationships. We have both found ourselves in unhealthy relationships and friendships and want to confront that territory creatively. Through this process, we hope to give voice to the part of us that stayed in those toxic relationships, and the part of us that ultimately left. 



Dark Walk Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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Costs $700

To pull film together in a visually enticing vampiric way

Cash Pledge

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Costs $1,000

To make our haunting world more colorful


Costs $2,000

To make our vampires frighteningly flawless and our environment consistent

Sound Designer

Costs $800

To make our vampires sound bloody great


Costs $500

To create that signature Gaslight Grail sound

Festival Fees

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To share our vision with an industry that needs our message

About This Team

Karen Bacellar – Co-Writer/Director/Producer/Actor
Karen Bacellar is a writer/director, who places multifaceted women at the center of her films and strives to inspire women to brace complexity. She recently co-wrote, produced, and directed a comedic web series, Shiksa Confessions, and also a produced and starred in a comedic short, Baby Powder. Her latest experimental short film, Act Like Me, premiered at NewFilmmakers NY last year. Karen also serves as LA Opera’s Content Manager, where she plans content strategy, edits the company blog, and produces promotional videos.
Ilona Concetta - Producer/Actor/Co-Writer
Ilona Concetta is an actor/writer who takes pride in her quirk and encourages others to do the
same. She graduated from NYU Tisch’s BFA program, with a second major in psycho-
linguistics. She co-founded, produced, and cast for the theater company Quirky Productions,
which garnered a positive review from NY Magazine within its first year. Recent rolls include: Alice (Murder Book - Discovery ID), Prushka U/S (Sacred Fools), Ethel May
Mears (Yesterday Today, lead supporting).
Madeline Berger - Director of Photography
Madeline is a cinematographer based primarily in Los Angeles and additionally in New York
and Philadelphia. She loves collaborating with directors to create the visual rules for a film. And as a logician and storyteller, she relishes crafting the arcs of those rules to serve the narrative as it shifts and the characters grow. She graduated magna cum laude from USC with a major in Film and Television Production.
Kristin Laffey - Assistant Director
Kristen Laffey is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She specializes in collaborating with other young female filmmakers to bring stories to life. After graduating from NYU: Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama and Producing, she has done almost every job on set minus craft services; except she is very good at hanging around the craft services table. Recent credits include: Adam Devine's House Party (Comedy Central), Justice TV (Entertainment Studios), All Earthly Constraints (Feature Film) Tegan and Sara (Faint of Heart Music Video), Scatter Elsewhere (Independent Short) and most recently GARBAGE (Independent Short).
Stephen Kaiser-Pendergrast – Editor
Stephen Kaiser-Pendergrast is a freelance editor and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He is the director of a short film entitled ‘Weed’, which was recently licensed for web and television distribution by Shorts TV and Shorts HD. Born and raised in New Jersey, he is interested in off-kilter stories that find their emotional core in realistic human feeling and experience.

Current Team