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After a successful first season, we need your help to ensure the next outing of Wales' answer to the Scooby Gang is even bigger and better than ever. Season 2 has even more mystery, more drama and even more jokes. We need your help to make it a reality.

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Mission Statement

Gather The Suspects is a traditional locked-room murder mystery with a modern twist, blending first-class storytelling, and social commentary. We are a group of Welsh writers & voice actors looking to tell stories about Wales from a modern Welsh perspective to a global audience.

The Story

A murder has occurred in Prosperity Heights, and only one man can solve the case. Unfortunately for the residents, that man is slacker (and occasional anarchist), Jack Davies.

Gather The Suspect takes the traditional locked-room murder mystery with its closed circle of suspects and gives it a makeover for the 21st century. Gone are the stately homes of Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers, replaced with the fading apartment block in a near-future Wales.

Mixing comedy, coziness and a central mystery that keeps you guessing until the end Gather The Suspects is a playful take on a familiar genre. 

Gather The Suspects is produced by MadeUp Audio Production and is part of the Faustian Nonsense Network. 

MadeUp Audio is a group of writers, sound designers and voice actors dedicated to increasing participation in audio within Wales by producing high-quality stories for a global audience that come from a uniquely modern Welsh perspective.

Through our flagship show, Gather The Suspects we offer opportunities to both new and established voice actors to showcase their talents to a global audience. 

The Production Team

Gather The Suspects is written and directed by Jonathan Evans with Sound Design, music and Production by Luke Wilhelm. For a full list of our cast, see our Team page. 

Faustian Nonsense

Faustian Nonsense is a podcast network, an artist's commune, and an incubator for creative projects, all in one. FN was founded by Amelia Kinch and Jaclyn Seelagy, two J.D.s who like to call themselves "recovering attorneys." Disillusioned by the legal system, they realized what they really wanted to do was tell stories and make awesome things to entertain people. They created FN to move away from the Faustian bargains that indie creators often have to make in order to find an audience for their content.

Covid Safety

All our recording is done remotely with our voice actors and our production crew. On the rare occasion we do meet in person for production purposes we ensure we stick to all best-practice guidance on Covid Protocols.

Launching our first series in March of 2021, we quickly built a loyal following, and, by the end of our first year, we were ranked in the top 5% of podcasts globally (Listener Notes). We were also finalists for two Audioverse Awards (voted by listeners) and got to perform live at London Podcast Festival.  

Set in the year 2025, where society has slowly crumbled around it, season one was set entirely in the confines of a fading luxury apartment building in Cardiff Bay. After the murder of penthouse resident, Dan Harris, layabout and murder mystery fan Jack decided to take matters into his own hands.

We continued to build on this success with a Halloween mini-series at the end of 2021, where we were able to bring even more voice acting talent into the fold. In season 2:

  • Jack gets a job
  • The action shifts from Prosperity Heights to the WelTel call centre, focusing on a whole new range of suspicious characters
  • Mrs Hampson channels her inner ‘Trump’ and runs against Mr Khan for the head of the residents association.

Building on the success of season one, we want to make our newest season of Gather The Suspects bigger and better than ever providing more content on a regular basis. But to do it, we need your help...

We have written our most ambitious scripts to date, both in terms of scope and quality - but we need to raise funds to make it a reality. 

As an independent audio production, Gather The Suspects was originally funded by the creators as a personal project during the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. Over that time, and with other arts-related work stalled, the cast and crew were able to devote their days to recording and editing the series as a passion project. 

Two years on, and our cast and crew have grown to a whopping 19 to ensure we can continue to tell the interesting stories within Gather The Suspect’s world while continuing to increase quality and production values. 

Why might our fundraising goal be higher than other shows you have supported in the past?

Being an ensemble, cozy mystery production, each of our episodes contains multiple characters who appear in most episodes of a series, as such our costs to pay our cast form the largest percentage of the total we are looking to raise.

As an established audio drama series, we want to ensure that we are able to make a show that is enjoyable for our listeners but also compensates our actors and editors for their time. As creators, we have a commitment to ensure, where possible, we can offer paid positions to talented voice actors.

To greenlight the production of season 2 of Gather The Suspects, we need to raise $3,200 (80% of our fundraising goal). 

We cover the majority of production costs ourselves and most of these costs are funded in-house by our production company, however we will also use 10% of the money raised to supplement the rate we will pay for sound design. 

What if we hit our fundraising goals?

If we are fully funded before the end of the campaign, we have a couple of stretch goals we will use any additional money to pay for to ensure more Gather The Suspects content than ever before in 2022 & 2023.

$5,000: We will drop two new Gather The Suspects shorts that fill in more information about the boring dystopia and how it came about. 

$7500: We will perform a live episode of Gather The Suspects that will be streamed online and accessible exclusively to our backers. 

$10,000: We will release a special Gather The Suspects cross-over episode with one of our favourite shows of the past two years and we will also greenlight SEASON 3 of Gather the Suspects!!!  

You can help by making a pledge right here on this page, in any amount. It will go a long way toward helping us fund series 2 of Gather The Suspects! 

You can do that by clicking directly on one of the "Incentives" to the right. But first, check out all the incentives we have to offer - we have a whole range of ways you can get involved in the production process. Want more than one incentive? Pick the one with the higher pledge! Every pledge we receive will get the incentive for that level and incentives for all the lower-cost levels!

Another way to help that doesn't cost you a thing is to share the link to this page on social media or with your friends! Do you have someone in your life who loves a good mystery series? Send them our way, the more the merrier!

You can spread the word on social media easily by copy and pasting the paragraph below, or use it as a basis to say it in your own words:

“I supported season 2 of comedy murder mystery Gather The Suspects on Seed & Spark - take a look at what they have planned and help get series 2 made! -”

From our fantastic cast to our production team and the team at Faustian nonsense, we wouldn’t be looking with anticipation at the scripts for season 2 without your dedication and help. 

And, to all our listeners and the wider audio community - The past 18 months of getting to know you have been fantastic - we couldn’t wish for a more enthusiastic and supportive bunch of humans! We couldn’t do this without you listening and spreading the word. 

Thank You

The Suspects


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $3,200

Help us make sure our talented cast is rewarded for their hard work on this ensemble series.

Sound & Edit

Costs $800

We make most of our foley and FX from scratch. Help us make this series sound the best yet.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Our cast and crew are drawn from an eclectic background of radio, TV, film and stage - with credits ranging from well-known indie audio shows to the BBC. 

Our Very Own Scooby Gang:

James Morgan as Jack, Bethan Rees as Kara, Edward Llewelyn as Geraint

The Residents

Bogi Bondor as Veronika and Wojciech Matras as Maciej


Corrine Strickett as Mrs Hampson and Richard Wilde as Mr Hampson


Magnus Carlssen as Will and Tien Pham as Mr Khan

The Call Centre Crew

Ashley Hunt as Douchebag Dai, Erin Pinnell as Crazy Amy and Shogo Miyakita as Hikari

Hannah Lloyd as Quiet Amyand Amy Evans as Julie

Fiona Thraille as Cathy and Tom Gilvier as Harrison

Our Production Duo

Jonathan Evans and Luke Wilhelm

Current Team